“Allahu Akbar” he kept shouting as he tried to kill as many of his fellow soldiers as he could

Fort Hood Survivors, many of whom were seriously wounded, tell what it was like on that fateful day, November 5, 2009, when a Muslim terrorist posing as an Army officer, Major Nidal Hasan, went on a killing jihad, as commanded in the quran. By the time he was stopped, 13 soldiers were dead and 32 were wounded. Yet the Muslim traitor in the White House insists upon calling it “workplace violence,” rather than the Islamic terrorist attack it was, which means none of the dead and wounded soldiers are eligible to receive a purple heart.

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Here is one conservative black man’s take on this situation:

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27 comments on ““Allahu Akbar” he kept shouting as he tried to kill as many of his fellow soldiers as he could

  1. Hasan is an example of taqiyya and kitman. Mozzies have a duty to overthrow the egalitarian U.S. constitution and replace it with misogynistic, discriminatory, supremacist SHARIA LAW.

    Any Moslem who refuses misogynistic Sharia is an apostate who should be executed.
    Any Moslem who supports discriminatory Sharia cannot at the same time support the U.S. constitution.
    Moslems have no way out, but to choose either the U.S. and refuse Islam…or choose Islam and refuse the U.S. and its egalitarian, democratic values.

    Without equality, there’s no democracy.

  2. If JIHAD comes in the form of a U.S. Army DOCTOR…one of the most trusted people in society(!)…jihad can appear in ANY form.

    Mozzies are commanded to HATE THE KUFAAR FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH.

    Dr. Nidal Hasan is an example of CORRECT Islamic hatred. Mohammed murdered people when they least expected it. Hasan was imitating Mohammed…his god.

  3. Those brave Americans who fought the terrorist Hassad at Fort Hood deserve the Purple Cross and I hope that soon, they are recognized for their bravery.

  4. FOX NEWS ro some other news agency needs to demand point blank why they refuse to designate this guy as a terrorist. That is exactly what he was. We all know Obama has embedded withing ever single solitary agency, Islamics who are hell bent on our destruction. The major’s affiliation was obvious, he was Muslim,but we have other Muslim mmilitary who do NOT attack their fellow soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and marines. This guy was plainly using taquiya to hide his Islamic militancy, and God only knows how many of those he treated as a psychiatrist committed suicide because he implanted the idea.

    • lindarm, you say “we have other moslem military who do not attack their fellow soldiers,” but in the first Golf war there were a few incidences of moslems in OUR military attacking OUR soldiers in their tents and while they were sleeping. NEVER, NEVER trust a moslem!!! They should NOT be in OUR military, they should not be in OUR White house, they should not be in OUR country period!!! Their first allegience is to a false idol and a false prophet whose book directs them to kill us infidels.

  5. it was announced today on fox News that Sen. lindsey Graham is going to work with members of Congress to get the designation of the Ft hood attack changed. send him lots encouragement to follow through

  6. This muslim terrorist infiltrated the U.S. military and committed an act of terror upon them. How hard is it to see this. Obama has infiltrated the highest office in the land of the U.S., and he too is a muslim terrorist.

    Obama is the biggest f’n POS, and I want tried for treason

  7. Although I have not seen it actually written as such, I hear that Major Hassan is not able to walk. I think that’s OK.
    In that case, we can drop him through the trap, wheel chair and all.
    What a great mental picture, eh?

    • SOB, no he isn’t able to walk, which means it costs US taxpayers even more for his upkeep. He was paralyzed from the waist down from being shot by a woman security guard, which ended his shooting spree, but sadly did not kill the POS.

  8. give all muslims in the armed forces a B C D kick their ass out ! who in the hell trust them acept another muzzie , every man jack one of them swears a false oath

  9. Missing completly in this story, was a fact most are not aware of; this has more to do with the compensation to the survivors then it does with the purple hearts awards. Every service member on active duty, even those who are listed as in-active, Reserve Duty troops upon receiving orders to a combat zone, ( automaticallly listed as active duty status), receive compensation to a tune of $250,000. to the survivors once these individuals are classified as KIA, killed in Action, killed in a safe inviroment, still the same, killed on board a military defined base of operations, in this case pre-direct orders to a combat zone, it matters little to the sub-title of orders. It is a slap in the face to these brave Patriots, and especially to their family members and survivors, a show of disRespect to the promises made in their contract of Just Comphensation killed while on active duty status. By classifing it as “workplace violence” this punk claiming to be someone’s pResident, cheated our fellow Patriots survivors of their ‘Just compensation” as perscribed in Contractual Terms, letting O’blames everone but himself off the hook by mention and action of a TRAITOR-WITHIN, his people, i.e. muslims, ‘giving aid and comfort’, a direct shot at deriliction of his duties as C-N-C, or L-n-T, liar-n-thief.

    For the most part, I have yet to find any information to disagree/ differ my post, so if anyone out there on this site in the area of this incident has any information, I may have just made a dipstik out of myself, I will be holding myself ” I stand corrected”, if the links are provided, anyone know of this yet?Like I said, I can’t find out the who, why, what, and for what reason for the denial.

    Semper Fi

      I am ex UK serviceman,
      I have posted comment further up. ,
      If this muslim officer was tried and then pardoned for workplace violence, Then surely he can be indicted on NEW evidence, LIKE, A TERRORIST ACT, BECAUSE OF A DIFFERENT TITLE, it becomes a different case. IT WORKS BOTH WAYS mr president, What do you think RET,MARINE.

      • Our laws, even within the military judicial system, does not allow for charges being reposted, the indictments, all of them, are considered class -1 felonies, willful murder, attempted murder, all 32 counts on indictment, which does not upon conviction accept nor will allow further indictments regarding the same acts, yes it is called double jepordy, not allowed. Not even a pardon, presidential or other wise, can be accepted as our laws first does not allow for the pardon, and second, all of these inditments, being class one, eligitable for the death penality, no presidential jurisdiction, Federal laws expressly prohibit. Hope that answers it for you.

        Semper Fi.

  10. This alone should be justification for impeachment of Obama. The victims and their families should launch a class action suit against the army and the administration.

  11. “victims of workplace violence” is very insulting. Due to the hatred of this swine nidal, so many innocents were killed or injured unaware. This man should have been hanged long back, let his allah deliver him, if he can. Obama is on a jihad mission to subdue America.

  12. Any admission of real terrorism would betray Obama’s Muslim family and discredit him for idiotically declaring that ‘the war on terrorism is over’.

    Time to vote this traitor out of office and hold him accountable for all the treasonous actions he has gotten away with due to his radical staff and MSM willing to cover for him. For shame. Blood has been spilt, American blood.

    “There is no future for those who insult the Prophet Mohammed” – Obama. Really? Being Christian, a Jew, an atheist (like me), wearing a cross, questioning Islam, freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion, equal rights, peace – all insult this unholy false prophet. What does that mean for our infidel future, usurper Obama? MSM – crickets/Romney is racist/Islam is peaceful.

    I am extremely grateful for those who don the uniform day after day and fight to protect our rights and freedoms. I want those soldiers to be honored – not deemed ‘bumps in the road’/disposable/victims of workplace violence.

  13. Hopefully, come November 6, we can vote Barack Hussain Obama OUT, and someone will put someone in office who will say this was a terrorist attack!

    Sadly, IF, Obama is voted out, the PARDONING of, Maj. Nidal Hussan, the Blind Shiek and others will be Obama’s, “Parting Middle Finger” gift to this nation.

    It will be heatbreaking …. but we will have to bear it!

  14. “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” (Gen 9:6)
    This animal should no longer be taking up space on this planet.
    His beard should be plucked out one hair at a time and he should be hanged in a very public place for all to see his end. However, if he escapes justice on this earth, he won’t escape God’s justice!
    “To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.” (Deut 32:35)

  15. We must join with all veterns, soldiers and so on to ensure that the wounded and murdered brave defenders of our freedom all get purple hearts and so on for their loss of life by a terrorist muslim of islam. We are at war with the terrorist muslims of islam. We must demand justice for our soldiers who were attacked by a terrorist in our war against terroriism. This was not work place violence. This was an act of war.

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