NORWAY: Now we know why so many Muslims have been applying for hunting licenses

Muslim who threatened to kill Jews once he got his hunting license arrested for incitement to murder.

Tundra Tabloids (H/T Susan K)  (Dagbladet): “I will ‘protect’ them all right, inshAllah. As soon as I have passed the hunter’s certificate test and got my hands on an AK47. These pigs belong to an occupying power, Israel, and in addition they have occupied our mosque, Al-Aqsa “ This is written by Ubaydullah Hussain (27) in a post on the page of the ‘Prophet Ummah ” group on Facebook, of which he is spokesman. He links the connection to a news article on the AP, where Jews in Norway miss police protection.

HUSSAIN was very open about his homicidal intentions on his Facebook page

Sources who are close to Hussain confirmed to Dagbladet that he deliberately want to provoke the Norwegian society and that the statements on the Internet Wednesday night must be viewed in the context of it. There is reason to believe that he would be arrested by the police. What is the reason for this rather unusual desire is unknown, but it may give the status of the small Islamist extremist environment. Several of his friends have gone to Syria to participate in the ongoing conflict.

“Ya Allah, make the dirty Jews out of the mosque and give us the opportunity to pray salah in the masjid Al-Aqsa before our death. Amiin!! They are killers of our prophets!” Writes Hussain.

Dagbladet is aware that Hussain is regarded as a leader in the extremist Islamist scene in Norway. As long as a group or a nation is in the physical war with Islam, they are our enemies, says Hussain told NRK.

Police arrested Ubaydullah Hussain at his home in Oslo

PST (Police Security Service) know what this man has stated on the Internet. We don’t wish to make any other comments about this right now, chief of information in PST, Martin Bernsen, expressed to Dagbladet.

Talking to NRK, Hussain doesn’t rule out another attack on the synagogue in Oslo. 100 000 ‘Norwegians’ support attack on Oslo synagogue