DENMARK: Danish Jews banned from displaying Israeli flag at ‘diversity’ festival so as not to enrage Muslims

Organizers said they feared clashes between Jewish, Muslim and leftist groups if the Israeli flag was displayed. A city hall request that the Israeli flag not be displayed at a street festival intended to promote diversity has Jewish community leaders wondering what diversity really means to some city leaders.

CPH Post  During planning meetings for September’s Smag Verden – Mangfoldighedsfest, a celebration of the foods and cultures of different countries, Jewish participants were warned that some would interpret the flying of the Israeli flag as a provocation.  

“We were told that is was better if we did not fly our flag,” Malgorzata H Hansen, who represented local Jews at the meetings, told Berlingske newspaper.

Originally, representatives of TaskForce Inklusion, the group responsible for communicating with all of the groups participating in the festival, told the Jewish representatives that all participating associations were being asked not to bring flags.

Other flags were displayed prominently at the festival and the groups involved said they had never been asked not to display their country’s standards.

Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for employment and integration, Anna Mee Allerslev said that she had been advised to completely exclude the Danish Zionist group from the festival, although he declined to say who exactly made that recommendation.

“We had some experts who were deeply concerned about the situation and were afraid that the security was not sufficient,” she said. The city deployed 20 additional police officers in and around the festival’s location in the multi-ethinc Nørrebro district.

The courageous Danes, who in WWII prevented all but 19 Danish Jews from being shipped off  to Nazi concentration camps and who twice published the controversial Danish Mohammed cartoons which caused Muslims to riot and burn down embassies, now have become Muslim appeasers, hoping the crocodile will eat them last.