AUSTRALIA: Muslim savages rewarded for rioting, arson, and causing more than $5 million in damage to the Christmas Island Detention Center

Muslim illegal aliens convicted of rioting, attacking police and setting the detention center on fire have been rewarded with protection visas that allow them to stay, complete with generous welfare benefits.

Daily Telegraph  (H/T Gerald P) Just one of seven offenders convicted over the riots had his visa application rejected by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen on character grounds.

Three men found guilty of offences relating to the March 2011 riots – in which accommodation and administration facilities were burned down and rocks thrown at police – have been granted protection visas to remain in Australia. Two others convicted were found not to be refugees and another has a current protection claim but is appealing against his conviction. Six of the seven remain in Australia.

At the time of the riots, Mr Bowen talked tough about the 200 participants, most of whom had their faces covered. Only 22 were charged, leaving just seven with convictions.

“Again, a group of around 200 protesters seem to think that violent behaviour is an acceptable way to influence the outcome of their visa application or influence government decision-making,” he said at the time.

A month after the riots, Mr Bowen said he was toughening the character test provisions “to make it very clear that anybody who commits an offence, regardless of the penalty, regardless of the sentence, while they are in immigration detention will fail the character test and can be denied a permanent visa”.

It has been revealed to parliament that the three rioters given protection visas received a warning on their character assessment before being handed their visas.

The character test clearly states if an asylum seeker has been convicted of an offence while in detention they fail the test. Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said that the rioters’ visa applications should have been rejected.

“Minister Bowen has proved himself a soft touch on our borders at every opportunity,” Mr Morrison said. “Every chance he has had to send a strong message on our borders, he has rolled out the welcome mat.

“The fact that he granted permanent visas to those who rioted and burnt sections of detention centres to the ground on his watch is a disgrace.” Mr Bowen’s spokesman yesterday accused the Coalition of hypocrisy. “The minister has refused a total of three people since the new character powers were introduced,” he said.


“This exceeds the Coalition’s record, in which not a single person was denied a visa due to their behaviour in riots or other unrest, despite multiple convictions – more astounding hypocrisy from Scott Morrison.”


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  1. this is what happens when the “GOD” who gave us the foundations of “western society and its values is kicked out of the equation! , look at europe , britian , australia, the united states etc. we have turned our backs on “HIS” commands to do “HIS” will so our societies are dying !!!!!!! , we have done this to ourselves !!! , the ” barberians are at the door and who is going to stop them !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m sick to the teeth of Muslim boat scum! When an “SIEV” goes missing, we want them to drown, and die! We wish more boats would capsize. We do not want them here, and they are not welcome. I miss the Howard days.

    • Valarie – my sentiments exactly. When the not too long ago boat scum of around 100 sunk and most of them drowned, I clapped. And I dont care if the boat had children on it. Those Muzbrats would have been little evil up and coming Jahidists already prigrammed by their inbred parents, to hate and loath us Westerners. No great loss and im hoping more will sink and die until someone in politics has a spine and tightens our boarders. A majority of Australians are fed up with asylum parasites and come Nov next year the majority will show Feminazi and her Green pals the door. Each week as more boat scum arrive its just another nail in Dillard & that Commie fuck Bowens coffin.

  3. By importing massive numbers of violent Muslims, Western ruling elites rabid hate for decent human beings – non-Muslims, is on display for all to see. Australian authorities REWARD Muslim HATE and violence. Western ruling elites have wickedly joined the jihad against infidels. These TRAITORS will go down in the history books.

    • oh they’ll go down in history all right along with everyone else who oppose the Muslim invaders. they have multiple wives and many children. and a determination to return the world back to the 7th century. There needs to be a world wide revolution to stop these people

  4. A soft response to terror encourages more terrorism. Importing terrorists is the fastest way to destroy a successful society. Building a competing society based on 7th century barbarism, misogyny, supremacism and cultic separatism can only create ongoing conflict and disunity.

  5. Hey Aussies… Why put up with all the drama. When the Muzzies arrive by the boat loads you should be waiting to greet them, shake their filthy hands and tell them “Australia belongs to you now.” Then after they step foot on what was once your land, load up in their boat, which they will no longer be needing anyway, go out to sea yourself, blow a hole in the bottom of you boat and drown yourselves while singing your last refrain of Waltzin’ Matilda. Emphasis on: “You’ll never take me alive…” I mean, since you don’t see them as your enemy, as your fathers once saw the Japanese as theirs, you will never muster up enough fight in your soul to counterattack them and WIN your country back. So, go ahead mates, just hand Oz over without a fight. Make it easy on yourselves and your enemies. EASE is what you prefer anyway, right? Well, drowning is the easiest way to die. Have at it. You don’t have enough FIGHT in you to WIN ANYWAY. All is lost BECAUSE YOU ARE LOST. Search your soul, and see if I’m wrong. Go on.

    Did I get you roused up enough to fight??? Probably not. Sad aren’t you!

      • Too right Aussie 106. Some of these BNI bloggers from other countries need to perhaps look at an Atlas or internet and research where xmas island is before sprouting off ill informed shit just as Tom T did.

    • Yes, I do aussie106. I feel blessed to live in Australia but it has certainly changed since my childhood. I have great sorrow for the kids of today not being able to just play using their imagination. Unless there is a mind shift of titanic proportions from our ruling elites, I am actually glad I probably won’t be around to see Magnificent Australia turn into a sharia compliant hell hole. I will not be silenced nor will I ever submit. islamic immigration must be stopped, head scarfs must be banned, paying for halal certification must be stopped, the building of mosques must be stopped, funding for any islamic programmes must be stopped

    • That bought a tear to my eye…where has our beloved Ausralia gone? those days were so much fun, so lay back, easy days, warm friendly nights…*sigh – wipes tear*…now it is like downtown Afghaniland….

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Europeans have aborted their children, invited Muslims in to fill the void, women in the West have put career before family, why does the West bemoan the fact that through demographics, Europe and other areas of the West will soon be Islamic? Golda Meir stated that Muslims hate Jews more than they love their children. Muslims must love their children more than Westerners and the Japanese because they are not killing them in the womb. The Pope tried to warn the votaries of the church of the consequences of abortion. Japan will have to fill its void with immigrants, too. It may already be too late for Europe to reverse the course and yet Islam is always given the blame. Honestly, how can Islam be colonizing Europe when they are invited in with open arms? Has the West not reflected on its decline being of its own making? How does a nation with no children or less than enough, continue to exist? Islam is not to blame.

    • lilly, I don’t know how it is in Europe, but in the US, Teddy Kennedy passed an Immigration Reform bill in 1965, which put quotas on white immigrants and opened the floodgates to 3rd world imports, which now make up 80 – 90% of the immigrant population. Europeans have great difficulty immigrating here, unlike Muslims, Africans, and Asians.

      • It is EXTREMELY difficult for Americans and Europeans to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand! As is witnessed in Australia, the Australian government’s BIG favorites are hostile, infidel-hater Muslims. Violent Muslims are preferred over PEACEFUL, law-abiding, hard-working Americans and Europeans who would be totally LOYAL to Australia!

    • Hi lilly,

      I blame cruel, EVIL perpetrators who HATE innocent humanity – the Muslim haters who have waged war against God, God’s unchanging laws and against non-Muslims. A war that has lasted for 1,400 years. A war that has left hundreds of millions of non-Muslims dead because innocents don’t worship the deity Muslims call Allah.

      You say “Muslims must love their children more than Westerners and the Japanese because they are not killing them in the womb.” Do you not know that Muslims consider their children to be used as weapons to win the war against non-Muslim innocents?

      Houari Boumédienne, Algeria’s ruler until his death in 1978, said in 1974 “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory . ”

      In a UK Daily Mail comment, a reader stated bitterly that she would like to have more children, but was unable to do so as the high taxes imposed on UK taxpayers to financially support people not working (who didn’t want to work), made it impossible to have more children. UK taxpayers are FORCED to financially support Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and very large numbers of children. It is nothing less than slavery to Muslims. How can taxpayers have their OWN children when they are FORCED to financially support battalions of Muslim children? Future armies inside of our countries.

      I most certainly blame our Western governments for perpetrating this terrible wickedness against us by importing many millions of Muslims. Our governments are fully aware of the terrible cruelty of Muslims and their goal of conquering our countries.


    • lilly,
      Muslims “love” their children so much that Palestinian Authority “mothers” send out their children as homicide/suicide bombers to murder NON-Muslim children – Jews. Some of these mothers have stated they get pregnant and have children for the specific purpose of raising their children to be suicide bombers.

      When Muslim God-haters blow up amongst Israelis, Palestinian Authority Muslims go to the homes of the mothers of the dirty murderers and congratulate them that their sons are now at their wedding in heaven with 72 virgins.

      Western ruling elites LOVE to finance these Muslims.

  7. It is hard to believe that Australia is committing cultural suicide. Deportation of all illegal criminals and banning any further muslim immigration is the only answer. Australia you are getting what you deserve when you can not walk down the street for fear of being raped and beaten. Say good bye to your country if you do not have the will to protect your country.

  8. Mr Softcock Bowen has announced today he is accepting another 6250 Muzzo refugees in the next 12 months. I almost punched my computer monitor when I read this. This f***king Leftard Commie had been enjoy the most of his cushy job as Immigration Minister because him and the rest of the Labour and Greenie scums will be unemployed come Nov 2013. Lets see if Morrison from the Coalition puts his money where his mouth is once he is Immigration Minister.

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