UPDATE: Re: Incarceration of EDL and British Freedom members

Here’s the latest on the situation regarding Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll and Paul Weston. With increasing frequency, the UK authorities are trying to silence patriot-activists on charges of “conspiring to cause a public nuisance.”


British Freedom  Tommy Robinson has been denied bail and is locked up on the main wing of Wandsworth prison in London. He is in close proximity to Muslim prisoners, who are shouting various threats against him. As long as he is separated from them he should be safe, but if he should be attacked the Governor of Wandsworth Prison will be held accountable. 

Kevin Carroll has been released. His home was broken into and searched, his work van impounded and searched by Special Branch. This appears to be a politically orientated attack on Mr Carroll with the intention clearly being to discredit him before the Police and Crime Commissioner election on 15thNovember.

Paul Weston was threatened with arrest for refusing to leave Wormwood Scrubs reception area without information about the whereabouts and safety of Tommy Robinson. Paul was briefly detained before being released. There is no charge against him.

The full power of the State appears to be concentrating on shutting down any political dissent. This does not really feel like a democratic country anymore. We will update this site as and when we get further information.

A statement from Kevin Carroll about his arrest:

EDL During my time of temporary detention for allegedly “conspiring to cause a public nuisance” which has caused me much stress and inconvenience, I have to say a massive thank you to all those proud patriots who have stuck by me and Tommy. Through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad we have continued in our struggle to battle against many enemies, be they violent Islamists, the far left and the very real and very present far right, we continue to battle.

We battle because we really do know what is at stake, it’s our children’s futures, their children’s futures, the battle of equality and civil liberties, it’s about pushing back an intolerant and backward ideology that discriminates against non Muslims, an ideology that believes its ok to beat women, murder homosexuals, rape our children, and hate anything about western culture and western values, namely democracy and freedom of speech. I’m in awe, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support! 

There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary that can describe the bravery of genuinely loyal and patriotic EDL members, members who continue to face the systematic destruction of our country and our culture head on. This battle brings a great amount of personal, financial and emotional sacrifice. You make me proud to stand with you, to fight by your side, through thick and thin, you are my family, my brothers and sisters, my inspiration and my source of strength in times of adversity. You are the saviours of our great country, history will show this to be the case.

Tommy mentioned in his speech at Walsall certain groups and individuals who seem intent on ruining our grass roots street movement, people with alternative agendas, people serving the interests of groups who want to ride on the back of our success, people who want to entice our members to serve a different goal, a different agenda, they spread their poison and their gossip amongst the rank and file of the EDL, they are vermin.

Since Tommy has been remanded these false patriots have decided to escalate their campaigns of divide and rule, they spread disinformation, they call for new leadership, they actively work against everything we have achieved, they know our numbers, our unity and our steadfastness is our strength, it is something they wish for themselves.

I have heard people say “why” another collection for funds to help Tommy fight his extradition to the USA? For gods sake the lad is on his arse on remand with no money, no legal council, no legal aid, his family living in fear on a daily basis, his children threatened, his wife threatened, and yet some idiots are complaining about raising funds for a lad who sticks his fingers up to the establishment, a lad who leads from the front getting up close and personal with violent islamists on a daily basis. The lad has balls bigger than the brains of these false patriots who question his integrity and his hunger for the fights we still have yet to battle. 

Some people think they are above the EDL, they think they are bigger and better than the EDL, they think they can lead the EDL but they do it behind a computer playing the big hard man, well that don’t wash with me lads, I don’t care if your from Essex or anywhere else for that matter, the bottom line is you would crumble under the pressures of leadership, as soon as your faces are out there, as soon as your families are threatened, when the establishment screw you left right and centre to shut you up you will fall silent, you will give up the fight. Remember both Tommy and I live in a town with 50,000 Muslims, most of whom would almost certainly love to see us dead or beaten to a pulp. But we walk the walk, we live among them and walk amongst them every single day of our lives, we do it knowing that there may be a day when we become martyrs to our cause, it is something we have learnt to live with.

 If you think your head is big enough to wear the EDL leadership hat, if you think your shoulders are broad enough to carry the weight and the responsibility of leadership then please do give me a call, make sure you bring with you your cv and all the documentation required to apply for this job. You can contact me on this number…..07858 281182

If you would like make a donation toward Tommy’s legal fees:






22 comments on “UPDATE: Re: Incarceration of EDL and British Freedom members

  1. some members of the EDL on their forum.
    new leaders, new direction, new methods.
    they sound like spoilers/sabateurs/5th coloumnists or whatever you care to call them.

  2. i wonder if those calling for new leadership of the EDL are not mthe same people who have been “inserted” into the EDL to cause violence and discord, thereby discrediting the EDL.
    it is time for the EDL to put its membership on a more formal footing, i believe.

  3. I can’t believe Tommy Robinson is in jail. What a shame. For shame! I support Tommy Robinson and I’m not even British. He is leading the way in hopefully not former Great Britain, and the rest of the world would benifit from his example. He will have the benifit of a large prayer group from Virginia, USA tonight.

  4. Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are huge Free World HEROES.

    Because of murderous Muslim hate, Tommy and Kevin live every moment in danger from Muslims aided and abetted by UK ruling elites and police who instead of giving these men and their families desperately needed 24/7 police protection, persecute and prosecute them to the utmost. These men will go down in history.

    Do treasonous UK leaders and police have daily consultations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other hardline Muslim countries on how to deal with Britain’s non-Muslims who refuse to submit to Islam?

    EDL and British Freedom are fighting this battle for every non-Muslim on earth. EVERY non-Muslim is targeted for conquest by global jihad. Our Western nations’ leaders have wickedly cooperated with totalitarian Islam by importing many MILLIONS of Muslims into our countries to wage jihad against us in obedience to the Quran.

    In their courageous street demonstrations, EDL human rights activists are serving on the front lines of global jihad for every one of us. It is a battle we dare not lose. Or the darkest night will descend on all nations.

    No other nation has so profoundly betrayed its people as the British government.

    Pray for victory, and PROTECTION of our wonderful EDL HEROES at Walthamstow demo on Sat 27 October 2012, Freedom from treasonous Islamisation of Britain, Europe, America and all Western nations!


  5. The only news agencies i can find mentioning the arrest of Tommy is the BBC website which has three sentences.Here……(Only if you limit your search to BBC England)


    And the Huffington post …with four sentences here…..


    The majority of Brits get their news from the TV news BBC and Sky.But I have not seen any mention on any UK TV News channel.I could be wrong but i think most folks will not even know Tommy has been arrested.The news media seem not to want to tell the British public.I have noticed that in recent months the BBC and Sky will not report on an EDL march while it is in progress.But will just give a later report (When the march has finished and dispersed) on number of arrests.I can only presume “someone” or some agency is either censoring UK news agencies or the news agencies have decided we “the public” …don`t need to know!

  6. Folks if you would like to do a donation for Tommy Robinson, as I just did, you might be uncomfortable doing so in British pounds. I was that way when the opportunities were made available. With PayPal it is easy. I have an account but was still uneasy. So, I just made a 15 pound donation which works out to $24.66 USD debited to my personal checking account. Not much money but if enough can do so it will add up and help a good man. And a fearless patriot. I am not EDL but I believe in their mission. Just do what you can. The man can use all the help he can get.

    • One item of caution: it’s absolutely VITAL that we can trust PayPal NOT to surrender any donated money to anybody other than the intended recipient!! It’s important that the British “Government” NOT EVER get its hands upon the money – if they refuse to allow Mr. Tommy Robinson to access the funds (which I believe is absolutely CERTAIN), at least it’s ESSENTIAL that we not be cheated out of them!!

      BY NO MEANS do I wish in the slightest to discourage giving on his behalf or that of anybody else in the English Defence League and/or the British Freedom Party – FAR FROM IT!!!! However, given how totally DICTATORIAL the UK “Government” TRAITORS and THIEVES happen to be (as they were over 15 years on similar grounds with the noted historian Ñikoláy Dmitrjévich Tolstóy-Miloslávskiy {Nikolai Tolstoy}!!), I just want to ensure both that 1) those of us who try to help him at least don’t get fleeced for nothing, 2) open our eyes all that much more to the depravity of “Her Majesty’s Government”!!!

  7. Fear of Islam is the worst kind of racism in the world. Wow, Islam isn’t a race and fear of Islam is a crime. French muslims are morons and those who buy into this have no understanding of language, except, the language of lies.

    I don’t just hold the government and governor of this prison accountable for Robinson’s welfare, but the British people themselves. Shame, shame, bloody shame on the lot of you. I’ve got more conviction in my baby finger with British blood running through my veins than all the cowardice British men. My little 5′ Scottish and English grandmother could take the lot of you down. Panty waists. Yes, this is a call down for all British men to get a bloody backbone, grow a pair, and take back Britain.

  8. Good luck and God bless, Kevin. I am in Canada where I can find no similar resistance group so I admire your efforts and organization. Keep up the fight!

  9. Brilliant speech! Tommy and Kevin will go down in history as two of the greatest Englishmen of the 21st century.
    God, watch over these guys.

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