Muslims slaughtering innocent children

Arabic caption reads: ‘Hbihh army and Bashar thugs massacred children openly in Abu.’



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  1. Also as the muslims say, Kids grow up to fight against them. Muslims will kill anyone, it is breed into them. Peace to all non-muslims who understand this.

  2. They are a scourge -a cancerous growth that is spreading through out the free world by their breeding like -rats -encouraged by the -idiots that for their own -agenda kowtow and ingraite themselves with this evil ideology.

    That -embodiment of eveything -evil the -Ayatollah Khomeini who came back after the Shah of Persia -now Iran was disposed -was the one who renewed and reunited the evil of Islam and Sharia law-his legacy is one of hatred -misery and death for not only his maniacal followers but also the citizens of -the free peace loving countries where they migrate to and colonise .

  3. ,what is any different than abortion than the killing of children ! , partial birth abortion !!! ring a bell !! , ( 1 samuel 15 : 2,3 )

  4. Because islam is a mechanism, an organization that is anti-Life. islam exists only to propogate itself, usually violently, as there’s always resistance.
    Like the pathology of cancer, it wipes out normal tissue, replacing it with useless and toxic tissue.
    Like a virus, it’s infectious.
    islam exists ONLY to spread itself. islam offers no comfort, compassion, enlightenment, answers or peace.
    islam offers only the choice to OBEY, and perhaps you’ll be spared a horrible death.

    islam MUST be outlawed globally.

    • All outstanding points, Mrs. Wilkins; however, I think we need to go further: Islam must be not just outlawed (because there will be secret practitioners at the barest minimum), it has to be EXTERMINATED GLOBALLY!!!

      When that goal is done, all Islamic books like the Qu’rân, the Hadiths, Sunnas et al must be confined to select special libraries where the general public won’t be able to readily get at them any more than at Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” or either of Marx’s “Das Kapital” and “Communist Manifesto”. They have to be kept under lock and key, meant only for special scholars (who have to be carefully monitored for signs of totalitarianism and considered as suspects in anything that happens) for a very, very long time – not less than 100 years and very likely more!!!

      • Your points are pretty much what I meant by Outlawed. 😀
        Great minds think alike.
        100 Years? No, that I must disagree on…it must be Permanent, and those wishing to research and study them must be Licensed for such and do so under psychological overwatch to ensure the safety of the researchers as islam is proven to be one of the most incredibly ‘infectious’ things there is.
        Seriously,it’s worse than Rabies or the Flu, and far too dangerous to be allowed any chance of spreading again. Basically, similar precautions for researchers must be done as are done for those working at the CDC labs.

  5. Why?
    because they’re mindless. Because they cling so desperately to the lies, deceptions and falsehoods told by muhammed strictly to further his own private agendas and power-mongering that they’ve lost their essential Humanity.
    Human—means more than Physiology.
    The creatures doing this–aren’t Human, and need to be tracked and eradicated as the same way you would a fire ant colony or other such threat to innocent lives.

    This, is one facet of the false-prophet muhammed’s legacy of hatred and atrocity that has stretched from it’s beginning to 1400 years later. (Pox Be Upon Him)
    islam is a disease, a destructive pathogen, a cancer that is contagious and infectious.

    The Abrahamic God, and the Pagan Gods & Goddesses must surely look down on this and likely will keep such in mind for when those guilty that escape a reckoning here, eventually pass beyond as all must and find themselves called to answer.

    In the meantime, here in this world, work must be done to eradicate this plague-like cult. Governments must be brought to accountability for allowing islamification and consequent atrocities such as this to happen. By permitting islam, they are culpable and indeed guilty of 2nd Degree murder, reckless endangerment to Human life, Negligence regarding Human Life, and willfull endangerment of Human life.
    All islamic populations must be entirely disarmed, and IF permitted, islamic prayers and services must only be allowed under close supervision. They must be deported back to the islamic nations, and those nations must be quarantined to ensure islamists cannot escape proper containment and again endanger the world at large or the Human species.
    PolCorr must be listed as a crime against Humanity as there is enough evidence that it is complicit with islam in tragedies such as this and many others.

  6. There isn’t anything sacred in Islam – not women, not children. I can’t bare to look at the video. Poor, poor little children.

  7. What a mess these people make of our world. The children always pays for stupidity of adults. Why when we go to war its to stop this. But only time we go to war is to show show gun is bigger.

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