Why you can never trust a Muslim, even if he sounds reasonably sane

The Muslim on the right says 80% of Muslims in Europe are beggars, living off welfare generously provided by non-Muslim taxpayers. He claims what they don’t get from the State, they steal, often from the mosque. And he’s disgusted that Muslim rapists and drug dealers demand halal food from their Western jailers. He condemns the terrorist bombings in London and Madrid and is ashamed that the West so often sees bearded men beheading other bearded men.

But just when you think you’ve encountered a halfway intelligent Muslim, he says this: “I did not come here to denounce Europe and America. I am entirely with you, let’s bring down America, but first let’s stop slaughtering each other, then we can attack America.” 


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  1. I have worked with nice muslims that’s what I thought
    but it turns out they are the biggest shit stirrers on the planet

  2. muslim is retared. you dont educate women intellectually and think as a second rate. but the exact same women you treat as idiot raise boys that eventually grows up to be like u. what do you think this kid has learned from his mother? nothing but being brainwashed…
    and you think heaven offers you unlimited sex and meat? are u human or animal? to me, your desire seems as those of beasts.

  3. The sooner we declassify islamism from being a religion to a virus then perhaps it might make it easier for the head in the sand do good liberalists to.realise there opinions have not helped at all And any non Islam people who lambasted the French for banning the burkini a small act of retribution considering the level of terrorism they suffered n it was directed at children then n those who got up in arms at police who were doing there job you should consider yourself a disgrace the fact that France bowed to opinion and repealed the ban merely makes Muslims feel more superior to western civilisation tand untouchable.another point looked over out of so many regarding that event is what must have befallen those poor policemans eyes when she took of the burkini must have been like something from Dr Who legs that have never seen the outside world with 20 odd years of black hair growth the mind boggles

    • Not Like Them
      Elsie J. Doll
      How sad, I thought, when I came across
      The snake struggling to overcome its injury.
      I took it to a vet, carefully so as not to cause
      Further injury. The vet reluctantly did what it
      Took to heal its damage. Pleased, I took it to my
      Home, fed it, gave it whatever it needed without
      Question and not long after, I thought of it and I as
      Friends and trusted it to not bite me, use its poison
      Against me. It bit. Stunned that it had, I now fight
      To survive its poisonous deception, and warn as
      Many people as will take my lesson seriously, that a
      Snake by its very nature, (especially the human kind),
      Will play passive till they have the opportunity
      And strength to kill off anyone not like them.

  4. It seems only continued brainwashing from a child can be the only possible reason why anybody prefers to live in a world so barren of enjoyment spend half your life praying because a book tells you to and not only do they want a crap life they demand we join them its hardly surprising they blow themselves up its not for martydom its more likely to get away

    • This life is your heaven. This life is our(true muslim’s) hell. We(all) are promised a day. A day of reckoning, of just judgement for our doings, individually. “Let them run and play until they meet the day that they were promised.” A day where you will want to prostrate to your sublime lord, but you won’t be able too cuz he will cause your knees to be broken. And you were called to prostration when you were fine.

      All ya’ll judging islam by its people. People are not perfect. The religion is.

  5. Soon after I first arrived in the Middle East on my first military deployment I met a British pilot. He advised caution when dealing with indigenous Muslims. “They are honest,” he said, “but you can’t trust them.” Experience with them in their own countries taught me the truth of his advice. You have to be there and live with them to understand it.

    • That is the best remark that you can give anyone you cannot trust a liar. All Muslims are the same they may not appear to be but in the same crowd of people their true colors come forth.

  6. Q; How does one tell when a muslim lies?
    A; When it’s lips move.

    Some Muslims dead, good. More Muslims dead, better. All Muslims dead, BEST!

    • Hi…had an Algerian staying with us some years back…he worked for Amnesty International on the run from his own country…his parting words were, never trust an Arab…the Koran itself instructs Muslims to lie to Infidels…just check out the Koran on this subject.

  7. Islam contradicts it self. I am a Muslim but frankly speaking I have learned from childhood to hate Christians and Jews. Christians teach children differently, that’s why they are open. We should teach our children how to love other religions as Jesus Loved the world


    • I asked 4 Muslims a question about a statement I read in the Qur’an. None could give me an answer. Instead they ALL advised that I “not read the Qur’an because it’s too confusing.”

      My question from the Qur’an – “‘when the apostle of Allah speaks one should do as he says.” If Mohammad [pbuh] is the Prophet of Allah, who is the apostle?

      Answer that the Muslims didn’t know – Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah as well as his Prophet.

  8. Maybe it’s in their vulture like features, or the fact that theys use the lunar calendar, or may be that theys read from right to left; who knows. But it seems like Muslamians, Arabs, Iranians, or even east Indiananians and Pakistanians seem to disagree on agreements theys establish with others. Weather in politics or business. Theys seem to be confused about following thru with theirs promises. It’s like theys first seem to under stand a reqwest, theys smile and even shake your hand. The moment that it is theirs turn to ether sign document or make a dizzishen, theys back out and say theys “never agreed”. Weather dealing with thems at gas stations, indoor swap meets, there always seems to be a communnication conflict with theses kinds of peoples. Wutever the interaction may be, You say “Yes” theys nod theirs heads up and down smilin at you, and say “Yes”, You think every thing is good, you hand thems the cash, then theys look at you and then theys look at the money and say “No! No! NO!”. You say “No wut”? Theys begin to argew and some times even change the price. It seems to me, from expiriance that theys have trubel trusting peoples and there for decieve others before theys be come decieved. Theys can never seem to look some one in the eye with out some trick up their sleeve. If theys learnded from the etheks of trust from the Europeans peoples, may be theys wood be come more normal. I’m not trying to offend or insult, but is it in your culture to haggle with peoples? Is it good comunnication to lie? I was raised with good manars and teached to tell the true to all peoples. Why can’t theses peoples be more onast?

  9. If your country was invaded by isil and your muslim buddy had to choose whether to defend you and the rest of the country or to join them I believe the majority would join the jijaddists.

    • But we don’t rape children. We don’t kill innocents because their non muslin. If muslims say “we are not terrorist” let them prove it and turn muslim terrorist into the authorities.

  10. Ok first of all, not all Muslims are terrorists and not all of them are out to convert everyone they see. The terrorists are the extremists – the crazy people. And believe me, there are crazy people in EVERY religion – even Christianity. And I seriously doubt your kids will think Islam is so great when they find out that they aren’t allowed to eat pork, that they have to pray five times a day, that people like you are going to think they’re terrorists, and that kind of thing. Your kids have been raised one way – there is a LOT about Islam that will conflict with everything they’ve always known. I highly doubt that any aspect of it will be to their liking.

    I think that it would benefit you to do a little research on Islam. Believe me, it’s never a good idea to go on what the popular gossip about it is – check it out for yourself. The best way to overcome your fear is to confront it, you know. Besides, you don’t want to sound like a bigoted reactionary to your children, do you? If they see you as ignorant & prejudiced towards their friends, it is going to make their friends seem “taboo” and therefore that much more appealing. So do a little research, learn the FACTS about Islam (one fact being that it is actually a very peaceful religion; terrorists are the exception, NOT the rule), and try to relax. Your neighbors are probably perfectly nice, non-violent people.

    Sit your kids down and have a talk with them about respect for others. Make sure they understand that they are not to disrespect their friends; that they do NOT have to agree with Islam but they need to always have respect for the family as human beings regardless of what they believe. And make sure they understand that they are to expect the same treatment in return, and that if their friends or the friends’ parents make ugly remarks about your family’s beliefs, they are not to tolerate it. Tell them that it’s good to expand their horizons and be friends with a variety of people, but it’s also good to stand up for what they believe in & respect others as well.

    Good luck…

    • Idiot(s)…

      The long version from “idriss” (1) is definitely written by a different person than the short version. (2)

      What other contemporary religion has “some bad people” that can even REMOTELY compare to the modern, lunatic muslim?

      Idiot (1) is more literate than idiot (2), but they run a dead heat with their collective stupidity.

      Your second paragraph is ridiculous beyond laughable.
      YOU should transplant YOUR ignorant ass over to Syria and see how easy it would be to “relax” with “neighbors that are probably perfectly nice, non-violent people”.

      Re-read your post…surely to Christ you can’t really believe the garbage you wrote, can you?

    • “Idriss
      August 10, 2014 @ 9:30 pm

      Ok first of all, not all Muslims are terrorists”

      Not all Muslims are torrorist but all terrorist are Muslims.

  11. Don’t talk about Islam because you don’t know him and there is some bad muslims i know that but that is not a problem in every religion there is some bad people but that don’t mean Islam is bad he still always good and , not the muslim who said The god have a son do you think that is true how can the god the Creator of everything have a son , you have to thinking before you talking

    • All right “Idriss” you typical arse-lifter whose English isn’t up to par in addition to that you can’t believe that Islam is bad anyway!!!

      How on earth can you believe that Islam is “good” when I read Chapter 9 of your FILTHY, BLOODTHIRSTY Qu’rân and behold the following (9:5) for example: “Fight and slay the infidels wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war!”

      In other words, you so DESPISE and HATE us that you have to attack us without provocation, without reason even if we’ve NOT DONE A THING but assert OUR VALUES, OUR CULTURE, OUR BELIEFS and what WE CHERISH in our own lands??? HOW DARE you believe you’re superior merely because that Antichrist and DEVIL Mohammed told you so???

      Listen, you FILTHY inbred Moslem LIAR, RAPIST, MURDERER, GENOCIDE and everything else (if not in deed than in your desires because you so IDOLISE Mohammed, who was guilty of EVERYTHING of that sort and a whole lot more!!!!): it’s because we have read much or all of the Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira – not to mention how you EVIL Moslems have shown yourselves for who and what you are over 1,400 years – that we HATE and LOATHE you with EVERY LAST MOLECULE of our bodies and minds!!!!

      By that we know what you try to do of trickery and war, that’s why we have learned who and what you are – and it’s because of that that we must hate BOTH your SATANICALLY-EVIL ideology AND you yourselves because of how you’ve accepted the BONDAGE OF SATAN calling himself “allah”!!!

      As to God Having a Son, I’ll proudly answer you via the Nicene Creed:

      “I believe in One God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of everything visible and invisible;
      “and in One Lord Jesus Christ the Only-Begotten Son of God, Eternally Begotten of the Father BEFORE ALL worlds: God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God: Begotten, NOT made, being of ONE SUBSTANCE with the Father…”

      This is what Christians believe – and Jesus Proved Himself over 600 years MORE than your Mohammed to be a WHOLE LOT BETTER in every conceivable regard!!!!

      Those of us who are REAL Christians or REAL Jews unashamedly LOVE women, dogs, pigs, apes and EVERYBODY PLUS EVERYTHING ELSE Our Heavenly Father Created – and we remember that He Created EVERYTHING PERFECTLY!!! We welcome them all as He Made them AS HE DID!!!

      What do you EVIL Moslems do??? You mutilate your women’s genitals, you make them get ill by not even being allowed to go outside other than in cloth-coffins (and if you had your way, you would imprison them 24 hours a day inside the home as mere baby-makers – and if ever artificial wombs come into being, you’d kill them off as unnecessary!!!!). You WANTONLY DESTROY AND KILL whoever and whatever isn’t “Islamic” – and yet you say that it’s “good” instead of the God-mocking, hating, despising EVIL that Islam, your Mohammed AND YOURSELVES ALL ARE?????

      That’s why we PROUD INFIDELS say, with all our minds, hearts and bodies:

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!

    • I’m sitting here looking at my copy of Sharia which demands that parents have their daughters sexually mutilated…meeting muslim women wearing their veils also bothers me, since one took me aside years ago and showed me her most recent bruises…all you guys are liars and jerks to allow this kind of crap, and yes, I am absolutely convinced by my reading of the Koran and discussions with other men who are muslim…that ISIL is really the true aspect of Islam and that you ALL are enemies just looking for your excuse to kill me and my friends and fellow citizens.

      Your religious books and your leaders have been quite clear.

  12. so when you do not like them why you bobmb us for protecting us from them ?
    why you kill 5000 children of christian children in 1999 in Serbia?

    • Dragi Gospodin Milan Kajganić:

      Vi ste došli u pravilno mesto – mi smo vrlo srečni da znamo baš kako je Islam ZAO tačno kao Kommunizam i Nacizam!!! Molim vas: oprosti nas koj smo ovde na ovome “Weblog” za zločine koj su naši vladi uradili protiv Srbiji i Srbima. Ogromna večina od nas nismo znali ko je vjera i ko je nevjera – mnogi od nas smo tek saznali posle 2001/09/11 (jedanestoga Septembra). Pred to, mi smo bili GORKO PREVARENI od štampe, od naših vladevi i ostali koj su svi LAGALI nama!!!!

      Isto, ja se izvinjavam, gospodin, da nisam ja ovo video mnogo ranije nego šta sam. Ja sam napisao ovaj odgovor čim sam njega video. Isto, molim vas, oprostite mene za moj lošega komanda Srpskoga jezika – nikada ni sam mogo njega da savladam zbog lične teškoče koj su pokvarili moj život od naj dubokoga malena.

      [Dear Mr. Bilan Kajganich:

      You have come to the right place – we’re very fortunate to know just how Islam is EVIL just like Communism and Nazism!!! We beg you to please forgive those of us here on this “Weblog” for the evils which our governments did against Serbia and the Serbs. The huge majority of us didn’t know anything about who was friend and who was foe – many of us found out only after 2001/09/11. Before then, we were BITTERLY TRICKED by the press, by our leaders and the others who all LIED to us!!!!

      Also, I apologise, sir, that I didn’t see this much earlier than what I have – which has spurred me to respond to you as soon as I saw it. Also, please, forgive me for my poor command of the Serbian language – I never got the full chance to master it due to personal difficulties in my life from deepest childhood.]

      Continuing in English: it’s only in the last 14 years that we have learned how our governments, our mainstream-media, our “intelligentsia” and other bigwigs are UTTERLY NOT TO BE TRUSTED – and in my case, I can also vouch for somebody very close to me who wrote the open letter which became an article first published here over 12 years after its initially being written (all the governments, press people including from TV and radio, &c. TOTALLY IGNORED IT at the time!!!). You’ll find it under “The Origins of Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans: The untold story”. This way you will know that there were people who tried to awaken the Western “big shots” to the EVIL of what they were doing. I STRONGLY believe that they ignored him because THEY WERE BOUGHT by the RICH (and even not-so-rich) Moslem countries and peoples (especially their rulers) who spend money like WATER in their urge to force their ideology upon the entire world by hook and by crook!!!

  13. Also before critcizigg the rulings of islam, many of which are quoted incorrectly or out of contect, you could do your selves a favour by understanding its core concepts , then judge the rest of it once you have understood it.

    If we dont give each other a chance to understand each other, then what point does it serve to lash out?

    That kind of intolerance is what hitler had for any but the master race and see what a calamity that was

  14. Also one more thing , I am notehere to justify the actions of people calling them selves muslims and living on state funds when they can work. If that is the case, i agree its not correct and islam doesnt allow for such funds to be used as its tainted.

    But what i am also saying is dont judge islam by the actions of some muslms. Judge muslims by what Islam is i.e. the Quran and the Sunnah (teachings) of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

    @tedjusant Taqwaa is to be aware of Alllah and God concious of allah as he deserves to. by extension it also means to speak a good word about others. And please do not propogate lies about the Quran.

    @Marlene Wilkins You are have misunderstood Shariah Law i am afraid. As for you definition of Islamist, it goes against most of the things you say like rape etc. Slavery exists, yes but not as you know them from enslavement of blacks by whites. its the same word linguistically but has different meaning in.

    • About the comment “Ex-Muslims are way more anti-Muslim than we are.” I know how you define it. The way you said it is that those ex-Muslims know the mentality of Muslims and how those ex-Muslims grew up with them. An ex-Muslim told me a long time ago that he is scared to death when he sees Muslims.

  15. Migrants have been shown to boost everything from wages and growth to educational achievement and innovation.Government statistics, show foreign-born people are less than half as likely to claim benefits as those born here (while paying the same taxes, of course).

    Seven million Brits are unable to read and write. It is practicaly imposible for them to work for the economic, social and emotional prosperity of the British society. Because of this, British society would bleed to death without migration. Immigrants are the life blood of the British society.

    I see no reason why immigration and tolerance for other cultures is a threat to the welfare state. Immigrants keep some of our most important public services running and will likely be required even more so in the decades ahead in order to care for European’s ageing population. There are certainly legitimate concerns among the trade union movement about social dumping bringing down wages but that could quite easily be solved by tightening labour regulations and making sure all workers have the same pay and working conditions regardless of where they come from. I think the main threat is the EU (together with global financial institutions like the IMF). Why not challenge economic globalisation and the powerful corporate interests it serves instead of putting the blame on migrants from the third world who are either fleeing persecution or simply looking for a better life for themselves and their families?

    Most anti-immigrant sentiment is clouded by emotion and instinctive dislike of the unknown, rather than based on facts and logic.

    Why don’t we conduct the debate based on HARD EVIDENCE rather than on emotions?

    Let’s listen to the employers: http://www.newstatesman.com/bl
    “Migrants are viewed in a positive light by London employers across a number of indicators, with 68 per cent saying they often work harder than their UK counterparts. Similarly, 72 per cent of companies say that migrants are prepared to do the jobs that British citizens won’t.”

    lso, “the majority of London businesses (56 per cent) think the economic benefits they bring to the capital outweigh the potential cost of providing such services.”

    • So many, many absolute and PATENT LIES from one of the worst trolls hounding this Website!!!!

      I know that calling for your banishment could make Ms. BNI think that perhaps that’s what I merit; however, if anybody in my honest opinion deserves it, it’s YOU!!!! You’ve been spamming us with your taqiyya and kitman all over the place both yesterday and today (not to mention in previous times)!!!

      The statistics you put don’t apply with you Moslems, who come to the West to suck up our resources and money as you think that you’re entitled to live off our bounties because we as “infidels” owe homage to you automatically-“superior” Moslems because of what that ANTICHRIST Mohammed said!!! We know too well that the unemployment rate of Moslems in the West is perhaps as high as 80%…

      Behold, the day shall come when ALL those “jizya”-equivalents will CEASE for you and your fellow-leeches and you’ll be forced to go back to your 57 Moslem countries – or KILLED unless YOU convert and blaspheme Islam and everything it stands for!!! [How I wish that number of “Moslem countries” – 57 – would be cut by ¾ so that you’d only have the Arabian Peninsula, with its sands and steppes, in which to live and practise your monstrously-EVIL ideology that you have the gall to call a “religion”!!!!]

        • Dear Ms. BNI, unlike dogs (whose stomachs ARE sensitive against any change of food!!), we humans need a certain amount of variety. [I just happened to be going through some of our previous postings (notably thanks to that Moslem “Zeus”‘s drivel), and now I think (maybe erroneously) that Iftikhar Ahmad’s too boring after such a long spell…:-)]

    • Alright.
      Explain what’s happening in Sweden and UK then, two examples of many that blow aircraft-carrier sized holes in your argument.

      facts, not PolCorr book-cooking like your statement of;
      ” “the majority of London businesses (56 per cent) think the economic benefits they bring to the capital outweigh the potential cost of providing such services.” ”

      I KNOW statistical cooking when I see and hear it, I used to work for Ipsos-Reid, and the genuine Economic Indicators for Sweden and UK are crash-diving because of the insane wlfare demand by muslim immigrants.
      newstatesm.com is a hard-core, case-hardened Leftist PolCorr shill incapable of speaking the facts objectively if you put a blade to the necks.

    • iftikhar, due tonthe doctrin of lies in islam, and the ridiculously Leftist/Apologist sources you cite, all you’ve done is further damage your credibility.
      If there was any truth in what you say, then Sweden, Spain, UK and other nations would be booming economically–and instead the anuual welfare drain, and increasing, in the UK alone is over 18 Billion Pound/annually and growing.
      Most, if not all of the muslim immigrants are criminals and angage in criminal acts such as welfare fraud, rape gangs and other abhorrent deviancies.
      They riot and tantrum at the slightest little perceived slight, displaying a total lack of self-discipline and dignity.
      Also, if the benefits of muslim immigration were so great–then why are Brits leaving England is such vast numbers??

      If what you said were at all true, NO one would be leaving Britain and it’s economy would be doing extremely well–instead of faltering.

      THOSE are the Facts.

        • If Islam is everything you say it is, why are 20000 americans converting to islam annually?
          i understand that the media is promoting anti islamic themed propoganda but surely you should use your judgement to read the quran for your selves , tranlated and then perhaps clarify your doubts with some scholar in islam
          I have no doubt there might be bad people out there that are so called muslims but shouldnt we all be more open minded than to judge the entire community by the few we consider black sheep?
          Check out the quran translation here.
          To do above to other religions like this forum is doing to Islam is is to judge all catholics as pedophiles becuase quite a few catholic priests are notorious for it

          Check the quran translation out


      • HA HA HA HA HA, “Truthteller” (that should be FALSEHOOD-teller!!):

        20,000 American converting to Islam annually” vs. as many as 6,000,000 Moslems RENOUNCING Islam EVERY YEAR!!!

        I think your taqiyya and kitman are being caught out more than you’ll like to admit…

  16. After 9/11, muslims in our countries said America deserved it; when you talk to muslims they say they hate America, even though they may live in America or live in a country which is one of her allies. Muslims can’t help but state their hatred for America, and this is why is should be very easy for the sane few to see that you can’t trust a muslim. All the rest are just too damn stupid for words.

  17. the comment about 80% of europeen muslims on wellfare is called economic jihad.
    Look at europe’s finance’s, almost bankrupt..

  18. Mozzies see no contradiction because things come in twos in Islam. Jihad and hegira (attack and retreat) are normative Islam and an essential of the faith (usul ud-deen). This means Mozzies can have two faces: peaceful Islam and jihad. Peaceful Islam always prepares for jihad. “We smile at some people while our hearts despise them.” -hadith

  19. catch these criminals and deport them from every civilised society if you want to save it…….or its slow suicide till the barbarians overwhelm you.

    This needs men women with guts of steel and smarts to do it without being overtly provocative.

    Look at saudi , they do not give citizen ship rights to anyone and do not toleraet
    other religions….every other country should reciprocrate the same way to save themselves.

  20. This is why, aside from my Muslim friends, I trust nothing muslims say.
    Let me be clear, if a muslim told me the sky was blue–I’d look out the window and check it for myself.
    muslim = liar.

    • Muslims are only practicing their religion when they lie to infidels as its given in qoran.

      They are expected to lie till they get opportunity to slit the throats of infidels who do not submit to their rotten religion….. or do not satisfy what they demand including their right to rape infidel woman.

      • I and others here know that, but thank you for the useful reminder. 🙂
        With all that’s so horrid about islam, it’s all-too-easy to lose sight of facts like the ones you mentioned.
        I tip my hat to you in Thanks. 🙂
        Their ‘right’ to rape women ends with their ‘equipment’ being torn off by hand.
        Their ‘right’ to rape women is nothing more than hardcore proof of how bilious and excremental islam really is.

    • @Marlene,
      I do not want to take your freinds away , but ALL muslims pray to the same god and abide by HIS wishes , They are not allowed to make freinds with infidels ( the likes of you me and others on these sites ) only in the course of JIHAD, and the word TAQIYYA, comes from the quran meaning, TO LIE AND DECIEVE THE INFIDELS IN ORSER TO DOMINATE THE WORLD, which means if you do not wear that black bag you WILL be stoned to death. I do not want to frighten you but sometimes people have to be frightened in order to save them against EVIL. Slowly move away from those that are of the quran.

      • I’m familiar with the points you make, and please don’t worry–I do understand the nature of the risk in associating with those of islam, whatever ‘brand’ it may be.
        I do appreciate your concern, but please do not stress yourself and thus harm yourself in worry…stress can do damage to health.

        I can only assess them by their actions, and how they have treated me and others, our city. Sometimes, fear must be put aside for the better Human qualities such as compassion and appreciation of those who have never harmed you. I don’t defend them because they’re muslim–but because they are, in evidence of how they’ve always conducted themselves, very decent people.
        They voted against the adoption of shariah here, and voted for it to be legislatively Banned under Human Rights laws. Actually, Grandfather was the one who gave the best insight to Council, along with others as to why shariah was NOT and can never be accepted in any place that holds to proper Human Rights, and why no amount of shariah can be allowed as it’s invasive. He’s been working with islam for decades, and thus has a lot of insight into how evil it is, and made that clear to Council.
        Even knowing it might have made his own work illegal, the whole family voted to Outlaw islam here also. Grandfather was given an exemption because when experts looked through his work–well, it ain’t yo daddy’s jihadesque islam, and he was very happy that his work was seen as being so different from normal islam.
        I cannot in conscience throw my friendship with these people away when they have never given any reason to treat them as a threat…I won’t let blind fear rule me anymore than I’ll submit to shariah, I cannot, otherwise it’s an islamist victory over me and I’ll never allow that.

        I don’t fear islam and islamists, I do make the choice to very deliberately hate islam and islamists. I make an exception for my friends, because I have reason to–but as for islam and islamists, I hate it and them with a totality for their ways of destruction, murder, rape, slavery and every insanely foul act and atrocity they perpetuate.

    • I am a non-muslim engaged to a very respectful kind caring Pakistani Muslim Man who respects me in everyway unlike some disrespectful non-muslim men. InShallah I cannot wait to marry him he treats me like a queen and he is my King -👑. He respects my irish culture and way of life does not force me to convert to Islam. So before any uneducated ignorant foul mouth wants to make such ignorant remarks make sure u know all the facts on Islam as it is quoted from the holy Quran to kill one human being is the equivalent of killing the whole of humanity which in simple terms means it is a grave sin to kill an innocent human being it would be the same as if u killed the whole of humanity. Those that kill are not true Muslims and what about some of the so called Christians that kill so many innocent human beings as in Hitler and so many shootings in American Schools by non-muslims?So think before u make an ignorant uneducated remark!!Love and Peace to all as Jesus Loved all withouthe judging amen 😌

  21. The Camel is right . Take his word lots of his family been killed by those bearded perverts. You can say every perversion in the world its practice by Arabs It’s not going to change because they don’t talk about it only cover it up. I like the vid from our troops with night vision lens were the Arab farmer went out and had sex with his jack-ass. Question who was more of a ass in the vid.

    • what a load of bullship racist wanks you all will go to hell and i will watch you burn also piece and love bitches thats what islam teaches although am not a crazy ass typical bombing white men muslim it would give me piece if all youse were bombed cause it’l be without you’s but am not like that cause piece and love is what islam jingle bombs jingle bombs jimgle bomb the white men

      • BEGONE, truly-racist MOSLEM DEVIL!!!!

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