You can put lipstick on a pig but…

…it’s still Barack Hussein Obama. National Geographic’s ‘Seal Team Six’ TV movie, a last ditch attempt to make Obama look like a hero, instead of the traitor he is, will edit in new scenes that focus on Obama rather than the Navy SEALS.

FOX News  As the political propaganda controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s ‘SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama bin Laden’ continues, OPSEC (Operation Security) will air ads in key battleground markets during its broadcast on the National Geographic Channel two days before the election.

After learning of the suspicious timing and Weinstein’s instruction to make the President a key character in the movie that spotlights the detailed process that went into the killing of bin Laden, OPSEC, a group of former Intelligence officers and Special Operations members concerned with the impact of increasing informational leaks, immediately sought approval to run their :30 second TV commercial ‘Bump in the Road.’ 

The ‘Bump in the Road’ Commercial (below) was filmed about three weeks ago and is already airing on some stations in Ohio and Virginia. A rep for OPSEC said that the spot has been approved by National Geographic, although the channel was not able to immediately comment on the issue.

According to a press release, the ad seeks to “hit the Obama Administration for not telling the truth about the attacks in Libya that cost the U.S. Ambassador, two former SEALs and another U.S. diplomat their lives while also having politicized the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.”

“As soon as we heard the film was slanted to promote (Obama) and conveniently come out just before the election, making him the President look strong on foreign policy and national security we knew we had to do something,” Taylor told us. “The Obama administration has grossly exploited bin Laden’s death, and all the leaked information has hindered operations and put lives at risk.”

Weinstein has both denied that the movie was in any way politically-skewed or intended to sway votes in Obama’s favor. National Geographic also asserted that ‘SEAL Team Six was in no way propaganda, and that the timing of the broadcast was simply to take advantage of their exclusive rights and the fall programming schedule. (Riiiiight!)