GOOD NEWS STORY OF THE DAY: Anti-Muslim hatred growing exponentially in France

French Muslim Council president blames it on an irrational fear of Islam, ‘Islamophobia.’ 

The report shows that 43% of people interviewed regard Islam as a menace to society. The number of people who oppose state funding of mosques has nearly doubled, with the percentage of people who support the ban on Muslim head coverings jumping from 31% to 63%. Next step? Ban on Muslim immigration and mass deportations.


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  1. This is true event that happened a few days ago. A group of transgender Muslims were charged by religious police and religious bodies for cross dressing as females. I You see it appears according to Islam males are not allowed to cross dress as females as these biologically conditioned transgender males were doing. They were charged by the Malaysian fanatical Muslim government in a High Court for offending the bigoted intolerant Muslim values.

    The travesty was that the High Court Judge convicted these transgenders for cross dressing. The Muslim fanatic of the High court judge had this to say when convicting:
    ” These transgenders have male genitals. They will have sex drive and therefore will indulge in homosexual behaviour. Homosexual behaviour will spread AIDs and therefore the Court finds them guilty. This conviction is for the greater good of the general community.” Thus these few transgenders human rights were denied to them.

    This is the Islam of peace for you those suckers who believe in tooth fairies.

  2. It’s amazing…these old threads never die! Muslims keep coming back months–YEARS–later attempting to whitewash islam and discredit the truths told here. And, it’s always the same (mendacious) drivel:

    “You just don’t understand islam.”

    “Nothing in the koran says you can do bad things.”

    “Those people doing awful things, they’re not really muslims.”

    “Other people do bad things, too.”

    Nothing but lies and muslim taqiyya bullshit. And, here’s Hannah with a real knee-slapper: “…the words islam and muslim both mean peace.” Like hell they do! As BNI pointed out, islam means submission, most definitely NOT peace.

    Unfortunately (for you)we DO understand islam. And, oh yes, the koran DOES say you can do bad things. Those people doing the bad things? YES, they ARE muslims. And, damn few of those “other people” doing bad things do them for the sake of their RELIGION. But, boko haram does. Hamas does. Al Nusra does. “Islamic state” does. Al-Qaeda does. Iran? Major Hasan? The Tsarnaev brothers? Need I go on? All muslims. Let me say that again: ALL MUSLIMS!

    You muslims can lie to yourselves, if you like, but you can’t lie to the world–not forever. The evidence is in–1400 years worth–and no denial is credible. More and more people are wising-up. Stop lying, get out of islam and join the human race. Or face the consequences for your violent, aggressive behavior. If you can’t do that…please go back to your shithole countries and get out of our lives…

  3. Not all Muslims are bad. In case you never knew the words Islam and Muslim both mean peace. And people shouldn’t hate the religion in general as their is extremism in all religions. I am a Christian and if any of you haters are Christian then surely you should be praying to God to forgive them and you for making such hateful messages. Frankly Muslims mean no harm but its those who take what the Qur’an says to a extreme that is they problem (which is a minority). People also have a right to express their faith so don’t persecute those who so. We have our churches so why can’t they have mosques?

  4. Yes, the Muslims are working overtime to turn the world against them! Any group that can coldly chop people’s heads off desserves it! Remember what happened to the Japanese when they used to do suicide bombings? Well the Muslims better watch out, because if enough countries get disgusted with their murderous ways, and their religious demands, anything is possible.

  5. Careful, careful. I realize that ‘islamophobia’ is not real, but an indiscriminate boycott of Muslims per se rather than Islamists, lawbreakers, or illegal immigrants is reminiscent to what the Nazis and the Palestinian Islamonazis did to the Jews.

    Like, the post you’re responding to _so resembles_ a description of the boycott led against the Yishuv that it makes my skin crawl

  6. Its time people aroud the world wakeup these muslim the trashes people on earth. They want to live of the hard work of everyone around them and turn nice area’s in to ghettos. The only thing they understand is kaos so bring it with them were ever they go you give them a hand they’ll take your arm send them all back to there dirty sh**y country’s back to the only thing they understand kaos

    • Learn to write then make your stupid ignorant comments. You need to educate yourself. Most Muslims are lawyers, doctors, engineers or some type of business owners. Knowledge is power, maybe it’s time for you to go get some

      • And you dhimmi or submissive asswipe, SM (Sado Masochist ?) learn to shut your trap ! What next, you too are gonna claim that the vermin discovered and invented everything ? Who do you think they needed to teach and train those you mention ? Us, the CIVILIZED people. Without us, they NEVER have been anything. You pathetic excuse for a human being, you want to talk about knowledge ? You obviously have none in that regard but fret not, you will get some, the hard way.

      • sm, Firstly, if you were so clever, maybe you’d think that Joe712.s first language was not English. Secondly, if you were so clever, you wouldn’t make stupid statements like “Most Muslims are lawyers, doctors, engineers or some type of business owners”. MOST of them?? Really?? Like all the millions of lawyers doctors, engineers and business owners in the yemen? or somalia? palestine? northern sudan? nothern Nigeria? bangladesh? etc etc etc

        How can MOST people in ANY country be lawyers doctors, engineers or business owners? Please give us the source of your statistics and the actual figures backed up with links to the sources of your information. I think it’s best that you stick to facts.

      • There are many educated Muslims like Ben Laden who are leading ISIS and Hamas! You better get educated by Reading all about them!

      • You are not really correct about the “lawyers, doctors…” part.
        But, if leading and taking part at terrorist groups considered “owning businesses”, you’re at least spot on about that.

  7. Why would you say that muslims are trying to be hated? Is it not what the western society wants or rather western governments aim for ? To make others hate muslims so that they can isolate muslims , esp. In france ? Frankly I believe, people’s hatred for muslims, stems from their fear and lack of understanding on what islam is.

    • Omar, Islam is the Religion of oppression, paedophilia, hypocrisy, cruelty to women children & animals, terrorism, intimidation, fascism… – I could go on at length. Suffice to say 9/11 told us all we need to know about Islam!

  8. In referece to -Halal-as I am vegetarian I eat a cheese for vegetarians ,-Nimbin cheese -which is made in Australia it contains no rennet from calves,this company is serving -two masters as it now displays on it;s packet the -Halal creditation -and vegetarian acnowledgement , vegetarians do not support cruelty to any -animals -Halal -is the cruel death of animals where they have their throats cut and they are left dying -their life;s blood draininfg from them -in -agony -saying a prayer doesn’t lesson the pain-we are having this in our food chain without our permission or knowledge,these firms -pay to have this halal creditation stamp on their products and are not concerned where the money ends up-some don’t display the stamp as they know most Australians would -not support them.

  9. In the fight to save our country, we can and we must boycott all businesses that hire muslims. We can boycott all stores owned by muslims. Do not use the services of any muslim cab drivers, drug stores and so on. We must also stop immigration of muslims and deport all illegal muslims and all muslims who commit crimes. Do not vote for muslims or muslim supporters. Tha answer is easy if you make an effort to work together. If we all boycotted muslim cashiers, muslim businesses and so on it will work.

    • The same applies to any businesses that seem to support leftist parties – Democrats in the USA, Liberals and NDP in Canada, SPD and “die Linke” in Germany, Labour and Liberal-Democrats in the UK, &c. ‘ad nauseam’!!!

      I’d be just as careful to note which businesses have any leftist political tags in any and all elections – and then SHUN THEM ALL!!!!! The Communists ALL need to be boycotted and treated as outcasts just as much as any Nazis and Moslems!!!

    • Pretty hard to avoid muslim cab drivers when in some places that’s all that there are. Women are advised not to get into a cab with a muslim driver. Best to make contingency plans so you are not caught in such a situation. Since the recent election and the sad events in Canada, I feel a sea-change in the world. Batten down the hatches and keep your ammo dry.

  10. Thank you Andy, read link information; this Burma ‘Civil War’ battle against Islam shall inevitably expand into the West. Amnesty International now worries me they have some naïve idea that peace can be established with Islam. There is only one solution let the Buddhist’s wipe out Islam. The below extract is not the first time I have read Amnesty’s misguided thinking.
    “These latest incidents between Muslim Rohingyas and Buddhists demonstrate how urgent it is that the authorities intervene to protect everyone, and break the cycle of discrimination and violence,” Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific deputy director, Isabelle Arradon, said.

    • ALL the major “social justice” bodies like the UN, “Amnesty International”, “Greenpeace”, “World Council of Churches”, “PETA” and the rest – with NO exceptions whatsoever!!!! – are owned by the Communists and their Moslem allies!!!

      To boot, the very phrase “social justice” is a Communist shibboleth in itself!!!!

      Sorry to be repeating this point so very much; however, it is absolutely VITAL that everybody – and I literally mean EVERYBODY!!!! – sees them for who they really are!!!!! They lost ALL their trustworthiness and all their true “raison d’être” LONG, LONG AGO!!!!

  11. In the late 1960s or early 1970s we had a visit from a cousin from Romania. I recall my father saying to him, “Eventually, you will have a counter-revolution,” but he shook his head, “Impossible,” he said,” We have a whole generation that grew up under Communism. They don’t know anything else.” Dad said, “People are people and they learn things and if they get pushed too much, eventually, they push back.” It took another 15 years and they had their counter-revolution and they killed Ceausescu and got rid of his gangsters. It has taken France too long but better late than never and the rest of Europe will wake and act bit by bit because the licebeards just won’t let up. I predicted it will become bloody and it is happening right now in Burma. Read about it here:

  12. BNI I agree but the majority of people shopping don’t care; they are too self-centred to make the effort to boycott for a valid cause. This inferior thinking mentality has existed for decades throughout the West. Islam is winning not because they are stronger in numbers but because ‘Free World’ people are intellectually lazy and not vigilant. We need to increase our reprimand of those people that fail to do the right thing. Walt Disney said it well…”Let your conscience be your guide.” The ‘Baby Boomers’ know this; time to increase pressure on the younger generations.

  13. Australia has just published the results of a poll which came out three days ago where the number of people against Islam is growing. The building of their mosques should be stopped, and a total halt on Islamic migration. This has got to be good news.

    The results also showed that Australians are not racist, as they have no objection to other people coming here from Asia, South America etc. But, we all agree that Islam must go back to where they came from.

  14. Islam IS a menace to society.

    ‘Alfons Heck was influenced by the Nazi world view from an early age. He joined the Hitler Youth at the age of 10. And by the end of WW2 he was a high ranking officer of the Hitler Youth.

    ‘You must learn from Nazi Germany to grasp the true dangers of Islam today.’ — Alfons Heck, Former Hitler Youth Officer
    Germany: Former Hitler Youth Officer:

    “The ideals and propaganda of Islam is identical to Nazism”

    The French are justified in hating Islam. So are we all. It’s not a phobia when they really are trying to kill you.

  15. Here in Canada we now have Halal meats at our big supermarkets. Even Campbells has halal tomato soup and no regular tomato soup. So iguess we eat halal.

    • @skep, there are plenty of boycott halal pages on Facebook that give you all of the info where you can avoid halal & what products are halal even though not labeled e.g. Cadbury, Kraft, Campbells etc

      Boycott Halal in USA, Canada, NZ & Australia

      I’m an admin on the page & would love to approve you your request – has to be requests because too many muzzturds try & get on :)

      There is heaps of information to be found & used!

    • Skep: A boycott is good, but many letters of protest should be written to the owners and management of these stores and personal words should be spread telling ALL of your friends and acquaintences of the stores bowing to muslim savages for a little profit/ I have gone so far as to move items around to different locations when I’ve found them. Like canned meat or chicken to the dog food isle. Then commenting to the manager or assist. manager on the way out of possibly harmful dog food. But then, there is little you can do with Butterball frozen turkeys except to put a post it note on the freezer thkat these turkeys are tortured to death by muslims.
      It seemed to work this Thanksgiving downhere because my grocery had many Butterballs left long after the holiday.
      And besides, slippint in a sticky note or two against is fun!

    • If I see, even here in America, muslims in their head bags or god Forbid, there burklahs, I leave the store after commenting to an employee or the manager that I refuse to shop with muslims. I have asked scarf wearing employees the question, Are you a muslim? If they reply yes, I leave the store without buying anything. Anything gathered is left in the cart. I will happily spend a little more time, drive a couple of miles more, or wait for a day or two to shop to avoud these lice carriers in headbags.

  16. News flash especially for the muslimes and their dhimmi dip enablers: The growing hatred toward muslimes is NOT limited to France or Europe, it IS growing AROUND THE WORLD, all because the inbred immigrant a–holes tryijng tio impose their demonic ideology that they call “religion of peace” (BS!!) on every non-muslime around the world!!

    • @hummingharpman – U R SO RIGHT! I have HAD IT with these assholes. I know I am not alone. I think there’s a war coming and it’s going to be “us” and “them”.

      • Too right! All the Darkness in The World cannot put out the light of one Small Candle! Bring it on – Once more unto the breach Dear Friends, once more!

  17. I went from not caring 100% two decades ago to disliking 40% one decade ago to absolute hating 100% today.
    Where will I be ten years from now.

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