AUSTRALIA: 69-year-old Granny laments, “My life in my beloved country is over, they have won, Australia as we once knew it no longer exists. How I weep, my paradise gone”

Many Britons have left England as their neighborhoods turn into NO-GO areas where Muslim immigrants now dominate. A recent survey showed more native Britons are moving out of the country than those coming in. Squeezed out by immigrants from the mostly-Islamic third world countries, many Europeans are finding Australia as their next dream home. But that may not last long.

ISLAM-WATCH  A 69-year-old Australian granny writes a letter to explain how her home, which she deemed her paradise, has been lost, thanks to Muslim immigration. Here’s her story:

I am a 69-year-old grandma, 5 foot 1 inch tall.

One day, I was in a Big W store and the loudspeaker said rails of clothes at chuck out price, so I walked over. A six-foot man pushed me into the racks as I went to get something, I just managed to save myself as a lady caught me from behind.

I said, “Excuse me, what do you think your are doing?” He replied, “I want clothes.” I said, “So do I. Where are you from?” He said, “Afghanistan”.

I said, “Well, in this country, people do NOT push little old ladies about.” He bent down and said to me, “when we take over and we will, I will remember your face. I will have you buried up to your neck and stoned to death. Now get out my way.” And he just started grabbing everything, people just got out his way, he was like a man possessed.


On another day, walking in our town centre going up to the cathedral, I came across some Middle Eastern men who had formed a chain across the pavement. I had to walk into the oncoming traffic, and as I did, they spat at my feet.

On another occasion, going to a government office, I had to walk through this shopping centre plaza, a district that has been taken over by Muslims and Africans. As I was walking, they started jutting their chins up at me and yelling in their language. The security man walked me back to the shops on the other side. As I got in my car I noticed a black man about nearly 7-feet tall, a giant, his eyes were bulging. He had a big leather belt and was slapping it in his palm. I locked my doors and stared the engine. He was coming for me. I just went. Had I knocked him over, I would have kept going.

At my library, there were tons of black people. Some Muslims came to the hall next door, I was sitting, ordering a book from the library girl. A young black kid came in and punched the back of my chair so hard that it nearly knocked my chair over. He laughed and walked away.

The girl said, “Hey  you!” I said, “NO, don’t. If you do, he will wait for me when I get out.”

My life in my beloved country is over, they have won, Australia as we knew it no longer exists! How I weep, my paradise gone. 



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  1. Believe it or not, If you do not act now your western prized countries will be partitions like our beloved India & have many Fuckistans within. Gujarat riots were the perfect response to Muslim aggression or Nellie Massacre of Assam(India) was even better.

    Or it may be time will come when we Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews & Buddhists will have to make terrorist organizations to protect ourselves.

    • Hi, look mate people are trying to pretend that we are dealing w/ another genocidal mentality – worse than the Nazis.
      And everybody knows that it will cause this, islams efforts in Mosul recently was plain to the eye to see.
      Non genocidal people can’t accept the idea that this is so, unless directly exposed to it such as Hindus ect have been.
      You know we should’ve ‘nipped’ it in the bud. But to the inexperienced this looks homicidal.
      It’s not till it starts hitting on them personally that they’ll realize, but by then it will be inside us.

  2. She cries for her beloved country…no one cares….its not your country…you didn’t care when you were wiping out the abiriginals.

    • The right word is Koories for the Lardil, the Warlpiri, the Arranta etc. So it doesn’t belong to the Lebanese, the Indonesians, the Sudanese or the Pakistanis either, although some Pakistanis come close. Christianity/”white-ism” and Islam are competing systems for world dominance, let’s both be honest about it.

  3. I am 74 years of age now. I was 65 years old when this began. I was a widow who had lost her son, and twelve weeks later my husband died as well. There is no pity in this world. I was painted by the Muslims to be insane and that they would take care of me. Well they certainly did this and so did the rest of the world. Are we all now the same. Caring only for ourselves?

  4. I am a 7th generation Australian. I have been trying to get my message out to the world for years now. I have been beaten almost to death. Have been kicked, sodomized and beaten, and any number of dreadful actions against me. My bank accounts cleaned out, my house is gone, I have nothing now.

    Do I get any help? – of course the answer is no. I have been ignored by Australian police who choose to believe the taqiyya of Muslims instead of me. I am a woman who has never had a conviction of anything in my life before I was taken over by a Muslim gang. No one wants to hear my story. It is not politically correct. I am not politically correct. I am a nuisance. I am going crazy. My depression knows no end and yet, no one will help me.

    I only get lip service and no help from anyone in this world. I wish I was dead. I wish I had been murdered by these people. At least then, my case would have been investigated. I pray for death every day, but like everything else in my life – it just wont happen. I have no option but suicide. What a wonderful world we live in.

    • Therese, you must not let them win. There are many places willing to help you. Your life is worth a lot. You are loved by non Muslims. You are loved by everyone. Suicide is for Muslims, not 7th generation Australians. You are better than that. You need to contact Beyond Blue, or The Salvation Army. There is help everywhere available for you. Depression can be beaten with the right care. C’mon! We need you to get strong and fight. Now wake up and March with the Aussie Army to beat this Muslim filth.

      • BCF- thanks for the good sound advice to Therese.
        Here comes the hard part. There’s an aspect to this that our truly modern minds cannot grasp. If you say anything about it, you just look like a loon. Which really I’m half grateful when I come across people that think its all crap (cos it is). And I think thank God for the contemporary intellect, at least I know they’ll never be fooling w/ this nonsense.
        I bet when Therese, has gone to people, they turn into ‘mean freaks’ or don’t even turn up.
        I’ve repeatedly had this happen to me. The victim/survivor is then so traumatised they don’t go near those folks again.
        Therese, start off reconnecting by finding other victims, ex moz know this crazy very well.
        Then when you seek help, if the authority goes bizzaredly queer, fall on them & go again.
        I just hope you are still alive.
        I’m lucky I actually have some witnesses to this unbelievable level of blackest primitivism.
        You can use our cultures great knowledge to outwit ‘evil’.

    • Therese. Are you still around?
      Bonni would you please pass my info, to Therese?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s changed her address.

  5. AussieHels
    I thought she was refering to Pakistani’s etc… because the british call them Asians? I didn’t think she was refering to Chinese etc…?

  6. valhalla
    One of those boys has been let out on weekend detention, he gets out in two years, but they are weaning him back into society, not sure how long he has been in there, but not long enough!

  7. Diane – she went to England and left in disgust more so for the amount of inbred Muzloids there, I read about her saying this. She couldnt believe how many were there more so the amount of Pakis there. Im not concerned about the Asians she was abit hard on them as I have alot of Asian friends and they feel the same way about Muzscum like us (Indonesians and Muzzo Malays exempt!). I also work with many Hindu and Sikh Indians and they hate them too. I welcome all Non Muzturds here gladly as none of them have behaved in such an intolerant and demanding way as these inbreds have.

  8. Aussie Hels, just don’t go to surfers paradise! A snippet from their Tourism site, last year!
    Welcoming Muslim tourists
    Now in Ramadan 2011, while the world seems determined to ostracize Muslims and defame Islam, the Gold Coast Council and the suburb of Surfers Paradise are doing their utmost to cater to the cultural and religious needs of Muslim tourists. The Hilton Hotel in Surfers Paradise says it’s expecting, as guests, a significant number of Middle-Eastern tourists in Ramadan; approximately 15,000.
    Gold Coast Tourism has set up an Iftar lounge at the Hotel Chancellor in Surfers Paradise. They proudly announce that “After fasting from sunrise to sunset in accordance with Ramadan, Arab visitors will be able to go to the lounge to have dinner, watch Arabic TV, smoke the shisha pipe and have a Turkish coffee”.

    Now, some may sneer at the idea of television watching and shisha smoking in Ramadan. Others might scoff and talk about businesses wringing every dollar they can from unsuspecting tourists. It also goes without saying, that this could be a friendly gesture to make visitors feel comfortable.

    Muslims: A familiar sight
    It is true that in some parts of Australia, people have never met or even seen a Muslim, particularly a Muslim woman wearing niqab, but this is not the case here on the Gold Coast. For many years, tourists from the Gulf countries have been spending the northern hemisphere summer here, and hundreds of Saudi Arabian students live here to attend university and English language classes. Thus Abayas and niqabs of all colors, shapes and sizes are not an oddity.

    Just as Muslims welcome Ramadan as an honored guest each year, Surfers Paradise welcomes tourists from the Middle-East as returning guests and familiar friends. As guests relax and break their fasts in the Iftar lounge, several kilometers away at the mosque, a multicultural mix of nationalities come together as a Muslim community.

    The little piece of the Muslim nation nestled between golden beaches and lush hinterland celebrates Ramadan in much the same way as Muslims throughout the world. They fast, pray, read Quran and try to honor the spirit of Ramadan by giving charity.
    At least they are only visiting!

    • I havent been to the Gold Coast in years but hearing that makes me mad. But as you say lucky they are tourists and local government and councils only have $$$ signs in their eyes and interested only in the money it brings in. Im thinking more so going further up Nth to Cairns. My husband lived up that way for years and never saw any bagheads etc. Gee imagine how smelly the Bagheads get under their ridiculous garb when the Summer heat hits the Gold Coast. The stench from these biches would be rotten dead fish!!!! Sorry for being crass its Friday and we need some humour here :)

  9. The real estate agent wouldnt sell her house after that, he received death threats! Pauline is still around, she went to England to get away from “Asians” but came back after finding out there were more there! Her forte was saying things many of us thought but were too gutless to say – she would be crucified by the media!
    BNI a quote from Hanson’s first speech in parliament 1996 – “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. Between 1984 and 1995, 40 per cent of all migrants into this country were of Asian origin. They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate”

  10. I suppose if Aussies give up that easy then they might deserve to lose it to these Islamic invaders- they need to stand up and fight while they still outnumber them. I hope Americans don’t give up without a fight- at least we have guns. Unless Obummer gets another four years- God forbid this!

  11. there is also the Australian Protectionist Party, they hold rallies, if that is what you wanted to make contact with Sydney Aussies for? I notice Nick Folkes who comments here, is a member of this party, and ran for council elections, not sure how he went.

  12. Ironically, everywhere there is Islam present, it brings a bad name to immigrants in general. I mean, you have plenty of migrants out there doing the right thing, like the Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Thai, Phillipinos etc. Unfortunately, it is because of them there is a large anti-immigrant sentiment. If any Non-Muslim country is to succeed, they must only accept Non-Muslim immigrants. Muslim immigration must be banned

  13. I agree with Another Lie, Liberals are better than Labor and the Greens, and voting for other parties would be wasted. Crusader Gary, why waste your vote? at least the Liberals turned back the boats? I don’t believe in compulsory voting, but you have an opinion and interest and perhaps if others like you voted for the “not perfect” but better outcome, there may come a day when we get a party that wont be a waste of our vote, look at Geert Wilders party for example, look at the British Feedom Party, for me its not just about immigration, but you must agree that labor has lied and cheated to stay in power and has to go – and every vote counts!

  14. bloody muslims will never take over my town we are not going to let this filth take over Australia once gillard is out Tony will turn back the boats and real Aussies will finally have a say and we will have our say all right, these muzrat POS will rue the day they ever messed with Aussies mark my words this filth will be evicted form our great country.

  15. Your right AmericanMe, they are calling us racists now!
    Of course its from a left wing newspaper!
    Headline: Sydney Muslims poorer and face more hostility than in Melbourne (seems to me they were the ones threatening to behead people who insult their prophet?) They are the ones marching in the streets and holding meetings, threatening our democracy?–more-hostility-than-in-melbourne-20121025-288ry.html
    At least we still have one or two conservative journalists who are prepared to argue the point!
    Why is it “racist” to worry about a concentrated minority from which we’ve seen violent demonstrations, high gun crime, radical preaching, terrorist plots and rejection of Australian culture? This is not just misnaming a perfectly understandable concern about a lack of integration and a rising security risk, but is also stifling an important debate.

    • @Diane – Andrew Bolt is my favourite and always read his column. He wrote a great article in the Herald Sun after the Muzbreds had their recent tantrum over the Yourtube video. I love it how he hates that Feminazi Commie Dillard.

  16. Assault/intimidate an Elder with Husband and I around, or nearly anyone here in town and it’s instant bad news.
    Rednecks aren’t city-people, right? Smaller city, so folks are closer-connected…
    Not the best locale to try threatening Seniors as there’s a LOT of ‘back-up’ around for them.
    Simple enough, if the muzzies don’t offer respect, they get none. If they offer violence, they’ll get beaten down to stains on the ground.
    We’re taking our city back, and PolCorr & muzzies are not welcome here and will no longer be tolerated.
    They’re criminals and liars, NO one needs that in their community.

  17. When I look at that last picture, my stomach rolls. Why would these women be proud of our flag. What have they or their fathers done to secure our country or what have they contributed to the richness in culture and economy that has been God-given? Where is their humble gratefulness for where they are? Instead, they come here, and never accept equality, but demand superiority.

  18. Western ruling elites are one hundred percent responsible for turning the lives of NON-Muslims into a living hell by importing many millions of violent, hostile, infidel-hater Muslims into our countries. Ruling elites even force NON-Muslims to financially support Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and very large number of children.

    Filled with great desperation, NON-Muslims try in vain to escape the misery and danger of living amongst imported Muslims, only to discover in their new country, that millions of Muslims have also been imported into their new adopted country.

    Ruling elites are guilty of crimes against humanity.

  19. The biggest problem of allis that most people when you tell them about these things say:
    1, That wont happen in the US
    2. Why doesn’t she move to anothert area?
    3. She must have done something to them
    4. Why didn’t she call the police
    5, This isn’t Australia (or whatever country the incident took place in)
    6. That didn’t happen that’s just racist lies to try to cause problems
    7. It was an isolated incident
    8. I did not see anything like that when I was on holiday there last year (month, week whatever)
    No one understands that their comfortable world is being destroyed. They just do not believe it is or can happen
    With the EU crackdown on anyone who stands up against them and, if satan gets re ellected here, the antichrist in the WO labeling already anyone here who wont go downn silently as Americas biggest enemies we better prepare to get used to this dhimmi treatment. That woman is being treated like a dhimmi is treated in islamic cesspools.

  20. I only wish that there was some way to make contact with Aussies in Sydney with pride of their nation and people. local papers won’t run,what they call racist adds.
    I know what this lady is going through.
    The absolute arrogance of this scum is unbelievable. But if equally matched with them. Then they are happy little smiley boys. My anger and frustration is with my own people. Who agree with you 100 % then walk away to go shopping and these are the very same people who jump up and down about Multiculturalism.
    If anybody has an idea, pleas let me know.

      • The Q society does some good, however it is a elitist group as far as I am concerned. We send our money to them to join, only to find out later that a person can not be a member, but an associate or some other term they use. A person has to be “Invited” to join this group.

        This is not how Australia should work. Australians don’t like this approach. If after a person has joined any club or society, if their behavior is not in keeping with the ideals of that organization, then they can cancel a membership, but to be invited? Well, this smacks of an elitist group and there is no room for this in my country. We always felt we were all equal, but with this type of veto, it is not one that many Australians would like to join.

        The late news had a piece on the Q Society last night, and they did not scrub up very well. Barely anyone from the administration were interviewed. So secretive. I suggest they clean up their act, and allow their members to point the way of the forward journey in the fight against Islam. After all many of us have first hand knowledge of what Islam is doing in our country, and this would be a big help to them, but Just bringing out famous people from overseas for a talkfest, does not do it for any of us.

  21. When muslims demonstrate in our countries with their signs, we should copy the signs, for example, “Behead those who insult Islam”, but cross out Islam, and put Christians or Jews or whoever or whatever. If they can cross this line, there is no reason we can’t oblige and return the favour.

    If anyone pushed my elderly mother, they’d be better off holding their breath until they expired.

  22. When I see muslims, I can’t help but glare. I just can’t stand them. The little elderly woman should have a cell phone and call the police everytime something happens to her. Spitting at a person, pushing someone, pounding on a chair you are sitting in etc. are crimes. Stop taking it. She should have screamed and created a scene. A person in emergency who makes the most noise gets the most attention.

  23. What a horrible scenario! At least here a manager would have more than likely ejected that bastard that shoved the lady. One thing is for sure- if you are ever in any sort of altercation with one of these inbreds is to get it on some sort of recording device. Otherwise it is possible or even probable that you will be accused of some sort of “hate assault” I am 5’8″ and large enough to be intimidating to most of the smaller Middle Eastern men so they usually leave me alone. I would hate to be a petite elderly lady. In one situation my 80+ year old grandmother made a friendly comment to a Middle Eastern male in the grocery store line and he looked at her with such hatred and intimidation that she went to another line. She was actually afraid that he was going to physically attack her- I told her that too bad I wasn’t there.

    • Not true. A turbaned muslim threatened to kill me and my entire family as he checked out my groceries at a Target store! I live in Texas! The offense that got me and my whole family a death sentence from this guy? I was wearing a cross! The bastard still works there they just no longer have him checking groceries!

  24. Lizzy-Why? do- they -them keep telling us Australians -multiculturalism is so successful -why would it work here when it hasn’t been successful anywhere else in the world-it is -simmering and will erupt -one day,muslims got a shock recently when the police stood up to them and they had to retreat-they will be -back when they get the numbers.

    I lived in the Bankstown area for a very long time and saw the changes to the once nice -clean little towns you mentioned -not so now-the Australia I grew up in has gone -my descendents will not have the freedom I had.

    I was in Campsie one day sitting watching the passing -parade,I thought I was in a foreign country,an Asian man came up near me and spat in the gutter -I did think of saying -excuse me -we don’t do that here,on second thoughts I thought better of it ,he might have whipped out a machete and start cutting me up -so I said -nothing-much to my own disgust.

    Do you remember the horrible -rape case by a group of young muslim boys that occured about 10 years ago in Bankstown-they raped and degraded the young girl but she very bravely stood up to them and they are now -rotting in jail ,they have no respect for women and are very arrogant ,but I do feel sorry for the young muslim boys,as I think they would like to -assimilate and become Australians but their culture -religion -fathers and the mad mullahs in the mosques won’t let them -they are in no man’s land and are not happy because they are being taught hatred by those who should be teaching them tolerance of all religions and cultures.

      • China has Ouigars who are constantly causing riots in NW China. Also in Moscow of late dogs are disappearing and being found dead. Evil muslims all hate dogs. At least in China they will get as good as they give! The Chinese are less likely to go pc brain dead and just bow to them without a fight.

      • I’m not sure, even China starting to have problems with Muslims, but they are stricter than the West dealing with them at leas, as mentioned here. I heard from a friend that South America doesn’t have too much of a Muslim problem. Is this true anyone know, or is quiet before the storm ?
        When she went to the Dominican Rep. she loved it, as she didn’t see one baghead all her 2 week holiday there, anywhere !!

  25. The Coalition leader(Australia), Tony Abbott, has revealed it cost $12 million for each asylum seeker boat and it is blowing a hole in the budget.

    On top of that the usual welfare payments etc.

  26. Our PC multi culti left wing ruling elites in Australia are selling Real Australians out big time. Our current labor government allow Australia to be invaded by our enemies every day and role out the red carpet for them. Australian tax payers are funding these parasites. Even when our security organisations advise that an individual should not be granted refugee status Australia has a billion dollar industry ready to defend their “human rights”. The sole purpose of this industry is to keep the invaders in Australia. I’m a Grandmother to a 7th generation of Real Australians and I am furious at the refusal of our leaders (political, religious, media, academic, social etc) to recognize that islam is committed to destroying all we hold dear. My ancestors who fought and died to defend our freedoms and my pioneering ancestors who helped build our amazing country would be truly OFFENDED at the assault on our Judeao/Christian Democracy by followers of islam. I will not be silenced and I will never submit

  27. Meanwhile in pakistan those savages just clubbed and buried alive 20 THOUSAND Aussie sheep.

    At least 10,000 Australian sheep sent to Pakistan have been slaughtered, with Pakistani newspapers reporting a video which they say shows some of the animals being clubbed to death and others buried alive.

    Pakistan resumes cull of ‘diseased’ Australian sheep

    Pakistan has resumed culling a shipment of Australian sheep stranded in the port city of Karachi following a dispute over whether the animals are fit for human consumption.

    A court order halted the cull after the deaths of 7,600 sheep and an independent test carried out in Britain showed the flock to be disease-free.

    But Karachi authorities have rejected these tests and resumed the cull.

    It is expected to take two to three days to complete.

    • Or Parramatta. I was working in Sydney 4 years ago for 5 weelks and staying in Parramatta and the amount of Bagheads walking about at the Westfield Shopping Centre was mind blowing. Back then I hadnt discovered BNI so the effect on me was not as bad as it would be now. Im thinking of moving to QLD in next 5-10 years as there are far less Muzscum by miles compared to Melbourne and Sydney. Less immigrants full stop up in QLD.

    • It also is one of the Communists’ shibboleths (pet words), together with “inclusivity, diversity” and plenty of others!!!

      When the Islamic cancer is purged, we’ll need to do the same (concurrently) with the Communist TRAITORS who’ve done this all to us and try and them punish them in such an exemplary manner that the ENTIRE PHILOSOPHY of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and ALL their collaborators and lovers will be extirpated from the world once and forever!!!!

      Their books will need to be well-sealed in special libraries that won’t allow them to be seen by just anybody; their dead bodies will need to be cremated and the ashes destroyed so completely that they can then be thrown into blind space on a rocket so that they’ll NEVER again contaminate this miserable earth!!! [This should be done retroactively with even the remains of Marx, Engels, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao and ALL their major followers (e.g., Kagánovich, Jezhóv, Bjérija, Ulbricht, Zhivkov, Kún, Honecker)…]

    • But they love the Trojan horse, the bigger the better ! They dont want us, Europeans, after all, as very difficult to get into Australia… point system. But I guess Muslim immigrants have the most points? For close family there, university educated or skilled workers, ( huh?) super-healthy ,so will not be a burden on the Australian health-system (unlikely though as most hosptials here in Europe overflow with Muslims as by the way so do our prisons,-quite a feat really for a minority?!-) money to contribute, no police record etc etc?? One rule for them and one for us maybe ?

      The immigration dept. are complicit in this Muslim invasion, can’t be any other explanation. In the meantime it is becoming increasingly difficult for Europeans to emigrate out of Europe I heard from a family who are trying to, unlike they say 5-10 years ago.

  28. Pity you granny. where are all you brave aussies. Beat those bastard muzzies back to their hell holes. And they say islam is a religion of peace

  29. The Australians are still in the majority and they still have a democracy. That means that they can still vote in changes such as stopping all illegal muslim immigration, deporting all illegals and criminals. It will soon be too late. Wake up and save your country.

  30. Today I spotted two women walking with ‘confidence’ while clad in burkas. Oxymoron? More like ‘screw you Canada’. Once the Muslim population reaches about 10% give or take, the violence will rear its ugly head and we will fall victim to the failure of multi-culturalism (meaning the mass importation of Muslims) as we are seeing in Europe, Australia – every infidel country on earth. Our freedoms will be assaulted and eliminated as to not offend the most intolerant ideology on earth – Islam. Not peaceful and even my German Shep knows it (growls at all Muslims every time I walk her by the local mosque). She is highly aware they are enemies – and unlike the politicians that swear to protect and defend the public, she will actually follow through.

    I feel for the Australians, they, like us, invited the Muslims in and provided for them assuming they would integrate and adopt their morals and values…why can’t the government realize that Islam is not and never will be compatible with our way of life? That Muslims are compelled to take over and replace our laws with Sharia? I mean really, look at the evidence…

    • …..why can’t the government realize that islam is not and never will be compatible withour way of life?

      NikitiAnn, a good book to start with is ( but don’t stop with ) “Because they Hate/Brigitte Gaberiel, (followed by) A God who Hates/Wafa Sultan, fb, United In HateJamie Glazov, fb Liberal Fascism/Jonah Goldberg, and to top the list with Fleeced/Dick Morrison-Eileen McGann. All of these books pretain to the alliences with, and between the liberal elitist/progressive/marxist/statis/muslims with the help, assistence, financial, moral, or lack thereof, and agenda of the enemies within, why they are doing it, what they stand to gain from it, and most importently what We the Patriots must do in order to gain the upper hand in dealing with them. It’s not going to be easy, by no means, as they have a better then 7-8 decades advances on their side, and are not willing to give one inch to the sane, or the still free. It is all being done by design, connect the dots as many of us have, and I am sure once, after having read these few books I posted, well, let’s just say it will become quite obvious as to the extent of damage they have done to this once free Republic and the light will then shine in the direction and design of their overall plans, be prepared to be utterly pissed off by the time you get through these titles, better yet, get damn mad, and start along side with the rest of us the process of proclaiming, I’m mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it any longer accent to resolve. It really is not a matter of ‘why can’t the government’ understand anything, it’s just the lack of observation by a very large segment of our combined societies, all Western Societies, in realizing they had a plan and they are going to stick with it, it matter not how many they kill, maime, or destroy to justify their goals of ‘do as I say, not what I do” mentality. Your question is truely a valid one, and sorry to say, no one in charge gives a damn about the answer, let alone answer it for you. Good luck and happy hunting.

      Semper Fi

      • All I need to know about islam I learned from the enemy’s own ‘holy’ materials.
        islam is nothing but a cultish criminal organization trying to stay cloaked as a religion.

        Above, and I quote:

        October 25, 2012 @ 1:33 am

        Only yesterday a tow-truck driver who I met was airing his bitterness about Moslems turning a whole mid-sized city in Ontario, Canada from what was a beautiful suburb of Toronto into a new Bangladesh!!! This guy, a British immigrant, was very happy when I gave him the names of a few Websites including this one… He also said that he has no wish to see the UK again because of what’s been happening there…


        islam and muslims are an invasionary force, like cancer. It starts with a few, or a few cells, then it starts metastasizing wildly.
        Compare islamification to cancer pathology–the similarity is chilling and undeniable.
        I will treat muslims in the same way they treat us–with absolute hostility and absolute ruthlessness and no tolerance for their crap anymore.
        I’ve been going through my files and news archives–there is NO ‘middle ground’. This is every bit a straight-out War for Cultural (and personal) survival.
        Anyone who denies that or says it’s ‘not that bad’ I invite to review islamic-related news articles for just the past 4 months, a full year if they’ve a very strong stomach and not on blood pressure meds.
        islam and muslims are guilty of more and worse atrocities than the Nazis–in Wartime.

        PolCorr and Leftism is the key, or at least a major key. We MUST work to undermine and make PolCorr absolutely unacceptable, in short we need to turn it against itself, and let it do to itself what it’s been doing to all of us sane individuals for so long.
        Politicians follow whatever wind blows the strongest, thus, we must change the direction of the wind.

        • Don’t miss the point I was making regarding the alliences between the two, the progressives and their brethern, muslims, these reads are clear proof it exists and why. Semper Fi

  31. love the way the po-liar-ticians say multiculturalism has worked . . . yet don’t ask those poor souls living in moslem ‘nesting’ areas like lakemba, auburn, bankstown and greenacre, nearly every night there is a report of a stabbing, break in, bashing or car theft in these parasitic nesting areas full of parasitic moslems.

  32. I forwarded this on to some friends of mine and have told them next Election in 2013 they need to vote for the political parties that are anti immigration and Ive given them a list. I will be definately voting for one of these parties as our major 2 parties Labour and Liberal are not anti immigration and are just as bad as each other bowing to Muzshit. I will be encouraging others whom complain about Muzscum (since the inbreds rioted in Sydney over the Youtube video, lots of people are pissed about it) I will tell them best way to voice their disgust is at Election time.

    • You are partly right AussHels but if you vote away from the major parties, you’ll waste your vote. Next election will route all independents save Katter.

      From the major parties, Labor are pro illegal immigrant, Liberal are against.
      Greens (if you consider them major) are as mad as a cut snake and hate everything Western.

      Best to vote Liberal. Not perfect but certainly the best outcome.

      • @ Another Lie – I am a Liberal voter. But my only issue with Liberal is that they still let Muzscum shit in here whom apply for migration. I know Abbots stsnce on the parasidic boat scum but what about their immigration policies? Liberal of late seem no different to soft cock Labour, otherwise how come so many Muzscum are here already not illegally and alot came here under Howard. As much as I liked Howard and his brilliant Pacific Sution, he and his fellow Libs still allowed influx of Muzshit in.
        All I can say Aussie BNI’ers we all should have listened to Pauline Hanson some 15 years ago she warned us all to be careful of Muzshit. I was always a strong suppoter for her. Its just that the Leftist media, Labour and Liberal discredited her and ruined her political career because even back then she was gaining popularity. FYI some time ago it was reported in the mefia that she refused to sell one of her properties to Muzscum buyers … She didnt care what anyone thought and there were empty threats of prosevuting her for discrimination and nothing more happened like I said empty threats.
        BNI have you heard of Pauline? She should be the Ranger running our country not the other Feminazi Commie Ranger.
        NOTE: International BNI’ers just to let you know if you dont already the word Ranger is Australian slang for a person with red hair but its no way demeaning or offensive to red heads. I have good friends with red hair akways call themselves that, its all in good humour unless its referring to the Commies bitch whose running our country at the moment and I stress moment :)

        • She is unfortunately no longer in Politics but she gets alot of people sending her letters and emails asking her to make a comeback. I think her time in Politics was 15 years too early and if she did enter politics for the first time today and the current political climate I think the support would be far stronger and her policies justifief especially in regards to Muzscum. I will find some information and send it to you so you can see what she was all about during her time in politics. I read her autobiography and hearing her tell things she was discredited and framed by the major political parties who saw her as a threat back when she was the leader of her political party One Nation which still exists.

    • AussieHels
      What I do is Get my name crossed off to avoid the fine. Then rip up the ballot paper and Boy do I get a lot of looks. One official walked up to me and said ” don’t you believe in democracy” I walked away laughing. So my suggestion is rip up your ballot paper.

      • Excellent suggestion Gary I will do that at next election and if any of those bottom feeder officials say anything to me about demoracy I will do the same and laugh but will loudly say “hah demoracy you say we YOU best enjoy your demoracy whilst it lasts Dhimmi”. As long as they cant fine you for ripping it up then im all for it. I will tell others I know the same. Where did you dispose of your ballot paper once you ripped it up? I just dont want that ripped up vote going automatically to the Commie Ranger.

  33. The sad thing is, through sloth and apathy, we have permitted it. We cannot even claim ignorance any longer – that time has long flown the bye !!
    Granny, I weep for you, for I am of your generation. We are war babies, who forgot how to fight for the right, but we’ll learn fast once the ‘gain !!


    • Only yesterday a tow-truck driver who I met was airing his bitterness about Moslems turning a whole mid-sized city in Ontario, Canada from what was a beautiful suburb of Toronto into a new Bangladesh!!! This guy, a British immigrant, was very happy when I gave him the names of a few Websites including this one… He also said that he has no wish to see the UK again because of what’s been happening there…

  35. this is pitiful. multiculturalism has ruined the world. the leftards shouldbe ashamed of themselves. personally the should be rounded up and sent to BLACK MOUNTAIN hopefully they”ll get sucked into another dimension

  36. See? They hate us, all of us westerners. Europe, America, Australia..all western countries. They are rude and mean and idolize a pedophile and a satanic so called God. But the real God will have his day with them, in due time. They think they can bully the world, but it will eventually lead to something I don’t know what but they will get it back worse then they are doing to us curently. Only God himself knows how and when they will have to pay for their inhumane sins.

    • They hate EVERYBODY who’s not a Moslem, which means they hate 5,500,000,000 people out of the 7,000,000,000 who live on this planet (assuming that the estimates of Moslems being 1,500,000,000 are reasonably correct – hopefully they’re a little exaggerated)!!!! Then, they hate even their own women and female children on the one hand – AND, let’s not forget the Shi’a vs. Sunni hatred!! Also their loathing of Ahmadis, Druze, Baha’is, Sufis – and within Shi’a, the Twelvers vs. the Seveners…

      All of this hatred “ad nauseam”!!!!…

      • Also, we mustn’t forget how they hate even those animals they declare “halal” by the way they enjoy the suffering inflicted by that SLAUGHTER!!!

        At the end, they’ll rejoice in slaughtering each other until nobody remains!!!!

        Truly, it would be more than appropriate for them to be expelled “en masse” from the ENTIRE West and then from everywhere else into the Arabian Peninsula, so that then the rest of us can SHUN that area of the world and make sure they can never spread their poisonous ideology – and if they try, then let Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and their other cities be nuked into eternal oblivion…

        Sad to say, but sometimes genocide (which is who Mohammed actually WAS!!!) is impossible to avoid. Only God can truly spare and reform their evil hearts…

  37. I wish I would have been there for any of those incidents, the monkeys would have in the least broken bones. The government allowing that to happen needs to be violently over taken, and the muzzie invaders pushed into the sea with no boats. Anyone preaching peacful means is out of touch with reality.

    • Amazing how, when not backed up by a mob, they back down when challenged. I’m kinda tall and whenever I get a chance, I am sure to use my size to my advantage. I stand right up next to them and would have no problem calling someone out for being rude. Regardless of their race, religion etc. We need to stop tolerating bad behavior wherever and whenever we see it! I feel very sorry for this gentle petite woman. Where have all the real men gone?

      • I’m 6’4″ and pretty mild mannered until I’m disrespected or I see injustice, then it sort of turns into an automatic reaction almost out of my control. Not claiming I’m brave or even trying to be brave it’s just reaction. But I absolutely guarantee that in any of those incidents those fucks would have paid.

        • I’m only about 5’9″ and 6’0″ in heels but that’s tall for a woman. Not to mention I have that stern German look about me. I’ve intimidated men bigger than me on plenty of occasions. I am peace-loving and that is exactly why I confront aggression. If you let them think for one minute their aggression will work, you’ve lost. Never hurts to be backed up by firearm either!

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