JORDAN: ‘9/11(2)’ Major terrorist attack by Muslim savages averted

Jordanian authorities said they had arrested 11 suspected al Qaeda-linked militants for allegedly planning to carry out a series of attacks targeting shopping centres and Western diplomatic missions in the country. The U.S. Embassy in Amman was reported to be among the targets.

CNN  The Muslim terrorists called their plan “9/11 (2),” suggesting it was set to happen on the seventh anniversary of the last al Qaeda attack in Jordan when suicide bombs exploded in an Amman hotel November 9, 2005, the report said.

The plot, in its preliminary stages, involved a group of 11 Jordanian Muslim terrorists associated with the ideology of al Qaeda.. “The group had intended to take advantage of what they believed was the Intelligence ‘preoccupation’ with other files, to carry out their plans,” Petra reported.

The plans included “using explosives, booby-trapped cars as well as submachine guns and mortars,” it said. Suicide bombers were being selected to carry out attacks against two major shopping malls “in order to draw the attention of the security services away from” the “main objectives in Abdoun, in West Amman,” the report said.

“Their objective was to create a highly destructive explosive that would cause the highest number of casualties and extensive physical damage,” Petra reported. “They had planned to bring TNT explosives and mortar shells from Syria, exploiting the ongoing crisis there.”

Jordanian officials and Arab diplomats have been voicing concern over stability in the kingdom: backed-by-barack-hussein-obama-muslim-brotherhood-gets-ready-to-overthrow-u-s-ally-king-of-jordan


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  1. of course it has. For someone who is supposed to be leader of the free world entertaining the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House is truly alarming

  2. Once again, another attack averted. These are not muslim extremists or muslim radicals, they are practicing muslims. People need to wake up. The biggest terrorist on earth today resides in the Whitehouse.

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  4. Misunderstanders of Islam!

    Don’t they know that jihad means personal improvement…not ‘warfare against the kafirs’?

    Obama’s failure to identify jihad as the problem has led to unending jihad. JIHAD IS NORMATIVE ISLAM.

    Islam is a supremacist, Arab political movement supported by a whacko pedophile pirate.

    Why are we surprised when Mozzies act like Mohammed?

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