FRANCE: Muslims and Left Wing Fascists demand young French Resistance group be banned

The French Muslim Council urged the government to ban an upcoming and popular patriot group, ‘Generation Identitaire,’ that occupied a mosque on Saturday and issued a ‘declaration of war’ on the Islamization of France. Not to be outdone, pro-Muslim leftists called on French authorities to take action against such groups that promote hatred and seek to divide the country.

(If that’s what they want, they should be taking action against the Muslim invaders)

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WEBSITE (French): Generation Identitaire

REUTERS  Some 73 protesters from a movement called Identity Group seized a mosque in the western city of Poitiers on Saturday and unfurled a banner referring to Charles Martel’s historic defeat of advancing Muslim troops there in 732. They stayed for more than six hours before police ejected them.

In a video posted on its website, the movement issued what it called a “declaration of war” on multiculturalism. It also called for a referendum to block further immigration from outside Europe and further construction of mosques in France.



“We demand the dissolution of this group,” Moussaoui said. The public prosecutor’s office in Poitiers has placed four of the protesters under judicial investigation for spreading racial hate and discrimination. Moussaoui said the protest, the first time a mosque in France had been occupied like that, represented “a new escalation in violence against Muslims”.

Anti-racism organisations in France are demanding the government launch a swift crackdown against right wing patriot groups, following the storming of a mosque in the west of the country.

France24  In strongly worded statements released on Sunday, two of France’s most high-profile racism  (What race is Islam?) watchdogs and a Muslim organization asked the government to ban extremist anti-Islamization groups, close their websites and prosecute individuals for inciting racial hatred. (What race is Islam again?)

The dawn raid was intended as a protest against what the resistance group regards as Islam’s growing influence in France.

“What they did was scandalous. They basically declared war against Muslims in France,” (HALLELUJAH!) Bernadette Hetier, co-president of MRAP, told FRANCE 24. “These groups are dangerous because they promote hatred. We have asked the government to prevent them publishing their intolerable propaganda.” They are a real threat to cohesion because they want to divide France and Europe.

The protesters stormed the mosque at around 6am, climbed onto the roof and unfurled a banner daubed with the symbolic phrase “732 Generation Identity” – a reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the invading Muslim army to the north of Poitiers. The group have also made their views clear on their website, which bears the statement: “We do not want more immigration from outside Europe or new mosque construction on French soil”. 

French media and politicians keep talking about a supposed “provocation” by Génération Identitaire.

Islam vs Europe  At this stage, it seems useful to us to make clear that for us:

– The true provocation is to let more than 300,000 immigrants into France every year.
– The true provocation is the daily anti-white racism in our country.
– The true provocation is the Saudi money that is financing the construction of the mosque in Poitiers.
– The true provocation is the islamist imam of Poitiers and the tolerance of the state towards the UOIF [Muslim Brotherhood-linked umbrella organisation for Muslim associations in France].
– The true provocation is to accuse three young people of causing damage because three prayer carpets got damp.
– The true provocation is to support Pussy Riot in Russia and to curse Génération Identitaire in France.
– The true provocation is to call yourself a democrat and to want to dissolve a group of young people calling for a debate and a referendum.
– The true provocation is the forced-march islamisation of a country that saved Europe from the Arab-Muslim invasion 1280 years ago.
– The true provocation, ultimately, is to build a mosque in Poitiers, which ought to be a place of historical memory. 

All of that – and many other things too – seem to us to be much more provocative and damaging to the sacrosanct vivre-ensemble than a hundred young people on the roof of a building that is still under construction.


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  1. Who is this trolling peice of Muztard shit spewing his Taquiyya bullshit on BNI? Ahhh let me guess the inbred shitscum is in here for 1. Give us enjoyment of tearing said inbred many assholes 2. For us to laugh at the shit he is spewing from his dirty mouth and 3. Discredit (with evidence) the said shit spewing from his mouth as Ive seen no comebacks. BNI is this shitscum one of Uncle Dougies lackys/bumboys by any chance? Was thinking maybe he has been given the word to get on here and “educate” us via Taquiyya tactics? Makes me wonder….

    • AH, no, he’s not one of Dougie’s stormtroopers.He’s a filthy Paki welfare king from the UK who preaches this crap all over the media there. He also makes the rounds of blogs like this one.

  2. A civilisation is measured not by the rights it grants its majority but the privileges it allows its minorities.

    Muslim community not only needs Mosques but also state funded Muslim schools for their bilingual children.

    Muslim families are as entitled as any other religious group to schools that nurture their children’s faith. Muslim pupils should be educated in Muslim schools because the current system is marginalising them. Teaching Muslim children in a Muslim school would remove the “problem of them being exposed” to values that conflict with Islamic faith. Muslim pupils are disadvantaged and marginalised in the city’s state schools because the cultural heritage of the curriculum is “European and Christian”.

    Muslim schools provide an education in accordance with the Muslim beliefs and values, such as providing single-sex schooling after puberty. They are thus a response to the danger of absorption into the dominant culture.

    • IA, if you don’t want to be taught and absorbed into the dominant culture, then why go there in the first place? If the civilization is measured by how it’s minorities are treated, then France is a horrible place and one should not want to emigrate there; however, you and I know that is not the case. Would you let your daughter date and marry a Frenchman? Perhaps convert to Catholicism?

      • EXCELLENT rebuttal to one particular troll who never wants to leave us alone, alas…

        NO Moslems should EVER be welcome in ANY Western country. That means ALL of Europe including Russia, ALL of the Americas including the Caribbean Islands, Australia, New Zealand and ideally Africa!! Islam’s home should be the Arabian Peninsula ALONE!!! [Among other things, you can see that I wish ALL Moslem Albanians, Bóshñaci, Turkified Bulgars and the rest evicted from European soil – and both Hadrianople
        (Edirne) and Constantinople (Istanbul) should be given back to Greece!!!]

        In the meantime, as long as churches, synagogues, temples et al are not freely allowed in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the rest, absolutely NO mosques, madrassas or other Islamic institutions should be TOLERATED in the West, PERIOD!!!!!

        • In the end, ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST – and ALL Westerners out of “dar al-Islam”!!! Then let ALL cultural, commercial, diplomatic, telecommunication and other ties be cut off between Islam and the West – with a SOLEMN WARNING to the Moslems that the LEAST attempt at invasion and/or piracy/terrorism may result in the nuking of a Moslem city – with Mecca and Medina being PRIME TARGETS!!!! [Also on that particular list should be Qom, Mashhad, Baghdad, Karbala, Damascus, Isfahan, Islamabad, Ankara and Cairo.]

      • Wake up and fight for your freedom and right or you shall be conquered and islamised in the near future by the combination of stealth, defensive and offensive jihad by the theocratic Arabs

    • Your definition is severely flawed – on all counts. And your error implies that you do not understand either what civilisation is, or that within a fair state all enjoy the same rights and that privileges (not to be confused as rights) do not exist but are earned after service to the community- all are equal. NOW WHAT HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED TO SOCIETY – THE ANSWER IS NOTHING

  3. there should be a division be tween France and Europe. mass immigration is destroying Europe. Especially of a people who have no interest in integrating into the society of the host country.

  4. God be with these people. Two different cultures have never been able to survive together. Islam cannot co-exist with Christianity, it never has and it never will. Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to his laws. Satan is their God and sharia is their law.

  5. In London: Abu Baseer: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.”

    No civilized people on earth should be expected by our treasonous governments to suffer from continual Muslim rage, hate and violence! PROTECT INNOCENTS! End Muslim immigration! Deport all phony Muslim asylum seekers, phony Muslim refugees, illegals, criminals and terrorists!

    Open Your Eyes, SWEDEN

    Founder of Islam, Mohammad: “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39).

    We must fight for our safety and freedom before it is forever too late! Join Generation Identitaire, Join the European Freedom Parties! Join EDL ! Join British Freedom


  6. This is one of many videos as to the extreme urgency as to why Muslim immigration must stop immediately!

    Muslims in Germany

    Generation Identitaire, British Freedom and EDL (English Defence League) are desperately seeking to stop Muslim cruelty and violence in France, Britain and Europe. They are HEROES and are persecuted by their governments because of their patriotism, ethics and courage!

    We must fight for our freedom before it is forever too late! Join the European Freedom Parties! Join EDL ! Join British Freedom

  7. I think population planning is a very good idea with families that have genetic defects. Too often in the human race people are breeding without considering the consequences. Today’s human population is out of control with inbreeding, low I.Q.’s along with a host of medical problems. Spay & Neuter should be the rule and not the exception.

  8. I sent them a support message and I encourage others to do so as well. The more I see what is happening with the spread of Islam the more I really hate the left- wing dhimmi occupy type of progressive commie liberals. I only hate political Islam and really do love Muslims.

  9. Moussaoui said the protest, the first time a mosque in France had been occupied like that, represented “a new escalation in violence against Muslims”.

    Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam, who married a six year old child when he was in his fifties, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    We are all sick of Islamic propaganda! Muslims NEVER stop LYING and DECEIVING! This was a patriotic PEACEFUL protest by courageous freedom fighters! Not a single person was harmed! NO violence whatsoever! The wonderful, courageous French youth are seeking to prevent more MUSLIM VIOLENCE and suffering perpetrated by Muslims against non-Muslim innocents!

    WATCH and CRY!
    Quran School:

    Kidnapped Christian children! Their lives forever destroyed by cruel Muslims who are determined to make the children exactly like they are!

    The horrors shown in the Quran School video are what the French Youth-Generation Identitaire, British Freedom and EDL (English Defence League) are also seeking to stop happening in France, Britain and Europe

    This is what will happen once Muslims have achieved significant numbers in Britain and other countries. The Quran COMMANDS Muslims to perpetrate dreadful things against non-Muslims.

  10. My advice would be to keep protest non violent and speak out against jihadists
    and their enablers not agaiinst all muslims……you first divide the most virulent
    and when you gain power then bring in laws to deport them….as of now demand deportation of jihadist and those who break french laws & stop immigration of muslims.

    No voilence , or govt can break you down like they are doing to EDL in britain.

    • Sujith
      I strongly disagree. The EDL is nonviolent and now look what they’ve done to Tommy . He’s been very violently attacked again and again and absolutely no consequence for the Muslim maggots that did it. What they need to do is build their numbers, stock up on weapons and organize. Once they have a strong secret game plan they should start knocking at their politicians doors with an axe and send them where they belong then take out the Muslims. The time for talking is OVER! It’s time for war

  11. I suppose the O’Bama Brigades and their slimy allies (i.e. Juan “Maverick” McCain) will exert pressure and possible sanctions to force the French top submit.

    Phooey! I’ve had enough of this. For 30+ years the USA has fought wars on behalf of the Arab League and The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation .

    Stop it! (And stop Islamic Immigration… Here’s a fun fact: It took Britain 400 years to have a muzzie population of 3 million soulless savages. “Post America” achieves that feat EVERY 18 MONTHS!)

    And leave the Christians & Jews in the Middle East alone!

    “Bashar Assad is a dictator. However; Assad’s Syria is/was a Western oriented secular state. Syrian women under Assad do not trundle about looking like semi-animated hefty bags. As a matter of fact, Syrian girls and women look very much like Israelis or North Americans (A fact that must anger Hillary Clinton and her “Sisterhood” gang)”


  12. Everyone on the tv networks and everyone on the newspapers and magazines must be brought to trial when we regain control! There MUST be retribution for their propaganda! In the same manner Tokyo Rose was handled.

  13. Here are French that I would proudly stand and fight with, I am glad that they are the young generation also. Like they say in the video the past generation of French are the sell outs, that or just silent cowards. Let the dhimmi, cowardly government outlaw them to appease the muscum, Identitaire won’t disappear, they’ll get stronger. Like my daughter says the liberal dhimmi are WORSE than the muzzies, the muzzies are just doing what muzzie scum does with no appoligies while the liberal, dhimmi, cowards sell out thier own for a bit of cheese or not to get kicked in the teeth.

    • if the tide of conflict erupts!?… which side of the barracades will the French militaire stand with; will it be like the one in S. France with the Nazis?, or will they stand as French ?

  14. Watch them foaming at the mouth even more and pissing themselves, because they know we are beyond fed up with them!! If they honestly think that branding Patriots extreme-right wingers -yeah, right- and demanding that groups groups be disbanded, they are beyond deluding themselves! More will rise because we won’t shut up, we won’t quit. When updating Bonni on the situation with G.I. and how they were all screaming “provocation!”, she asked I put the following as a comment so I gladly do, and perhaps it’ll sink-in that:

    The real provocation is also for traitors and collabos -both in politics and medias- to turn a blind eye and being in denial as to what has been leading up to this, and WHO is REALLY responsible for the growing unrest seen practically all across the Western world: muzz scum hellbent on destroying our ways of lives, breaking our laws, assaulting and killing our people, and trying by any means necessary to impose on people their obscurantist and savage ways and laws. Media and politicians may grovel, but WE don’t and will not tolerate for much longer these occupiers and invaders, and what is starting to scare them all is that they realize more and more of our people spanning three generations are no longer afraid to stand up, speak up and act alongside us. No matter how much and how loud muzz scum foam at the mouth, no matter how much traitors and collabos play the outraged and appeasing cards, try to lock us and shut us up, we will NEVER shut up, and will NEVER stop doing what has to be done to put the vermin back in its place and drive it out of OUR land since, as seen and proven times and times again, these people are have no intention to and will never integrate/assimilate to the ways of the countries that have given shelter, asylum and haven to them or their parents/grandparents, expecting/demanding everything to be paid for them, always leeching and rarely contributing. As for those born on our soils, they have no place among us and we reject them for they are no children of France but an insult, disgrace and traitors to it. They’ve had their chance to prove they could behave as civilized human beings, but have failed miserably and shown their true colors and agenda, which only dhimmis, PC leftists, traitors and collabos fail/refuse to see, acknowledge and act upon. NO MORE!

    So go ahead, keep all playing these games of yours vermin, medias, politics, keep grovelling and collaborating while labeling Patriots extremists this, phobic that simply because unlike you, we deeply love our country and are proud our roots and heritage, history we will preserve, protect and pass on to OUR future generations, keep all at it as it can only lead to what is inevitable and which we are preparing and getting ready for: massive unrest, uprising and bloodshed. When it comes down to it, we Patriots will not back off and finally will be able to let go of the restraint and control many of us struggle to retain, which is why a good number of the scum ought to be grateful they so far ended up only in hospital rather than the morgue, when they thought they could in all impunity attack those of us more than capable of defending ourselves.

    RECONQUISTA of our lands, lives, freedoms, liberties and sovereignty is on the way, no longer preventable nor stoppable. Since war is what you ask for, then war you shall have for we are France, we are Charles Martel and will never surrender, never retreat.

  15. The real french in action, I have a feeling that the EU is going to turn itself around. The only problem is the corrupt politicians that are trying to interject race into this effort. When the hell did Muslims become a race? Talk about the subversive rhetoric.

    Americans need to let them know we STAND with them, We have the same problem here in the US. With our educators hiding the truth about islam and sharia. TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!! VIVA LA FRANCE!!!!

    • The corruption has seeped in FAR TOO DEEPLY into the EU and its member governments for the European people to be able to trust those good-for-nothings any more!!! Almost certainly the people will have to take action on their own via vigilantism as the police, army, other emergency services plus the politicians, civil-servants, big-business, academe and lawyers are ALL bribed by the Moslems and/or thinking as Communists (either as deceived or deliberately as secretly such)!!

  16. If more of our European “allies” were to begin ending the blatantly obvious destructive practices of multiculturalism in their political policies (let existing ethnic minorities practice what they want in their homes, but follow the laws of their host nation in public), maintain their national identities and simply work together with each other on a strictly pragmatic, functional basis of trade and security, the world in general would be a safer, more industrious place. Being friends may be preferable, but not necessary.

  17. Is on the way the next big war, fight again agaist fascims. But this time we all real european people gonna fight against islamofascists door to door….Ask to autorities to ban any fascism activity from islamo guys and their lefhtists friends…

  18. Oh and Muslim’s don’t promote hate right? I think the French are the smartest people on earth right now, and standing up to Muslim dictatorship and ta king their country back! VIVA LA FRANCE!

  19. BNI Find out about Obama stealing American taxpayer money and putting in his offshore account and sending billions more to his muslim brothers around the world…

  20. We all must keep in mind, the reason (s) for the surrender to the heathens is largely because of weak leadership, on behalf of these so called politicians, towards their native people because they fear the muzzies more then they do their own. One day It is almost innevitable, the natives are going to go all native on the instigators of their demise, the islamization of the E.U., and it ain’t gonna be purdy, as we say here in the fly-over Patriots plantation Country. It’s just a matter of time before the natives will feel as though they are forced up against the wall and have no other alternative but to do as they desire, with both the politicians and the heathens. Beware of a Patriot, he is widely known as a person who protects it’s citizens from it’s government, a government, mind you, who desires, wishes, or flat out refuses to protect the citizens all because of the fear of social, financial and out right havoc produced from a group of peoples hell bent upon DEMANDING they turn to the opposite of their culture, heritage, customs, belief system and morals.

    Of course they are demanding this Patriots group be banned, what good it there is having an opposition voices, no compition is better then compitition, when you are hell bent upon a reality that does not exist, they call it weakness in the product, because no one is buying what they are selling, wonder why? I hope and pray for a renewal of Patriotism among the young and able, the future does belong to them, does it not, it is therefor, theirs to dictate in the terms of their reality, not the reality of lies, half truths and misdirections. Good luck, take the bull by the horns, and whip it good. Always remember, ” obeidence to God is disobedeince to tryanny”, a good thing in our Almighty plans, it’s a sign of strenght, conviction and good moral direction. Spread it far and wide, and by all means never surrender, submit to the dark side.

    Semper FI.

  21. The French are fed up and the government is listening. The daily burning of cars by Moslem youth is not reported so as not to cause more copycats. There is no doctrinal test to keep subversive people out of France.

    Just ban cousin marriage and Islamic immigration will be reduced by 3/4 and Islam will die out in 20 years.

  22. Lo and behold! There are some young French with the sense to see the muslims for what they are. Bums and sucks on the country who live on French money while they take what money they have and build huge terrorist traing centers with their huge phallic symbols from which they disturb civilized people regularly with their yodeling.
    Hang in there folks.

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