ANOTHER Muslim candidate for Congress and what the media won’t tell you about him

Dr. Syed Taj, an Indian-born Michigan Muslim Candidate for Congress accepts Hamas-linked CAIR support and funding, and is embraced by radical Muslims.

By: Jeff Davis, Michigan resident

October 25, 2012

An Indian-born Michigan Muslim Democrat running for U.S. Congress with ties to radical Islam has accepted a campaign contribution from CAIR PAC (Council on American Islamic Relations), an unindicted co-conspirator in the nation’s largest-ever terror-financing trial.

Even though Michigan’s 11th District, which he hopes to represent, is predominately non-Muslim, Dr. Syed Sabahuddin Taj told the Arab American News that representing Muslims was a top reason he is running for Congress.

“I looked around at the congress (sic) and realized there really is no representation for us, number one as minorities, and number two as Muslims. Those were two reasons for me to come out,” Dr. Taj said.  He has been supported by both Muslim members of Congress, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and Andre Carson of Indiana.

In the same article Dr. Taj said he opposes anti-Sharia legislation that has been introduced in Michigan and around the country, and opposes provisions of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was signed by President Obama. He also opposed an initiative by the Michigan secretary of state requiring a citizen checkbox on voting ballots.

The 11th District includes northwest suburbs of Detroit in Wayne and Oakland counties and is an amalgam of working-class neighborhoods and affluent professional communities. Oakland County includes the nation’s largest concentration of Chaldeans, who fled war and Muslim oppression in Iraq.  It is also home to the state’s largest concentration of Jews. 

The district was formerly represented by Thaddeus McCotter, who resigned his post, thus the seat is now vacant.  Dr. Taj is running against Republican businessman, teacher and veteran of the Vietnam and Iraqi wars, Kerry Bentivolio.

Dr. Taj has been supported by Dawud Walid, the high-profile executive director of CAIR-Michigan, who recently said in a sermon at a mosque in Warren, Mich., “Who are those who incurred the wrath of Allah? They are the Jews. They are the Jews … And those who go astray are the Christians.”

Walid has also been instrumental in rallying opposition against legislation in Michigan that would affirm the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution in American courts. Walid has publicly encouraged Muslims not to cooperate with U.S. law enforcement officials who he charged entrap Muslims in surveillance operations.  He was one of several speakers at an anti-NYPD rally last year defending convicted terrorists as victims of entrapment and abusive treatment, including one convicted of trying to kill American troops and FBI agents in Afghanistan. Dr. Taj too, has raised the issue of alleged Muslim victimhood and made it central to his candidacy.

According to the Arab American News, Dr. Taj has been endorsed by prominent  Michigan imams Syed  Qazwini and Mohammad Mardini. Qazwini, who heads up the nation’s largest mosque in America (in Dearborn), is an open supporter of US-designated terror organizations Hamas and Hezballah. He also called for anti-blasphemy measures in the US shortly after false reports that the film, “Innocence of Muslims” provoked the rampage of violence in the Middle East in September. He attended a U.S. State Department Eid dinner two days after the massacre in Benghazi, Libya and, according to the Detroit Free Press, said “the U.S. response should be much more stronger (sic) than verbal condemnation.”  Two days later UN Ambassador appeared on five Sunday talk and blamed the violence on the video trailer.

Dr. Taj also received a campaign contribution from Victor Begg, founder of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan, an umbrella group whose member and partner organizations include CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

Dr. Taj is certainly no stranger to radical Islam. His own brother gained international notoriety in 1988 for leading the effort to have Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses,” banned in India, sparking a wave of riots and bombings worldwide. His brother, Syed  Shahabuddin, was a member of India’s Parliament and acknowledged that he never read Rushdie’s book. In a letter published by the The New York Times, Rushdie  called Taj’s brother and his fellow book-banners “extremists” and “fundamentalists.”:

 “When Syed Shahabuddin and his fellow self-appointed guardians of Muslim sensibilities say that ‘no civilized society’ should permit the publication of a book like mine, they have got things backwards.” “The right to freedom of expression is at the foundation of any democratic society” Rushdie wrote.

Dr. Taj has also been embraced by the Michigan Socialist Party, which held a fund-raiser for him, and the American Medical Association this week contributed a total of $250,000 to his campaign. The Democratic Socialists of America’s website can be viewed here: 



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  2. They must be defeated. It should be a separation of church and state issue. They cannot separate their lives from their religion therefore they should not be allowed to hold public office.

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  6. You can’t be in Government and be a Muslim who practices their religion without being a traitor. It is as simple as that! We have several Congressman who are Muslims and they are traitors! They LIE if they say they are supporters of our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

  7. “Who are those who incurred the wrath of Allah? They are the Jews. They are the Jews … And those who go astray are the Christians.”

    This supremacist, discriminatory phrase is recited by Mozzies 17 times every day, thousands of times a year, two hundred thousand times times in a lifetime.


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  9. He is a devout Muslim. He told the Arab American News that representing Muslims was a top reason he is running for Congress.

    The ONLY people we want in government are honest, ethical people who LOVE America and represent AMERICANS, NOT ISLAM!

    In London: Abu Baseer: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.”

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  10. crap. he will get votes just because he is Democrat. i really feel this country will soon see fighting in the streets

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