OH, BOO HOO! The Myanmar (Burma) Muslims are being ethnically cleansed and nobody gives a damn

Check out the links below to see how Muslim crime, rape, and violence is what caused the peaceful Buddhists to rise up and try to rid their country of the Muslim scourge that arises wherever Muslims set foot.

Adnan Rashid, historian and Islamic Studies expert can’t understand why the U.S. and the U.N aren’t saving the Muslims as they always do.











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  1. Well, once again, “Oh boo —ing hoo! Those poooor persecuted muslimes!! THEY ARE ‘illegal immigrants” and they ARE also what YOU call the Chinese killing them!! “What needs to be done”, is just what the Chinese Buddhists are doing, wiping out the filthy stinking HYPOCRITICAL lying muslimes! Kudos to the Chinese; THEY know how to handle muslime pukes who think they can come into countries where they were NOT invited, impose their Sharia rules on the citizens of that country, rape, plunder and kill any “infidels” they choose at any time, and then cry “discrimination” when the people of that country retaliate!!…….HELL NO!! GTFO!! Having just returned a week ago from a 2 month stay in the Far East, I got to witness firsthand the growth of Pislam in a country where about ten years ago, such crap would have been unheard of; but now that country has a Grand Mosque in its Capitol City!!….Make NO mistake; their, the ARSELIFTERS goal IS world domination and they want to kill ANYONE who should oppose them, especially Christians and Jews!!

    • islam is doomed to extinction (in-progress) and here’s why:

      It’s it’s own worse enemy with the violence, atrocities and hypocrisy endemic to it.


      More and more opposition to it, growing intolerance of it, and moves to end and reverse immigration of muslims.

      The more it gets exposed, and the more folks look into it for themselves, the more repulsed people are by it.

      Economics, as when things get below a certain point due the way they parasitize nations, well…C’est la Vie.

      People are more-and-more fighting back.

  2. What is wrong with muslims ??? Don´t they understand that they are not welcome into the rest of the world ??? I for sure would have understood when I was welcome or not, if I were them.

  3. Destroying the two Giant Buddha’s was a tradgedy-destroying -history ,now they will know how it feels to lose -their homes -family and friends -sad that this is happening -but they -started it and we will -finish it.

  4. Oh, those “extremist Buddhists” once again stirring things up. Islamic “scholar” my ass! I was hoping the interviewer would have had enough victim BS and just blurted out, shut the fuck up asshole!

      • PRECISELY and 100%+ correct!!!!

        Furthermore, Moslems hate working: wherever possible, they aim to live off the Jizya they force the “infidels” into paying…

        Otherwise, you’re right about castrating SOME of the Moslem males eventually; however, before we can worry about it (when they’re back on their territory perhaps), only wholesale deportations and/or executions of ALL Moslem men, women and children in the West can do the trick!!!! Yes, Moslem women by and large are already in an earthly version of Hell; however, the overwhelming majority of them will still stick with that EVIL system!!! They have to themselves wake up BEFORE they can be given a chance at salvation there-from…

        ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!! [And, ALL Westerners OUT OF “dar al-Islam”!!!]

        DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of all ages!!!!!

        • muzzies are worse parasites than bedbugs, tapeworms or malaria parasites.
          The damage they cause by welfare/social assistance alone is just stunning.
          UK 18.3 Billion Pounds/ Year.
          …and going up.

          ‘jizya’…long wait for a train ain’t coming. The islamic nations and muslims owe the World Generations worth or Reparations and Compensation for the purges, murders, slaughters, massacres, rapes, destruction, violence, etc..

          They owe US ‘Ayzijzh’ as I call it.

          As for dealing with them, the mess they’ve made for themselves due to the Doctrine of Lies in the core of that cult’s texts means that the ONLY ones that can remain in the Civilized nations are the ones guilty of nothing more severe than unpaid Traffic fines.
          The rest, all th rest, get deported to the nearest convenient islamic nation.
          As for castration, it has to be done–I looked into some Genetic research done regarding muslims from various parts of the world and the way they’ve ALL been inbreeding, they are a real danger to the entire Human genepool due to the inbreeding-related genetic illnesses and conditions they’re carrying.
          Thus, to protect the entire species, they must be neutered, every last muslim male, depending upon when they converted and other relevant factors.
          ‘Heirloom’ muzzies are the ones with family history of islamic involvement and carry the affected Genes.

          I know this sounds cold–but we’re talking about inbreeding-related genetic damage and the safety of the Human species here, NOT Eugenics.
          And, they brought this on themselves by defying the Laws of Nature, and when you do that, well…
          It NEVER ends well.

  5. I live next door to some Buddhists here in Kansas. They are some of the most gracious, decent people I’ve ever met. These islamic dog dicks are entitled to any thing that is dished out to them. Any religion I know tries to extend a hand of help or charity in this country of mine. islam is getting to be known around the world as a cult that is just a violent way of life. Wherever they live in hordes, it seems to suck the life right out of a place with the asslifting and economic maladies that follow them not to mention the violence.

    • J’accuse`!! You slander Canine Genitalia and all Men comparing such to muslims!

      Couldn’t resist. :-)

      As for the fact that I agree with you, I think you can assume that, yes? :-)

      I’ve only met some Buddhists in passing, but I very much enjoyed the experience, Friends of friends visiting from overseas so I had a chance speak with them for a few hours socially.

  6. Give the mooslimes a choice………
    1) Either leave islam by abusing the prophet and islam and become apostate
    and never touch qoran or go to mosque.
    2) Or ……..leave the country.or get deported.

    This is how spain got rid of mooslime menace in 1690… till 1970’s there was no
    islamic threat. Then the leftists loons allowed them in …then spain had their first jihadi attack in 1978.

    Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

    • One correction: the “Moriscos” were expelled in 1609. Thus, they were Moslem-free for a full 350 years (assuming that Arab influence started to infiltrate in the 1960s, though things accelerated after the death of General Francisco Franco in late 1975).

  7. Have a very close look at some of the female hospital patients. If they are Muslim they are there because they were stoned by other Muslims for wearing short skirts. Show me a photo of a traditional Muslim woman anywhere in the world wearing a short skirt.

  8. With the destruction of the two giant Buddhas al Queda demonstrated muslim disregard for Buddhists. Why should they be surprised when the tables are turned?

    • If I may…


      The Moroccan gov’t BS spewers are working overtime. Classic islamist…
      ‘Not islamist, kill it!’

      It’s going to be a VERY interesting day when these sub-primates start on Totem poles…
      Do you have any idea what kind of ‘quiet’ response the Natives will go to??
      A bow makes a LOT less noise than a gun, as does a knife, and can be coated/tipped with some amazingly nasty things that will guarantee a very horribe death, even if you’re merely scratched.
      My closest Native friend; “It’s not when we’re bitching you need to worry, it’s when you piss us off and we say nothing that you need to worry and prep your funeral plot.”

  9. The POOR Muslims? They have no weapons to fight back? Oh deary oh me! They have been using sticks, rocks etc for centuries..they know how to fight, who is this lame assed muslim TV jerk? Poor Muslims my ass…and Buddhist are now thugs? creating a Holocaust? Wah ah aha ha hha ha ha! LOL…what about the muslim riots worldwide? I didnt see anyone else defending themselves- it was ALL muslims fighting against the westerners! OMG! I think we all as westerners should do as the Buddhists are doing…just wipe em’ out, they won’t listen to our pleading to go home, so I guess they have a choice eh? Muslims having been killing Buddhists for like- EVER! Oh this sickens me…poor, poor muslims filth…

    • A few hours ago, I got an update from an acquaintance regarding a local rape case involving some muzzies.
      The girl lived, the question now is, will she want to continue doing so.
      This gets pretty nasty, and I’ll be as discreet as I can…
      16 Years old, and a gang of seven muzzies took her off the street and into a car. They kept her as a plaything for a day and a half, before dumping her at the edge of the city. The only reason she lived, is she started having a siezure and her foot flopping caught the attention of a motorist in his headlights.

      The damage from the sexual aspect alone meant that they had to surgically repair the vagina, exterior genitalia, and do a complete Hysterectomy because of the internal damage. Due the the aspects of how much muzzies love ‘the back door’ it remains to be seen if the repairs will be adequate or if she’ll need a colostomy.
      Broken arm, dislocated elbow, left, and shoulder right. Partially dislocated right hip, dislocated ankle. Extensive deep and traumatic bruising of soft tissues, and bone areas of the face, sis broken teeth, cracked mandible, dislocated jaw hinge right side. Lacerations, burns, abrasions…

      This is the fifth such rape in the past 7 months, and all the rapes like this have been perpetrated by different gangs/groups with no interaction between them. This is muslim rape jihad, nothing less.

      Poor muzzies indeed…

        • Because we;ve given up trying to get media interest in our situation. Same as we gave up on the fed gov’t. Every damned time we’ve tried it’s always one BS excuse or another about how it’s ‘unsuitable’ to be presented to the public.
          They’re afraid of the muslim-reaction.
          PolCorr at it’s finest, and the Fear the muzzies are using to cripple our societies with.
          So, we’re no longer making any efforts to contact the media anymore, and in fact will be Banning them from the city.
          They wanna play PolCorr–fine, but they’ll not be playing pick-n-choose as to what to report on regarding us.
          Also, we’re kinda a big embarrassment to the Feds right now, given what we’re doing–so there’s that, also.
          Have to admit, if things like this did get out, we might be facing the muslims from edmonton–and they have sheer numbers and could wipe us off the map in rioting.
          Maybe this all works out for the best?? *shrug*
          The ‘alleged’ perpetrators were arrested, and my understanding is there’s more than enough evidence to convict and deport.
          Hair, blood,clothing fibres, etc.. Blood as she bit one of them, ad the poor little muzzie has an infected hand.
          I hope he dies from septicemia.

        • The answer to the Edmonton Moslems needs to include extra weaponry of the “heavy” sort. If they attempt to drive over in large numbers, that’s when they need to be dealt with before they can reach your community. Also, if you have ready access to tar-sands and can get at the oil in them, you’ll have yet another armament to use in tackling the muzturds…

          I fear that those Moslems guilty of that absolute ATROCITY will still be pardoned by the Federal government and perhaps relocated. IF they’re in your city-government’s hands, it’s yours to cut them off from all communications in the same way that the Brits have cut off Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Lennon-Yaxley)… Your city will have to deal with them before anybody else can. Blessings and best of luck!!!

        • Edmonton’s a good 100 miles from us, but muzzies do spread. Edmonton has a really bad problem with muzzies in an area called Millwoods, and it’s getting to be a ‘kuffar no-go’ zone. somali muslims, the worst of the worst, that’s what’s in Millwoods.
          Tar sands, good idea, but too far away, and extraction requires some pretty serious processing with high pressure steam.
          Heavy weapons–well, those we’ll have to make ourselves. Trying to get Heavy weapons in Canada is very nearly impossible and also they do a helluva lot of damage on missed-shots.

          I DO appreciate the thoughts, well-wishing and suggestions though!! :-)

          The policy here is ‘Pressure, backed by Law. Legal-jihad, the same as they practice elsewhere–C.A.I.R. for xample.
          Eg; muzzie calls someone ‘Racist’, that muzzie is now guilty of slander/libel (as applicable) and defamation because muzzies are provably NOT a distinct genetic sub-set of Humanity.
          It’s effing ‘Brinksmanship’ to the Nth degree, but it’s working, as more and more the legal noose closes on them.
          They’re getting the message and leaving, and those that break the laws, get deported quickly and quietly.
          Riots? They try it and it’s a Terrorist Action for them to do so, and will be handled accordingly.
          Don’t forget, we recently made islam and such illegal here without Council-approved Exemptions. Those are damned hard to get and require an Interview with Council itself, thus it can take a while–and that’s Deliberate.
          Little by little, we’re ‘invading’ our own city to take it back from the muzzies–same tactics they’ve been using all across the globe.
          That’s why I’ve been doing my All to keep Council abreast and updated on anti-islamic resistance. :-)

        • Well, most of their women are living in hell–so could we maybe think about castrating the muzzie males a-la Fightclub?? 😀
          muzzie males are the ones committing thise rapes across the world, not their women–most women in islamist countries can’t even leave their homes, so they’re undeserving of such a fate as you describe, to be fair-minded.
          Also, neutering the muzzie males will make them more docile and a useful workforce in regards to them paying the reparations they owe us Westerners for damages and such, right?

        • Castration of muslim males is self-evident and a no-brainer. But some people do want to KILL muslim women. I disagree.
          Again, muslims who resist will burn in hell, as islam destroys itself in Syria.

        • This entire planet needs to be freed of these backward, decerebrate, sub-moronic, sub-promite, spoiled, self-centered stains called ‘muslims’.

          Considering their openly-stated intent regarding global domination and what they plan for us Westerners, it’s getting to be time to fight them on their level, except with tactics and techniques we KNOW they fear.
          Such as, how Gen. Pershing dealt with these limp-dicked cowardly gynophobic boy-raping abominations.

  10. I have never heard a bigger diatribe of bullsh*t than this. He says “Holocaust” yet every spittle flying muslim in the world says there is no such thing. He is asying that all the western peoples, who are having to defend themselvws against these uncivilized muslims have to help him. He is saying that all the people in other countries who are being targeted by muslim filth for rape and fraud should help them to commit it in old Burma.
    @hat a weenie he is. Whine and bawl!
    Go to it Buddhists! Stop the rape of your women and country by this filthy muslim trash!
    Do whatever you have to do to keep YOUR country being Your country.

  11. Good on ’em! I don’t blame the Burmese one bit. At 0.21 on the video, I had to smile when the PressTV anchor said “Buddhist extremists,” as if muslim extremists didn’t exist. Thus is the nature of lying muslim propaganda machines such as Iran’s PressTV. I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that muslims need to be ethnically cleansed from every corner of the earth. I have a female soldier in my platoon who is a Buddhist from Thailand. Last week, she was surprised that I knew of the muslim insurgency in southern Thailand. I would have never been aware of it myself if I didn’t subscribe to Bare Naked Islam. This is the forum that I first heard of it.

    Thank you for that, and much, much more Bonni.

    • Randy, it seems that there are no countries in which Muslims aren’t a problem, or soon will be. I had no idea that we fought on the wrong side of the war in Bosnia until I started doing this blog.

      • I learned about Bosnia when Husband corrected me via facts when we were discussing it one night long ago. That’s also when I learned how mush, and a slight bit of ‘why’ he hates islam and muslims because of what he’s witnessed in the name of islam and that false-prophet-of-deviancies.
        That was the night I realized that the Media LIE, and started asking Questions.
        …and Learning.

      • With regard to Bosnia I naively trusted that our government was doing the right thing at the time.

        I feel less badly about myself now that BNI made this confession. I am really greatful for the work she does.

  12. I am extremely angry that our Western media does not show the horror and terrible suffering that is perpetrated every day by Muslims against non-Muslims. The persecution and atrocities perpetrated by Muslims against Hindus, Christians and Sikhs in Pakistan and Bangladesh is so severe that every non-Muslim needs to be immediately rescued out of these countries. Instead they import many millions of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims into our countries.

    We now have many no-go Muslim areas in Europe and Britain that are too dangerous for NON-Muslims to enter.

  13. This needs to be happening all over the west! muslims will never be civilized, ever.
    The young girl he is talking about is a heroine, that is why it is such a big deal, what
    and idiot he is.

  14. Buddhists…
    Man, once you’re pushing them to this point–there’s no way back. I mean, really…Buddhists are so peaceful it’s almost creepy.
    So, seeing this…well…says it all for islam.
    They’d best not ship any of these inevitable ‘refugees’ here…We’ve got problems with the somali muslims, the last thing we’ll tolerate is Myanmar muzzies, and we won’t let them into the city, or if they do get in they’ll be deported on general principles once known to be here.

    • Thank the Buddhist for doing what needs to be done…I fear we are too late to get these monsters out of our countries using our systems for welfare and stealing from our farms and businesses.Do the math? stop them now.Send them to Saudi Arabia to live and die. They belong there not with us?

  15. rashid, are you concerned about the coptic Christians and the other religious groups that are being murdered by muslims? We know that the answer is no. In time the whole world will have to deal with the muslims in the same way to restore world order.

    • BRAVISSIMA, cat (if it’s from Catherine)!!!!

      Indeed, Rashid, why SHOULD we Westerners care given what you Muslims are doing wherever you are: be it with the Egyptian Coptic-Orthodox, the Iraqi Assyrian-Chaldean, the Pakistani, North-African and ALL the other Christians you’re not only killing but SADISTICALLY TORTURING wherever you are, from Morocco and Mauritania through West Timor in Indonesia??? From Argentina to Inuvik in northernmost Canada?? From Murmansk and Narvik in Russia and Norway straight through all of Afghanistan to Tehran and Karachi in Iran and Pakistan respectively???

      To the contrary, ALL Moslems need to learn that their ideology is NOT superior!!!! In fact, it is INFERIOR TO EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!!

      BAG MAH ISLAM!!!! MARGBAR ISLAM!!! [pidgin Farsi and Arabic]

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • Ok, but tell us what you REALLY think ADHD….

        Sorry, couldn’t resist, you set it up too well. :-)
        I agree with you, but will state that it can in fact barely even be called an ideology, it’s more Cult-control mechanism than ideology, a cerebral virus.

        • Well said, Mrs. Wilkins.

          I prefer to use the term “ideology” as opposed to “religion” because it’s even less of the latter, and it was necessary at one time for me to reject it as such!!!! “System” is another word that’s been used as it really is more of a political-system than anything else: the religious aspects feature a remarkably-IMPOTENT “god” who ALWAYS NEEDS human hands to do his bidding!!! Compared to the Bible’s Yahweh (YHWH), in BOTH Testaments, there are no miracles in the Qu’rân (aside from those parts plagiarised from the Bible).

          Indeed, Islam is a cult control-mechanism that FORBIDS ALL individuality, thinking and independence!!! It demands complete conformity, uniformity and actions more appropriate to an automaton, yea, a ROBOT!!! Why does Islamic “education” call principally for the memorisation of a book that has NO real system of organization, frequently-unrelated verse-content, calls for violence interspersed with descriptions of their DEVIL “Allah” as “all-compassionate, all-merciful”, &c ‘ad nauseam’???

          It truly is as antithetical to ANY true thinking as anything can ever be – and it HATES AND DESPISES everything else!!!! Yet groups like “Boko Haram” in Nigeria forbid ANYTHING ELSE… It’s on this same identical premise that the second caliph, ‘Omar, burned down the Library of Alexandria in 640, saying “If it’s in the Qu’rân, we don’t need it; if it’s not in the Qu’rân, we don’t want it!”

          That’s why I can’t even truly call Moslems “barbarians” or “savages” as usually such people are not unwilling to learn from their conquered subjects sooner or later, and that even includes the ultra-barbarian, ultra-savage Mongol wretches of the 12th through 14th centuries. I can consequently think of Moslems as sub-human DEVILS and DEMONS, for truly their “thinking” and ‘modus operandi’ is SATANIC!!!!!

        • Heh…
          The muzzies are gonna be just furious with us Pagans.
          There’s a Pagan community rebuilding the Library of Alexandria, as best as possible. 😀
          I agree with everything you said. No surprises there. :-)
          I prefer to address muzzies as sub-Primates, as they are demonstratably much farther below Human than merely one ‘level’. There’s actually several parasite species, Obligatory types, that operate VERY similarly to islam and muslims.

          I’ve discussed the mohammedan ‘allah’ with an Elder, and he told me of a staue discovered in the 1930’s-40’s of the Base deity that mohammed (pox be upon him) misappropriated and mutilated.
          Moon god, with a wife and two daughter deities. Classic mohammed-the-gynophobe erased the fmale aspects and made his ‘super-allah’.

          Jesus may love the muslims.
          Odin demands they grow the F**k up.

        • The Christian God and His Only-Begotten Son DO Love the Moslems AND EVERYBODY ELSE the same – as sinners who are meant to REPENT AND LIVE (and, yes, grow up in addition to accepting Jesus as Saviour)!!!

          The Holy Trinity Wants them NOT to stay in their sins and crimes, but still in this age Forbears to unleash the frightful vengeance promised in Revelation. However, when THAT time comes, even then Mankind by and large, blinded by Satan and their various idolatries plus other sins, won’t understand or realise what’s happening. In fact, the overwhelming majority of them will think that it’s enemy aliens who’re coming when it’s time for Armageddon – not for nothing that it will take seven months to bury the remains of those people so felled in battle against God.

          Otherwise, it’s very nice for once to see a nation ethnically cleansing its land of Moslems without anybody caring!!!! What a MONSTROUS pity that wasn’t the case when Serbia tried to do as much in 1998-99: the Moslem Arabs saw that there they could spread their ultra-militant (Wahhabi/Salafi) strain of Islam over that much more of Europe and so bribed, intimidated and otherwise mobilised NATO’s forces to half-destroy Serbia and give Kósovo-Metóhija to Albania.

          Sooner or later that territory, once it finishes ethnically cleansing itself of its proper owners the Serbs and Serb artefacts (including blowing up Serb-Orthodox churches and monasteries!!), will vote to join Albania, we can be certain thereof!!! [For more information, please see Zhivko B. Damyanovich’s “The Origins of Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans: The untold story you’ve never heard” – although it was written at a time when most of us Westerners hadn’t realised just how much we ALL were under the Arab-Moslem thumb, there’s much to learn in it… Much credit goes both to Ms. BNI as well as 1389AD for publishing it on their Weblogs, thanks yet again!!!]

        • I’m looking more into the whole Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia thing–like most folks, been hearing about it all off and on for years, but I realized I don’t know all that much, time to fix that oversight.

          They muzzies keep it up, and there won’t be much left to do about them.
          muzzies have hunted us for centuries and still do VERY actively, they got away with it in ages past–not this time around, not after we’ve spent all this time and such recovering, rebuilding and reclaiming our heritage.
          Chritians may be forgiving of their enemies–we eliminate ours if they make the mistake of attacking us.
          See Buddhists and Myanmar. ONLY the beginning, that is.
          I was threatened on youtube by a muzzie last night, made mention of slitting my throat and bragging his ‘muslim warrior spirit and his Berber heritage’ The punchline is that he claims he’s not an extremist. LOL
          Stupid muzzie, bringing a knife to a gunfight.

          TY for the book refernce, I’ll look it up and try to wedge some time in for it.

  16. It’s all out war out there. Jesus had said that God helps those who help themselves. This is exactly what the Buddhists are doing.

    Islam, by its nature, can only generate violence regardless of who is impacted.

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