Wishful thinking at the Daily Mail?

Freudian slip by the UK Daily Mail saw the word ‘Islam” used instead of ‘Iran’ in the headline below which has since been corrected. In any case, at BNI, we hope the Daily Mail has inadvertently predicted the future.

This is the headline to an article in the Daily Mail reporting claims that Israel has destroyed a Sudanese weapons factory in a bombing raid. The article itself suggests that “the raid acted as a ‘dry run’ for a forthcoming strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities”.  According to the Muslim extremists over at Islamophobia Watch,  “The subeditor’s substitution of “Islam” for “Iran” in the headline tells us a lot about the general mindset at the Mail.” (One can only hope!)

Israel has allegedly destroyed a Sudanese weapons factory in a bombing raid, it was claimed yesterday. Sudan immediately pointed the finger of blame at Israel, while an American monitoring group said satellite images of the aftermath of the explosion suggest the site was hit in an airstrike. There were claims yesterday that Israel attacked the factory because it was a front for manufacturing rockets and ballistic missiles for Iran.  There was widespread condemnation in the Arab world yesterday over the alleged attacks, although there was no direct proof linking them to Israel.