SEARS is selling Sexy Muslim Savage costumes for Halloween

Think of it as ‘Halloween Jihad’ with sexy burqas, burqa burqas, and a wide range of weapons and IED-making accessories. Or you can go as ‘Ahmed the Dead Terrorist’ which comes with a built-in recording device that says, “Trick or Treat or I keel you!” Islamophobes and young Islamophobes-in-training will be delighted with SEAR’s Islamic Halloween collection for 2012.

Left Wing Loonwatch  SEARS is selling fetishized Islamic Arab girl burka-wearing ‘temptress costumes for Halloween. Clearly, someone in Sears’ sales department thought selling such an “ethnic” costume was a good idea, there is a demand out there for “funny-Ay-rab-Mooslimy-savages costumes and being the good Capitalists they are Sears wanted to corner that market. At the time of the capture of the screenshot Sears either sold out or yanked the “product” from its line of Halloween costumes. It can still be found for sale on other sites like

Sulayman went on to comment that, “This isn’t necessarily racist, but extremely degrading to the culture when the whole point of the burka is to preserve the modesty of the religious. And to add insult to injury, the description reads ‘Sexy In the Desert’.”

I concur that it is pretty degrading, and another ludicrous example of Halloween gone strangely awry. For some reason it is the one day of the year when people think they can dress up in whatever costume, Native American, Black face, “Arab girl” etc. and think they have a free pass from scrutiny and criticism. The reply goes something like, “get a sense of humor!” What these people don’t realize is that this is not a costume for the people who actually wear “Niqabs” or “Burkas.” (Nor was it ever intended for them)