French nationalists occupy mosque, demand end to Muslim immigration

They’re baaack! More than 100 young French patriots from ‘Generation Identitaire’  entered the Great Mosque of Poitiers and occupied its roofs, demanding an end to Muslim Immigration in France.

Republican Resistance (H/T Alain)  They chose a date close to that of 25 October 732 in honor of the victory of Charles Martel against the Mohammadans.

Sick and tired of Islam. Sick and tired of the Islamization of France. Sick and tired of public subsidies, misappropriated cultural pretexts or free leases. Sick and tired of Islamist infiltration in our country and their constant demands to impose their archaic and barbaric customs on us.

We chose to protest at the mosque of Poitiers, because its construction was initiated by the mufti who  saw it as revenge for the defeat of the Muslims in 732. Also, it was funded mainly by the UOIF, an organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the Generation Identitaire website: “One hundred young boys and girls from all over France, have entered the Great Mosque of Poitiers occupied the rooftops. On the facade facing the minaret, we unfolded a banner with the message:“Immigration, building mosques REFERENDUM!” With this first major action, Generation Identity intends to place at the forefront of the struggle for our identity. Read the press release

The imam of the mosque of Poitiers is a member of the Tunisian UOIF.Moreover, he showed his support for the Tunisian Islamist movement Ennahda on his Facebook page.

This just received from Alain: 

Here’s a statement from Generation Identitaire (in English so I won’t have to translate) about this morning’s action: 

“One hundred of young men and women from all France just entered the Great Mosque of Poitiers and occupy its roofs. On the front, face to the minaret, we unrolled a banner where one can read a clear message : « Immigration, building of mosques : REFERENDUM ! »

Through this important action, Génération Identitaire aims to be in the first line of the fight for our identity. 1300 years ago, Charles Martel stopped Arabs in Poitiers after an heroic battle which save our country from the Muslim invasion. It was the October 25th of 732. Today, we’re on 2012 and the choice is still the same : live free or die. Our generation refuse to see her people and her identity disappear through indifference. We’ll never be the Native Indians of Europe. From this place, important symbol of our past and bravery of our ancestors, we call to memory and fight !

We don’t want extra-European immigration anymore, nor buildings of mosques on french soil. Since the first waves of African immigration and the law about reunification of foreign worker’s families in 1974, our people was never been consulted about the populations one oblige him to live with. Massive immigration radically transform our country : according to the recent work of INSEE (National Institute of Statistics), 43% of the 18-50 years old people from the region of Paris are immigrant or descendants of immigrants. A people can recover from an economic crisis or a war but not from the replacement of his native population : without French, there’s no more France. It is a matter of survival : that’s why every people has the absolute right to choose if he wants to welcome strangers and to determine its proportion.

Because this right has been denied to us, because our generation pay the top price for this situation by being subjected to the intimidations from delinquents, we say : enough ! We don’t move back anymore ! We reclaim a national consultation about immigration and building of mosques in France. We won’t leave this place until before being listened and satisfied.

Our fight has only just begun, we call the young Europeans to become heirs of their fate and to join the advance guard of the youth who stands tall.
May all Europe hear our call : RECONQUEST !




58 comments on “French nationalists occupy mosque, demand end to Muslim immigration

    • I am with you!!! Every country in Europe is losing it’s identity! I am German born… I don’t want to go back there… It is not Germany any more?!?! Europe is turning into Islam without a battle!!!! The Calafate is taking place and Western civilization is asleep.

      • Not so fast ! Muslims are stupid and wound win. Any human raised in thinking sharia must be brain deranged. I predict a huge War where all European country’s get together and send them home. Right now Russia and other country’s is blitzen the heck out of Syria not caring where the damage is done just as long ISIS will be gone.

  1. Dear Brothers,

    I am a Hindu from India, Its by pure chance that I visited this website, the resistance put up by the French Patriots is inspiring and should be encouraged. The Muslim community when in majority would wipe out other cultures and religions with brutality and I keep wondering why the media is not exposing this only the so called atrocities against Islam is publicised (an example is Burma). The Muslims are behind almost all religious clashes and it’s sad to see the western countries turning a blind eye when Muslims do not honour their civil code ( what actions are taken on Lover boys of Holland & rioters in France) where as this is not the case in the Arab world and immigrant is not given the citizenship nor any benifits and it’s even prohibited to worship our Gods, why do we allow this double standard?

    In any place with Muslim majority they will not accept the request by other religious as they would make when they are a minority.

    – OM

  2. Thank you. Again the French lead the way. This vile imposition of Islamic cultural where it is NOT wanted has to be stopped and our governments have no balls!!!

  3. Hi,

    I am from India. I am really happy too see that non-muslims in several countries are getting united against the evil islam. You may know it already, that India was one of the countries in the world which was severly destroyed/looted by muslim invaders. Hindus are basically soft, non-voilent and peace loving innocent people. But our so called “secular” parties in india forgot the bloodiest islam ruling in india. This article must be an eye opener to indian secular political parties. I request all the people in the countries where muslims are minority, to vote for right wing nationalist parties who have the determination and guts to protect once indigeneous culture and religion.

    • umesh, unlike most of the Western world, we know full well what muslims have done and what they are doing to destroy cultures and civilizations around the world. Few people seem to know the muslims were responsible for the slaughter of 80 million Hindus and Sikhs. We have posted many stories about the Muslim threat in India but not nearly as much as we’d like to. Please send me any stories online you find that you think our readers should see.

  4. Islam is gaining its power from oil money in the Middle East as the west is in mega debt it arse kisses the likes of Saudi Arabia who promote world wide spread of islam.
    Also due to the third reich people are supressed into not seeming to be racist but racism isn’t the issue its culture.
    Facts and figures don’t lie check out over representation of muslims in jail in sex crimes etc.
    The west has become stupid and weak if we killed and supressed islam the same way islam attacks other religions especially Christians we would quickly head into a major war.
    Within a generation there will be no Christians in the Middle East.

  5. Dear Europe, make your lands safer and better for your children’s futures. Vote right wing parties into power that promise to cease all Muslim immigration into Europe. Otherwise, enjoy kiss your freedoms goodbye and prepare to start bowing to Mecca five times a day.

    • We did the same in India get a right wing party. Living in a guilt zone that somehow the non islamists have hurt their feelings leads to appeasement. Why the guilt when they have killed Christians in Lebanon, Pakistan and Malaysia they stole Bibles. Neither the brown nor the white guys should have any such guilt. Islamists are not the people who empathise so why do we feel guilt or empathy for crimes not committed by us. Do not Tolerate the Intolerant, he wouldn’t tolerate you when he is in command.

      • Well said Gandarva. BJP is the right party that would give a befitting and bashing reply to the Islamists.
        islmaists never empathize as you said. Why then do we have to empathize for them instead. Islamist have done untold atrocities to the Christians and they keep on doing. When we try to give a befitting reply they start acting like victims.. It is a technique that they adopt.
        God knows every thing and he will punish these wicked people.

  6. Go France! I’m a British women who’s sick of immigration destroyed these great country’s! The EU is run by a bunch of idiots!

  7. I agree with Smokiesteele the media and Europe is a left wing social do goody bunch of idiots. Brussels wants to destroy every European countries national identity with immigration so as they create some hideous federal state Europe time to remove them from power, they don’t see or live near these areas they are to hell bent on power. Time will tell I can a see white civil unrest coming towards them and they wont have a clue when it happens.

  8. my mistake France well done they are ruining Paris perhaps Germans will now realise its time to show a few protests.

  9. glad to see it whose next Sweden lets see some vikings making a come back and showing a protest. Whites are sick to death of these people constantly making demands and persecuting Whites and White women. I have no need to or desire to mix with muslims. If they don’t build Christian Churches in the middle east they cant have their ideology-oppressive religion within Europe. Well done about time German showed the way. People start voting for right wing politics only way forward

  10. The only way to stop this mass immigration is the destruction of electrical substations. When enough of the population is tired of no electricity then they will demand the end of mass immigration and abandonment of multiculturalism

  11. The EU leaders are traitors to the Europeans,they give 100% rights to muslim immigrants and let them do whatever they want,while the Europeans and the French people do not have the rights to protest against immigrants,whenever the French people protest about immigrants,they are seems as racist and nazis,but the EU leaders are quite when Muslim immigrants protest.

  12. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. It commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

  13. Great news. World need to wake up and ask all Muslims to leave till in all these Islamic countries people of other faith are given equal rights and citizenship.

  14. all the politicians in europe are self serving cultural hating exept islam of course ? bastards they are traitors to all the freedom loving peoples of europe and the biggest traitors of the lot are unelected marxists in the e u who are hell bent on destroying europe nation states with their unhiidden agenda of creating a super state like the ussr they are wetting them self with anticipation of a borderless multicultural theocracy they are a very dangerous elite who must not succeed or the countries of europe will be sent back to the dark ages make no mistake about it these cretins are as bad as stalin or hitler with their lust for power we can see it already with gradual loss of our liberites and the disgusting usurping of democracy in italy and greece where their elected premiers where forced out by these bastards

  15. And the lberals continue to shout; “Oh! We can’t just throw them out !” Why the hell not? They are published saying they are against our laws and our culture, here as they are in France and any other countries they try to dominate and degrade. They desserve nothing from anyone, yet they demand special treatment from everyone. They demand special accomodations bvecause of their so called religion.. It’s time they started abiding by the rules and cultures of the countries they are invading. I know of no other country, anywhere that continually blocks commerce and traffic for what they call “praying”. I know of mo other country today thata encourages their inhabitants to rape other cultures. The filthy muslims do this. Throw them all out. They dessperately need a taste of their own medicine. Outlaw the “Queeran” just as they have outlawed the holy books of other religions. Force them to abandon special modes of dress just as they demand compliance to their customs in their own countries. If they feel the pressing need to emigrate, let them follow the customs of those countries they choose to defile with their presence; Make them assimilate or get the hell out. Outlaw the construction of their terrorist training facilities with their huge phallic symbol from which they disturb the peace of native peoples.
    They are warts on the nose and cancer in the breast of civilation. Have I stated my opinions clearly? If not, you are welcome to contact me directly and I’ll tell you what I REALLY think.

  16. Well done, my friends. Be brave like Charles Martel. Win France back from these muslim creeps. I have been prodding 2 of my colleagues for long to oppose islam in France but they show no desire.

  17. It is appropriate that we mention both Sweden and Charles Martel in the same article! Charles Martel was a great War Chief and ruler as Sweden was a great country but like Sweden of today failed to face
    his own mortality and deal with his succession so his family came to nought. If Sweden doesn’t deal with its nationhood soon, Sweden will be Swedenstan and nought!
    Personally, as a student of history, I ask how did France and Europe end up like this? Go back to the Crimean War of 1853! The problem with the West yesterday is the problem of Sweden today, following Sharia Islamic money over even Treaty obligations then like Sweden, its own national existance now! France and Britain as well as Austria betrayed Russia which tried to defend the rights of the Byzantine Empire’s Greek descendents in western Turkey!
    Today, the young people of France are at least doing better than the Swedes in pushing back against the Islamic Sharia take-over of France! Personally, I think the French will only be able to do what is necessary when all the French people are in one country under the French institution of monarchy which Belgium can provide while the
    Flemish tribe can return to its mother the Netherlands! Then, both these countries can lead Europe in doing what needs to be done-throwing the Sharia Muslims out of their countries. They will never be happy in Europe and European countries will never be happy with them!

    • “France and Britain as well as Austria betrayed Russia which tried to defend the rights of the Byzantine Empire’s Greek descendents in western Turkey!” Thank you for this info! And my forever gratitude to Russia!

      In 1999, based on a PHONY massacre US/NATO knew NEVER took place, US/NATO waged cruel, ruthless war for the KLA Muslim terrorist organization against Kosovo’s Christian Serbs. Winning the war for Islam. Until the day I die, I will NEVER forget this wicked betrayal of our people-brave, outstanding, ethical non-Muslims. The Russian government and the Russian people were vehemently against the extremely wicked US/NATO war. Russia took the good side-the side of innocents, the side of non-Muslim Christian victims. US/NATO did not. To US/NATO leaders’ eternal shame.

  18. i’m glad France is starting to wake up the EU is useless when will the rst of the world?\

    BTW how’s ya like Obama’s October surprise? NEGOTIATIONS WITH IRAN? EASING OF SANCTIONS IN EXCHANGE FOR IRAN NOT ENRICHING Uranium hear it on fox news

      • Yep, we should very happy with the state of the race right now. The Muslim in chief should start packing.

        It is so inspiring just to see these brave youth taking a stand against their own genocide. I would expect Generation Identitaire’s membership to increase after this. Patriots indeed.

      • I hope you don’t think Romney has the stones to do anything about the jihad in this country. If so, you are severely deluded. Romney is just as spineless as the European ruling elites concerning Islam.

  19. They arrested four of them, the organizers.

    The story is making its way in the French media. All comments are positive. They are saying they were only a few but represented millions of Frenchmen. All the French levels of government are under ‘choc’.

    • Islamic Agenda— conquer Europe by having more children and take over the political power of the nations by Muslim vote. Wake up all Europeans!!

  20. In Europe and Britain, Muslims are reproducing their numbers at an incredible rate supported by taxpayers who are forced by ruling elites to be financial slaves to Muslims!

    They are a hostile, invading force who fully intend our conquest and mass murder. Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39). Mohammed is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model by devout Muslims!

    Our governments aid and abet the planned Muslim conquest! Our governments are supposed to PREVENT Muslim conquest and PROTECT our people! Immediately end all Muslim immigration! All financial aid to Muslims must be stopped! NO free housing! No free money! No free anything! Homeless British veterans sleep in the streets!!!

    Our governments-courts must STOP allowing Muslims to violently attack our people-non-Muslims, and walk free from court! The Somali Muslim women gang viciously attacked and almost killed the non-Muslim British woman and walked free because they were Muslims!

    See: Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’

    Muslims are ALLOWED to wage jihad in OBEDIENCE to the Quran against non-Muslims in America and are NOT prosecuted because they are Muslims!

    American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)

    Live free or die! Join the French youth! Join the European Freedom parties!
    Join/Support British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!

    • Dear Linda, In India also, Hindus have 2 children per family whereas muslims have 16. On that, they have allowed 50 million illegal immgrants from Bangladesh to come and settle in North East of India. All this happened because of our vote hungry politicians. They never try to form through parliament an Uniform Civil Code for all citizens. They have different tough rules for majority i.e. Hindus and relaxing rules for Muslims. Muslims have an agenda and that is to convert India into an Islamic country and then join hands with Pakistan and Bangladesh and Afganistan.

      Today, muslims women cannot see the danger of Islamization of the world, because in future if this happens, they are the one who will suffer the most. If Hindus are killed, burnt alive, media mainly foreign owned criticize hindus again and again without looking at the facts. I have to tell you, your neighbour United Kingdom too has Hindus and Muslims. But, Hindus in UK never threaten United Kingdom that Hinduism will be their religion, convert or we will kill. Hindus live with rest of the religion happily. But, immigrant muslims once become citizen of UK start threatening UK establishments and they are demanding to convert Buckingam Palace into a mosque. Of course, UK is strong enough to tackle them. The kind of sentiments I am sharing with you, millions have the same sentiments in India. It is important to eliminate this demon called Islam. For we Hindus, India is our only cave. If we loses this, we are homeless.

    • Just went to the British Freedom site Linda and its :Domain for Sale: Not the best message. Can you remove that link?

    • Well said Linda.
      I do not have any clue as to why the British Government is spending a lot in providing financial aid for the Muslims while as you said that the Great British Veterans sleep in the street. It is stupid on the part of British Government to act in a foolish and insane manner. I think these Muslims are performing witch craft on these people and are mesmerizing the British Officials otherwise what is the reason for them to provide financial aid and at whose cost.
      The same happens here in India as well. The stupid Congress party led by the so called Sonia Gandhi who is a so called Italian. Was always supporting the Muslims for Vote banks. I am really ashamed of all these nonsense…..
      Surely God should stop all these stupid things……..

  21. Aljilúyja (Alleluia)!!!!!

    Bravo, Monsieur Alain et vos collègues en “Génération Identitaire”!!! Again (back to English), BRAVO, Mr. Alain and your colleagues in “Generation Identity”!!!!

    Truly, a Western-wide (i.e., throughout ALL of Western civilisation) BAN on ALL BUILDING of mosques and madrassas needs to be implemented, and FAST – to last at least as long as the building of churches, synagogues, temples and the rest is forbidden or discouraged in “dar al-Islam”!!!!

    Islam has NO place in the West!!! D–E–A–T–H T–O I–S–L–A–M!!!!!

    [And if that qualifies me as a “genocidal maniac” (as one Communist stoolie put it), SO BE IT!!!! After all, who has been waging genocide? Nazism, Communism and ISLAM!!!]

    • Its time all European youth to stand up against Islam which has a detail plan on how to conquer Europe? I am so amazed to see how the politicians have failed to see the Muslim agenda and no action has been taken.

  22. Magnificent, brave French youth! They declare: Charles Martel saved our country from the Muslim invasion. Our generation is paying a high price in the street confronted by an intimidating mob. Live free or die!
    It is a matter of survival! A people can recover from an economic crisis or a war but not from the replacement of its population by people who are not French, France will cease to exist!

    We must ALL take up the fight! Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night! NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

    French youth state as British Freedom leader, Paul Weston, also warns; ethnic cleansing is taking place all over Europe and Britain. Anti-freedom, Western civilization-haters – wicked Western ruling elites are replacing Europeans and Brits with many millions of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims who openly proclaim their goal is our enslavement and the imposition of barbaric Islamic sharia law.

    Western ruling elites have deliberately brought into our countries massive numbers of Muslims and FORCE non-Muslims via their taxes to financially support Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and very large numbers of children. Treasonous Western ruling elites are RAISING UP HUGE MUSLIM ARMIES IN OUR COUNTRIES to conquer us as commanded by the Quran.

    Stand up against oppression, tyranny and terror! Stop the Islamic conquest of Europe, Britain and other Western countries!

    Stop the massive gang rapes, sexual enslavement and forced prostitution of Britain’s defenseless non-Muslim British children by Muslim monsters! There are THOUSANDS of child victims in just one area alone in England! GOD HELP THE CHILDREN!

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Join the French youth! Join the European Freedom parties!
    Join/Support British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!

    • The grassroots in amerikah better wake up and do the same and turn us back into America. All the test results are in on muslims for 1400 years. Drive the head choppers out by all and any means. Go France!!

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