Colorado State University bows to Islam, will now serve halal meat

When Mayat, a student in the INTO program for international students at Colorado State University, read a statement on the CSU website that said a dietitian would be there to work with students who follow a halal diet, he interpreted this to mean halal meat was served at dining halls on campus.

Collegian (H/T Robert W) However, Mayat arrived at CSU and found that halal meat was not yet offered, despite other halal options such as vegetarian and seafood dishes. He sprung into action and approached CSU Housing and Dining Services about introducing halal meat to CSU dining halls. Halal meat will now be served in dining halls starting Monday. “We knew this was coming, given the INTO program,” said Peter Testory, senior executive chef for CSU Housing and Dining Services. 

Mayat explained that Halal is an Arabic word meaning “permitted” or “lawful.” Halal meat is the only meat Muslims are allowed to eat, based on their Islam religion. 

According to Mayat, an animal used for Halal meat must be killed by a Muslim, who is required to pray in Arabic while slaughtering the animal. The animal must be killed by severing the jugular vein so it becomes numb and doesn’t feel much pain. (See video below)

“Because we go for the jugular vein it’s considered one of the most humane ways of slaughtering an animal,” Mayat said. “In Islam we have a very high regard for animals and we don’t like inflicting pain on them.” (And this video shows exactly what Muslims mean by “high regard.”)