Will they trot out Tommy Robinson in handcuffs for this event?

Knowing the Muslim apologists in the British ‘dhimmi’ government, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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  1. What is wrong with seemingly normal people falling for the political correctness scam? When they are forced to give up their music and alcoholic beverages will the reality of living under the rule of Jihad be seen as the villainous mind control of the Cult of Hate it really is. It is NOT a Religion of Peace and Tolerance. The Dhimmis should go live in one of the despot run Hell Hole Theocracies. I happily will wave goodbye as they ship off to Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Mali and other Islamist paradises. LOL! So glad to be an INFIDEL.

  2. Apart from the moslem scum doing their usual taqiyya blurting & Paroxysms, have you noticed that the other dhimmis are loony left wing Labour MP’s & “journalists” or Union hacks.
    I wonder why they don’t invite anyone with an opposing viewpoint?
    I wonder if they’ll invite questions from the audience?

    I think there should be a Christianophobia Awareness campaign!

  3. It is most urgent that four times a year, the nations hold a ‘Muslim Persecution of Non-Muslims Awareness Month. The suffering of non-Muslims is beyond bearing.

  4. more lies and bullshit from the religion of “SCUMBAGS” !!!!!! the only good muzzie is a “DEAD” one !!!!! , kill them all !!!!!!!

  5. islamo-realism may be on the rise but the courts and cops haven’t figured that out yet.
    if tommy is paraded around in handcuffs he will be killed

  6. Amnesty International U.K. just issued a 44-page report on islamophobia in Europe. The IDIOTS speak about how muslims are denied their religion.

    I think this event is related somehow to Amnesty International.

  7. And so the REAL ISLAMOPHOBIA INDUSTRY rears its head. How much money will they rake in from this professional victimhood?

    Now that more people are catching on to the scam, the “Palestinian” cause used to shake down the world is being repackaged as general “Islamophobia.” The poor, poor Muslims. If only the filthy infidels would stop abusing them, life would be paradise on Earth – for them.

    Boo hoo! Now, give them all your money and go away. Dying would be best, but if you’re still around, please just continue to give them your money.

    And when you do, they will still continue to weep and wail about how they’re being abused. Nice job moving between the roles of violent terrorists and weeping whiners.

    Like I say, there’s the REAL Islamophobia industry.

    How about an INFIDELOPHOBIA conference to highlight all the abuses of non-Muslims by Muslims all over the world? That would take a couple of years, and by then there would be many more atrocities to complain about.

    270 million dead in the name of Islam

    How about the MUSLIM HINDUPHOBIA that slaughtered 80 million Indians?


    These Islamophobia Industry professional victims really are just so disgustingly evil that they make me HATE – no, not irrationally fear – ISLAM even more, if that is possible.

    Congratulations in pushing more people to HATE ISLAM.

  8. I hope the EDL take the 12 above to court for slander and false witness the phobia maby but never will the shoe fit for racists an fascists ! they need to look up the def on that name calling it fits them to a T

  9. “WOE unto those who call EVIL good and GOOD evil”…..!.! What the hell is wrong with these stupid a–kissing dhimmi bastards that they would allow this sh– to go this far?!! Free Tommy you ignorant a–kissing dhimmi pukes and wake the hell up , and CAGE the muslime invaders permanently…. Oh, and if they resist, you just might have to kill them……. in self defense, of course!!

  10. The ‘Islamophobia’ campaign will end up making people more aware of Islam’s intrinsic TERRORISM…called JIHAD. People will then have ISLAMOAWARENESS and ISLAMOREALISM.

    Islam is a misogynistic, supremacist, terrorist organization for global TOTALITARIANISM.

  11. We wonder why they keep coming to our countries…It’s because if you leave enough crumbs on the ground the roaches will appear! We give too many incentives for FREE and they want to live off of us like rodents! We all need to STOP giving them things to sustain their broods of future terrorists and kick them out!!!

  12. Have we all gone stark raving mad to let all this go this far. Where is our fighting spirit that in our long glorious history of stopping hideous forces from taking over.
    Have we become so complacent, that we think when it comes to my backyard, then I will act. Well it’s not in your backyard. It’s down the street and it’s coming after you
    and your loved ones. SO F#CKING WAKE UP.

  13. The topic must focus on whether or not to Ban all Mosque from Western Civilized Countries acting as host nations to those that follow Islam and are determined to dominate that host Nation with Islam Law…..Anjem Chaudry must be the guest speaker explaining the will of Islam is to dominate the world…..all these other guest speakers must sit in silence as Anjem provides the details..Should be informative, otherwise these guest speakers have no interest in peace until Islam dominates, we already know this and its a waste of time to listen to nonsense…..Vote to Ban Mosques from England is first then the rest of the Western World…..

  14. And one wonders why there is so much detestation for the mozlem in UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Kenya, Nigeria, and the list goes on and on, wherever the children die !!

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