BREAKING! UK police have incarcerated EDL’s Tommy Robinson together with savage Muslims

The British Freedom Party is reporting that Tommy Robinson of the anti-Islamization English Defence League has been incarcerated in London’s Wandsworth Prison, sharing a cell with Muslims in a wing full of Muslims screaming death threats at him.

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British Freedom (H/T Linda R)  This is how the authorities react to those who try to warn Britain of the greatest threat to national peace and security since the Second World War. The British Government is hereby forewarned that should any harm come to Tommy Robinson in prison, they will be held to account. The Government has a duty of care to all prisoners, not to go out of their way to place them in potential danger for vindictive or political reasons. British Freedom are actively seeking the advice of lawyers on this matter. Meanwhile, we invite all friends and supporters of Tommy Robinson to write your messages of friendship and support below; we will do our best to convey them to him to strengthen him in this difficult time.

Please contribute to Tommy’s Legal Fund:




As you can see in the photo below, Tommy has been attacked and hospitalized several times before because of Muslim gang attacks on him. This insane move by the repugnant UK government dhimmis shows how much they want him dead.

This just in! Paul Weston, head of the British Freedom Party, has been arrested outside Wormword Scrubs Prison for trying to visit Tommy Robinson to check on his welfare.

British Freedom  (H/T Shaz) I have just received an urgent telephone call from British Freedom leader Paul Weston who has been arrested outside Wormwood Scrubs Prison.

Speaking from the back of a police van being driven to an unknown destination, Paul hurriedly informed me that he and a friend had travelled to the prison in West London this evening with the aim of visiting Tommy Robinson, or at least assuring themselves of his well-being.

Speaking through a glass panel they had asked officers at the prison to confirm that Tommy was being held there, but they refused to provide this information, citing the ‘Data Protection Act’. Paul and his friend again demanded to know where Tommy was being held, and at that point both were charged with breach of the peace, arrested and bundled into the police van.

Our conversation was cut off with Paul loudly remonstrating to an unidentified individual, “take your hands off me!”

We will update you on the situation as it unfolds.


102 comments on “BREAKING! UK police have incarcerated EDL’s Tommy Robinson together with savage Muslims

  1. What the fuck? When did the Stasi take over the UK? This is a frigging outrage, they would be doing this in the hope the bloke in the cell with him has a crack and he defends himself, does the other bloke harm and then they can bang him up on assault and draw out the process forever and a day. This will end badly!

  2. This_is_disgusting! It is CRYSTAL CLEAR now that like the government of Sweden, the government of the UK has lost ALL legitimacy. It is a banana republic. This kind of thing happens in Russia and Venezuela. I cannot believe they are getting away with this! Treason, a violation of human rights. How much longer can the groundswell of backlash against Islam and these traitor police and politicians remain peaceful?

    The Greek method is seemingly the only alternative. Defend yourself, prepare for total economic collapse, and seize it. Tell the media, the government, and all who have aided them in their slow-motion genocide that they should be afraid. We are coming.

  3. Wow, if the SHTF over there looks like you guys may as well start killing the cops too. One thing is for sure, if/when it does, there won’t be a shortage of American volunteers :) Or, ya’ll could just get the hell out of there and move here, plenty of room.

  4. stay strong, Tommy. I too have been jailed with a view to silencing my voice. Three times and each time I toughed it out and they backed off. Keep up the good work and stay strong. Keep a journal if you can. Convert the guards. (-:

  5. It is said every cloud has a silver lining. I hope that from this treacherous imprisonment of Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston that the EDL and their cause is given much needed publicity.

  6. That’s wot our government has come to!!! Mother fuckin scum!! We need civil war we need a new Muslim free country!!!! Ann’s new government!!!! They think if they kill tommy that will end the EDL!?? Thick fucks!!!! There’s always be sum1 else to take his place!!! Fight till death brothers!!!!! E! E! EDL!!!!!!

  7. I hope Tommy stays safe,i am truly becoming afraid of living in a country that throws our own to the fanatics,my dear late father who fought at the age of nineteen so we could live in freedom and peace will be turning in his grave.

  8. As far as i’m aware, all except Tommy have been bailed to appear later, including Paul Weston, This Government is at war with it’s own people!

  9. shameful act by the british politicians and police. You have rabid dogs like anjem chodurey who openly express hatred and overthrow of british goverment and these traitors punish the brave patriots. britain is already under sharia law, the insane laws of the barbarians. Be strong, Tommy and the boys, I am with you. I hope all of us here can contribute for his legal battle. Round up all the muslim criminals and deport them to their countries.

  10. If you ever want a place to stay in oz tommy your welcome anytime with my family. Hope you get a decent human rights lawyer. Need to be a muslim for that

  11. The English government is now the enemy of the free British people. This is beyond disgusting. I feel sick from disgust and seriously pissed off.
    God bless you, Tommy. May God keep his angels watching over you.

  12. Fuck the UK how in the hell do those in power condone this BULLSHIT lets adopt Tommy and bring him and his family to the USA. fuckin Cowards. Bonni Im fuckin done worrying about their SPINLESS ass.

    • Bigwood,
      Tommy WANTS to remain in England to fight for FREEDOM for Britain, and the entire non-Muslim world!

      God bless and keep you safe, Tommy! I’m praying for you. Our Precious God is on our side! Our human rights are given to us by our Wonderful, Awesome God!

      Long live freedom! Long live the Free World!

  13. I’ve often asked myself “Which do I despise more, the filthy stinking arselifters, or their dipsh– dhimmi enablers. Right now , I’m leaning toward the traitorous —-ing dhimmi dips, though usually it is a toss-up!!

  14. UK authorities have gone totally bonkers with this act. Locking Tommy up with muslims? They better hope nothing happens to him lest they have a martyr on their hands. Stupid incompetence with an unhealthy dose of moral cowardice and even, if I may be so bold, treasonous to the British people and crown. He should never been arrested in the first place, nor should Paul Watson. This is nothing other than plain old fashioned political repression worthy of the worst of totalitarian regimes. Quite Stalinist in scope and just a few short years ago, I never would have seen this comming. Not in Britain! What has happened to our mother country? Oh God this is depressing!

  15. Gave 10 pounds, about $15. Think about this – OUR US govt (State Dept) gave Tariq Ramadan (the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) an indefinite visa and he gets feted at our universities, and Tommy Robinson is persecuted and jailed on a trumped up visa charge. It is unbelievable. Truly the enemy is inside our govt and the useful idiots are eagerly digging our graves.

  16. I bet the shit soft PAKI scum needed a gang….Bonnie will you please print this bit? Some of us will fight until death and we try our best and we haven’t caved in just yet. two true English makes 6 of those scum f**k off and run on any given day. The backlash is due and its happening and I am arranging it the best I can……NFSE

  17. Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    NO Islamic conquest of our nations! We must not lose our FREEDOM!
    Live free or die!

    We must hold protest demos in all of our Western countries to protest this wicked injustice against Tommy and Paul!
    Remember to pray for Tommy and Paul’s protection!

  18. Did freedom-hater UK leaders ask to join, and are now a member of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation – the 56 Muslim nations)? Are Islam-lover UK leaders going to soon announce that Britain is no longer a secular country but it is now a Muslim nation ruled by Islamic sharia law? And that if anyone protests, they will be jailed in accordance with sharia? As Tommy was jailed, and as Paul was arrested for MERELY asking about Tommy.

    For Paul Weston, simply asking a question about a jailed friend, Tommy, is now considered a “breach of the peace” in Cameron’s Britain and a reason for Paul to be arrested and man-handled in the totalitarian Muslim nation.

    Absolutely incredible and shocking in what was once a free country whose heroes fought and died in the Second World War so that we could live in freedom and safety. Cameron and the rest of Britain’s ruling elites and police SPIT on the graves of our World War Two heroes.

    Taken away in a police van; where is Paul Weston now? No one knows.

  19. How dare you question prison or police officers in the UK. It seems these people have been given free reign to act like God. I really wish those quiet British who hate what is happening to their country would get some ‘thatchers’ and rise up. It seems Europe and the West is in a slumber. This is what happens when people no longer believe in God; those who believe in God believe God will protect them, and if they do no survive, they will be resurrected to eternal life. No wonder commies don’t allow religion.

  20. Tommy will end up right here in the US ! erick holder is behind takeing this mans freedom because he was not on obama’s guest list , if he was a muslim there would be no charge of unlawfull entry this we know for a fact ! we all got a fight on our hands to free him , we don’t want him in our jail for freedom to speak the truth in America . Our right Our fight

    • BLR, The Iranian Hitler easily enters our country. No problem to get into America if you HATE America and Israel and are committed to the annihilation of Jews and the complete destruction of Israel AND America.

    • missy, Tommy WANTS to remain in England to fight for FREEDOM for Britain, and the entire non-Muslim world!

      God bless and keep you safe, Tommy! I’m praying for you. Our Precious God is on our side! Our human rights are given to us by our Wonderful, Awesome God!

      Long live freedom! Long live the Free World!

  21. That UK Goverment is full of those sorry nogood Moslems,they just want to throw away all of British History,my ansesters are rolling over in there graves,the people running the Country are some stupid Mother Fuckers. If Tommy is injured there should be unrest and Hell raising by the native British,the Moslems are not British they just hold UK passport and if they were born there just Moslem living in Briton,long live Brition but I say Fuck the British Goverment those sorry Cock Suckers!

  22. This is unbelievable! Everyone get prepared, this will soon be happening right here in the U.S.A. In fact it has already happened in Dearbornistan with David wood being arrested. It is only going to get worse, of that I’m sure.

  23. Prayers said for Tommy and Paul! I sure hope this comes back to bite HARD those who arrested and jailed them, especially if they are muslim sympathizers. I hope this brings great shame to the dhimmi’s as well as one heck of a lawsuit against them. I hope this backfires terribly for them as the message of freedom the EDL is spreading gains more and more favor. God bless you, Tommy and Paul! I love you, brothers!

  24. May be it will take prince Harry to be hurt in afganistan for the Brits to wake up.
    I dont wish it and pray for his safety but i dont understant how they tolerate those SAVAGES , they should,first stop muslim immigration, second deport all the trouble makers.
    I hope we send these videos to our politicians in north America , I AM….

  25. I JUST read that Paul Westen was just arrested outside of Wormwood Scrubs!!! WTH is going on! This kind of crap will soooon be coming OUR way IF we do NOT get this Muslim OUT of OUR White House!

  26. Help Tommy! Tommy and the British people are HATED by their own government ! UK leaders HATE FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS! British leaders adore and LOVE totalitarian Islam and excessively cruel Islamic sharia law!

    Tommy is being persecuted and imprisoned for Islam!!! Help!
    Non-Muslims are now persecuted in Britain the way they are persecuted in MUSLIM countries!

    Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    We must not lose our FREEDOM!

    We must hold protest demos to protest this wickedness against Tommy in all of our Western countries!
    Remember to pray for Tommy’s protection in your prayers!

    • I believe you Linda ! It can’t be anything else. They ( GB Govt.) seem to have gone insane and have become vile traitors to the British people, having apparently surrenderd to the Muslims and Sharia, but WHY ? I just can’t get my head around it, oil ? NWO ?? Why? To cause civil war ?? What and why would they bring GB into such grave danger. ??
      GB needs a Churchill now like never before before it is too late.
      Poor Tommy !
      God, please rescue him and Paul Weston from the clutches of these anti-British, anti-Christian traitors !

      • Hanna,
        It is the New World Order made up of treasonous Western ruling elites and Muslims – NOT moderate Muslims! Quran-obedient Muslims!
        Western ruling elites share the same HATE as Muslims for our LOVING, Merciful God, our Awesome Creator.

        Western ruling elites HATE our God, our Bible, Judaism, Christianity, our God-given human rights and our freedom. They have purposely brought in many millions of the soldiers of Allah into our countries to harm us. They worship the deity Muslims call Allah, except they give this deity a different name.

  27. BNI: I want to donate for Tommy, but I’m kind of confused with the whole Pounds conversion thing. If I wish to donate, say $25.00, how many Pounds is that and how do I write it? Sorry for sounding to stupid.

  28. Despicable UK leaders behave as if Britain has been CONQUERED by Islam and they must OBEY EVERY COMMAND of Muslims.

    Who can deny that anti-human rights, freedom-destroyers UK ruling elites are actively seeking the MURDER of Tommy Robinson at the hands of Muslim savages?

    UK leaders seek the death of Tommy because he and the EDL believe as the British and American people believe that:

    ALL people must have human rights, and
    ALL people must have equality before the law.

    It is the complete opposite of Islamic teachings and beliefs. It is unacceptable to Islam and treasonous UK leaders who are Islamizing Britain as fast as they possibly can.

    Tommy and the EDL are ESPECIALLY hated by UK ruling elites and police because Tommy, the EDL (and British Freedom) have protested again and again against the cruel gang rapes, sexual enslavement and forced prostitution of THOUSANDS of defenseless, terrorized NON-Muslim British children by Muslim monsters.

    To protest these wicked crimes against humanity; against innocent children, is UNACCEPTABLE to British ruling elites and police. GOD HELP THE CHILDREN!

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily



  29. This is a total disgrace. I thought the English were a moral and righteous people but it seems I was wrong. My prayers are with Mr Thompson and hopefully they will move him somewhere safer before he gets killed

  30. This news is truly shocking. I hope all who read this will contribute to Tommy’s legal defence, I have. We must stand with him. This is wrong in our society.

    • I just feel utterly SICK to read of this kind of travesty of justice – for all we know, the whole idea of Mr. Robinson’s having travelled on somebody else’s passport may be a trumped-up charge!!! Then, if his Moslem cell-mates murder him, that truly will be the worst possible kind of betrayal of EVERYTHING that the UK has worked upon for 797 years (from the time of Magna Charta in 1215) in terms of ALL human rights!!!!

      It truly seems as if the UK and other governments have been totally bought by Moslem wealth – I never imagined that those Saudis, Kuwaitis and others would be so quickly able to buy the entire EU and other places with their FILTHY, ILL-BEGOTTEN money!!! No wonder they turned world opinion against Serbia in 1999 so completely and successfully… O WEH!!!!!

  31. Please get help from Jewish volunteer lawyers to defend this man. At least the EDL is willing to stand up for Israel and protect their Jewish neighbours. I doubt the UK govt will ever send cops to protect Jewish homes adequately once events in the Middle East spiral out of control. It will be Kristallnacht 2.

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