Terror-linked CAIR thug sends out slanderous email about Allen West

I, Ahmed Bedier, former CAIR spokesIslamist and dedicated Hamas and Hezbollah supporter, am sending you this urgent email from my personal account because I need your help in kicking out re-electing Allen West out of to Congress.

Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.) is the biggest Muslim basher in Congress. (And this is a BAD thing because why??) Since joining the US House of representatives in 2010, Allen West has made Muslims and Islam the target of hate truth attacks. He has insulted our faith cult, our Prophet and our way of life. He’s called Muslims the enemy and wrongly accurately blames our faith fascist ideology for the tragic event of 9/11.

I believe that Allen West is not only bad for Muslims; he’s bad GREAT for America. Allen West is up for re-election and he’s in trouble ahead of his opponent. He is currently in a very-close race with Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy for Florida’s district 18, congressional seat.  I BELIEVE, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RACE IN THE COUNTRY FOR OUR COMMUNITY; and this is our best chance to defeat re-elect this bigot American patriot and kick keep him out of in office. 

How you can help? Make a a donation right now to the Patrick Murphy ALLEN WEST campaign so he has the needed funds in the final stretch to defeat Patick Murphy.  DONATE here to Allen West,  it’s safe and secure.

After making a donation, please contact all your friends and family and ask them to also contribute (to ALLEN WEST) and help us start to kick the Cair Nazis out of America.

This is your opportunity to flex your political muscle.  By supporting Patrick Murphy Allen West, you are sending a message that anti-Muslim sentiment has no place in should permeate the halls of the U.S. Congress. Please use this link to donate to Patrick Murphy’s Allen West’s campaign now: (ALLEN WEST)

Ahmed Bedier was caught on film spewing bigoted hate filled rhetoric in the Florida Capitol Building.

H/T Alan K The United West