Outside the trial of radical imams, nationalists shout, “Today (Islamic) fundamentalism. Tomorrow (Islamic) terrorism. Bulgaria for Bulgarians.”

Security was tight at the district court in Pazardzhik as the trial resumed of 13 Muslims alleged to have advocated the violent overthrow of the Bulgarian state and its replacement with an Islamic theocracy. Outside the court, several hundred Bulgarian nationalists voiced support for the secular state and against Islamization.

Sofia Globe  The trial started on September 18 and has seen incidents after large crowds who turned out in support of the accused being unable to be accommodated in the courtroom. Seven witnesses were due to be heard by the court on October 29, of whom three were scheduled to give evidence anonymously.

Bulgarian nationalists protest in front of the court in Pazardzhik on October 29, 2012. Some 300 nationalists rallied in front of the court, carrying flags and slogans, reading: ‘We are a secular state,’ and broadcasting patriotic songs on   a loudspeaker as the trial of Bulgarian Muslim religious resumed in the court of the southern town. 

Evidence was also to be given about official translations of books confiscated by the State Agency for National Security (SANS) during the operation that led to the prosecutions. Those accused of spreading anti-democratic ideology and religious hatred are the Muslim regional muftis of Pazardzhik and Smolyan.

Ahead of the resumption of the trial and because of the planned protest by ultranationalists Ataka and VMRO, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov issued an appeal for calm.

Muslim bagheads were out in full force outside the trial

The 13 accused were arrested in October 2010, following a series of raids carried out by prosecutors, the Interior Ministry and SANS, Bulgaria’s main intelligence agency. All of them were charged with being members of the Al-Waqf Al-Islami organisation, not recognised by Bulgaria as a religious group.

Although the organisation was reportedly registered in Bulgaria in 1993, under the country’s law on the registration of religious groups, it was denied registration the following year. In 1999, one of its leaders was expelled from Bulgaria as a threat to national security.

Bulgarians don’t take any crap from the Muslim scourge

Only three defendants – Said Mehmet Moutlou, Abdoullah Moustafa Salih and Ahmed Moussa Ahmed – face charges of preaching religious hatred and anti-democratic ideology aimed at undermining the secular state and democratic values. Said Moutlou was, according to the prosecution, the leader of the Al-Waqf Al-Islami branch in southern Bulgaria (covering the districts of Pazardjik, Smolyan and Blagoevgrad) since 2005 and until his arrest in October 2010.

Following a lengthy investigation, resulting in 31 volumes of evidence to be presented in court, charges were finally pressed in June 2012.


17 comments on “Outside the trial of radical imams, nationalists shout, “Today (Islamic) fundamentalism. Tomorrow (Islamic) terrorism. Bulgaria for Bulgarians.”

  1. Hi guys, I am from Bulgaria and regularly read this blog. It’s true that we oppose Islam ,but our government is just like any other in Europe. Politicians support Muslims,but they don’t give them money like Western Europe and we don’t have immigrants.

    There are regions where we have almost no Muslims and people are very hostile to them. Politicians are trying to impose political correctness ,but they can’t because if they tried to imprison every person speaking against Islam – they would need to arrest maybe 20% of the citizens. Regular Bulgarian people don’t like Islam, but don’t really oppose it. Actually, many of our Muslims are secular. They follow only the diets and observation of holidays.It’s always foreign imams who preach the real hateful Islam.

    Interesting fact: I rarely see something labeled ‘halal’ and it’s usually imported…

    Turks speak their language in the regions where they live. More people are speaking Turkish now due to propaganda from Turkey… Very few Bulgarian Muslims were actually Turkish speaking 40-50 years ago…They increase their numbers, but they are not imposing Sharia law. Hating everything Turkish is a national sport and you aren’t Bulgarian enough if you don’t hate Turkey. Politicians can steal from us a lot, but they are somewhat scared to bow to Islam.

    • Pavel, thanks for your insight. One of the links I posted is about the left wing politicians bowing to the Muslims. Am sorry to hear it is more widespread. Please send me more stories about the Muslim problem in Bulgaria if you like.

      • Sure, I will be sending you an email when I hear any news related to Islam in the Balkans. Muslims aren’t very active here, because we know that they are the enemy unlike regular people in Western Europe or North America.

        We have a Muslim problem since 14th century and it won’t be over until Western civilization decides to go to war with Islam, because we will either win or submit. No option to co-exist.

  2. Bulgaria has the largest percentage of muslims of any European country (13%) but not because of immigration. Bulgaria has a sizable Turk minority left over from Ottoman times (though many of them have since left after the 1912 Balkan War and Communist era) and Pomaks (Muslims descended from Bulgarian converts to Islam). Of these groups, the Pomaks are the most religious and claim a separate identity in spite of their Bulgarian blood.

  3. I have been to Bulgaria and I got the impression that the vast majority of the population is Christian Orthodox, so unless there is mass migration of Muslims into Bulgaria an Islamic state is not a reality. I did see one mosque in Plodiv but there were a lot more churches. I hope Bulgaria learns from other European countries what mass immigration of Muslims can do. Bulgaria is a beautiful country and I dread what Muslims like the ones on trial will do to her. They will only bring; ;division, war, and destruction like Lebanon.

  4. Islam is cancer, which is spreading throughout our countries. Let freedom ring. Unite.

    You’ve got to love these Bulgarians for taking the bull by the horns.

  5. Good for the Bulgarians! In case they haven’t thought of it, just a reminder, they have the Black Sea right there and they can dump the Muzzies into it. It’s not a very long swim to Turkey – perhaps a day or two. Turkey’s Muzzie-in-chief, Erdogan, will be happy to welcome them, if they don’t drown before reaching the Turkish shore.

  6. “accused of spreading anti-democratic ideology and religious hatred”

    I also liked a few other things this article mentioned, and will be forwarding this to Council. I’m sure the City lawyers can make GOOD use of this!!

    Well, well…looks like our insignificant little city isn’t alone in the world…. 😀

  7. Misogyny, supremacism, cruel punishments, religious discrimination, entitlement, monoculturalism, ethnic cleansing, genocide are all normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    The modern world has moved beyond the primitive, desert savagery of Mo the pedophile pirate.

  8. Bulgarians certainly have a reputation for being hard-headed & they sure aren’t taking any crap from these seditious scumbags.
    As we’ve seen in a number of articles in BNI, they bash the traitors, play loud music outside their mosques, oops I mean dens of sedition or stop them from praying in the streets.
    They certainly haven’t heard too much about Political correctness or if they have told ’em to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!
    Well done gentlemen – show the rest of Europe how to deal with traitors.

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