HAMBURG, Germany, bows down to Islam, agrees to recognize 3 Muslim religious festivals as official holidays

Remember the infamous Hamburg Cell, where Mohammed Ahta and his gang of Muslim terrorists planned the details of the attacks on 9/11? I guess this is in honor of them. Stretching from Oslo, Norway in the north to London, England in the south an Islamic curtain is rapidly descending upon Europe. The city of Hamburg, Germany is committing cultural suicide.                                                                                      

FAITH FREEDOM  Germany is completing the work of Muhammad and Hitler – the final “Final Solution” of the Jewish and Christian question that has plagued the West ever since the West was the West. On August 16, 2012 the City of Hamburg signed an agreement between Hamburg’s center-left Mayor Olaf Scholz and it’s Muslim Community granting Eid al-Adha (“Festival of Sacrifice”), Eid ul-Fitr (the end of Ramadan), and the Day of Ashura (“Day of Mourning”), officially recognized holidays.

Muslim workers will be allowed to take these days off, and their children will be allowed to stay out of school if they wish. The deal also promises Islamic communities more say in how religious lessons in school are formed.

Schura official Daniel Abdin described the agreement as “an important step towards the institutional recognition of Islam in Germany.”

Muslim community groups, representing  Hamburg’s 120,000 Muslims, have agreed to recognize the “basic values of constitutional order,” to reject “violence and discrimination based on origin, sexual orientation, and faith” and “religious and political viewpoints,” and to recognize “equality between genders.” (HAH!)

 This Agreement isn’t worth the paper its written on.  It is the Islamic equivalent of the Munich Agreement signed by Britian. The Muslim community will never fulfill the above agreement terms since to do so would be a total rejection of the Quran, Allah, the Sunna of Muhammad and Sharia Law. By fulfillingf this agreement, these Hamburg Muslims would no longer be Muslims but apostates who must be killed as per Sharia Law.

Fatwa 21021, Part No. 1, Page 414

  • Any Muslim who states a preference for democracy rather than shari’ah law or questions anything in the Qur’an or Sunnah is a kafir (disbeliever), considered an apostate, and therefore sentenced to death.




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  1. This is not what we want here in the uk. I know many intelligent people, they all despise what is happening, but we are all helpless unless we overturn governments, as they don’t listen to what we say ..even then, it will be civil war, and our government, police, army will be on their side. No one dare do anything to cause minuscule offence to that perpetually offended cult. There is a deep & disturbing hidden agenda going on in Europe/ Australia etc, as no way would all these western countries allow this, knowing what horrendous catastrophic consequences this is going to have and the huge life that will be lost in the future because of these terrible decisions being made, and without the majority public backing!! Something is going on!! & we never will know, as any whistleblowers will find themselves arrested, dis reputed, their lives ruined etc, alongside anyone else who dares criticise that evil ideology.

  2. Thank you Valhala, I am first born Australian, My father & Grandparents were Danish and our origin further back is Swedish. I am of Viking blood and value the Norse myth of Odin and the Valkyrie; wish it was true could not think of a better way than to die in battle against Muslims. Certainly I am committed to fighting without surrender against Islam.

    I am disappointed with the apathy of many Australians, Danes and Swedes. And yes like you I remember Sydney and suburbs- the Golden Years. Back in late 1970’s I established a monthly ‘Stamp Market’ for 5 years as a part-time Stamp Dealer in Bankstown. I won’t go near that place now- swarming with Muzzies, like Auburn and Lakemba. The next time unbelievers enter those regions in large numbers it will be in a state of ‘Civil War.’

    I retired 650 k’s north to Grafton and send out e-mails about Islam to Australians, Americans and South Africans. If anyone wants to join the list for send forward action to their friends they can write to… Locals up here are not interested in standing against Islam. Grafton is a Christian town and all the Christians I have spoken to do not want to learn the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’ and do not want deal with the Islam problem. I know there are some good Christians standing strong against Islam but most are doing the opposite hiding their head in the sand or running or even worse trying to make friends with Muslims. Many Christians get upset with me when I tell them Christianity is coming to an end; simply because they will not fight Islam. And some have even told me Jesus will solve the crisis. And my response is “Jesus has not dealt with Islam during the last 1400 years, what makes you think he will step in and stop Islam before the Christians are wiped out.” The only way to defeat Islam is by total unity of all Jews, Christians, Atheists and all other creeds- forget our differences, stand together against a common enemy. We don’t have to sell our beliefs we only have to sell the importance of unity and courage against a common evil enemy.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Is there a German Freedom Party and a German Defense League? If not, start a Freedom Party and a Defense League immediately! Don’t let INHUMAN God-haters destroy your country and people! Fight back whilst you are still a majority or your suffering will be horrendous like the severely persecuted non-Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt!

    Germany, fight for your safety, freedom and human rights before it is forever too late!


  4. In that first photo with a male holding the islamic flag ,shouldn’t he be dangling of the end of a rope , ISN’T he what you call A baki boy MAN WITH NO BEARD , Or his he GAY .

  5. People, the Europeans, for the most part, have always been closet totalitarian jock-sniffers. Why, in this day and age, are we suprised by this? They voted for SOCIALISM every time since WW2. Sorry, but weak, decadent people do not deserve freedom and they shall not have it. The Europeans are getting what they, they majority, want.

    • @Kevin Stroup,
      There was not world war two or world war one, The muslims who live in Hamburg all know that it was them that invented GERMANY and have been there since the 3rd century and none of this took place , Hitler was a IMAN wearing a mask to decieve people into voting for him, The only reason why some german muslims can not Speak German is because they have been on holiday in MECCA, and forgot to take their hand bags with them.

  6. When I was with the 3rd Inf Div in Germany there were Catholic and Evangelical (Lutheran) areas for the purpose of holidays. Despite Bavaria being overwhelmingly Catholic, Schweinfurt (Hogs Crossing) was Protestant so our ‘Rads were AWOL on Reformation Day and dozens of other Prod holidays. Meant the PX, Commesary, Laundry, tailor Shop, Etc were closed.

  7. all of Europe is committing cultural suicide. For hamburg to bow to 120,000 Muslims is a huge disgrace to that once great city.
    i am not even sure there will ever be a turn around anywhere and the cult of death and it’s pedophile prophet will take the whole palnet back to the 7th century.

  8. As much as I shake my head in anger and disgust, Canada and the US are not too far behind ushering in Muslims as ‘equals’ and giving them the unbridled ability to strip us from our rights and freedoms in order to make us Sharia compliant. We are watching our future infold in Europe and our politicians refuse to even address it…they are too busy bending over backwards to appease the most intolerant ideology on earth. Makes me sick.

    • Miss nakita…may we all be guided to the right path and-may the mercy of Allah be upon you..the problem isnt christinity, islam or other religions problem is that we have to be on right path..look at sky, earth, mountains, human, birds, stars,moon and so on and so forth, they all must be organized and run by a wise and planned power and that power is only one called ALLAH the one with no wife no kids no relative or aother consultant etc..
      Please read about islam, its peace amd respect. Thanks

  9. === Italy, Land of Islam ===
    by Giulio Meotti, Italy

    Oct 31/2012

    The Italian authorities have capitulated to hatred.

    Last week Italian education minister Francesco Profumo proposed that Islam be taught in public schools alongside the traditional teaching of Catholicism, while Bishop Mariano Crociata, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, announced that the Vatican is in favor of building new mosques in Italy.

    Tthe European Bishops met with European Muslims in Turin to proclaim the need for the “progressive enculturation of Islam in Europe”.


  10. The Fall of Britain, Belgium and Germany; where are all the intelligent people? If all the Christians and Jews alone would stand united we would have a good chance of defeating Islam. But is the same few fighting the great fight against Islam while the majority run and hide. I just finished reading Geert Wilders excellent book…’Marked For Death.’ It is filled with commonsense and truth; and yet British Politicians and Australian Politicians have been attacking this brave ‘Free World Patriot.’ Where I live in Australia I am standing alone against Islam because I am surrounded by chickens and I don’t mean the feathered kind.

    • Allan -you are not alone -there are many Australians that do not want this cancerous growth to over take us as it is in England and European countries,we -are not the same free people we were when I was growing up ,the media have been -silenced -blasphemy laws have been instigated,I lived in the Bankstown area for many years and seen the changes to those -once -nice-clean little towns such as Lakemba -Campsie -Wiley Park-Punchbowl -Greenacre-it’s like living in a foreign country there now -of course the -mosque at Lakemba is the big attraction.

      The rate they are floating in -hundred’s a week they will soon have the numbers and will start -demanding -Sharia law,all muslims live under Sharia but they want it to be recognised -legally by Australia,that is when the fun will start -a country -cannot have two sets of laws,in one street you are -jailed for theft -in the other under- Sharia you have the hand -chopped off,how primitive and barbaric is that.

      This government is aiding and abetting them to get the ethnic vote as they did once before the imam-Sheik that was demoted (forgotten his name -Hil-laly some thing like that )he was to be deported -because he said on air something derogatory about the Jewish people and Australian women -compared us to -prostitutes -the labor party saved him,he was later driving through -Lakemba in an unregisterd car with a steel pipe sticking out of the window -the policeman who stopped him wasn’t aware of who he was -caused a stir at the time.-they finally had to get rid of him as he was an embarassmen-he’s still here -but been gagged.

      There are societies that oppose the -Islamisation of Australia-the Qsociety for one -they are not political ,if more Australians bombarded their members of Parliament -protesting -letting them know -we object to what they are -forcing on us -I do -and have -one of them might stand up and -fight.-the good fight.

  11. taqiyya is the lie that the germans have swallowed, hook, line and sinker. The muslims will never follow the democratic laws of equality for men, women, gays, Christians, Jews and so on. When they have the germans believing the lie, is when they will turn and take over germany.

  12. Here we go again. UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, Belgium, Australia: everywhere they come they meet tolerance. They do not adjust, want Muslim schools & Mosques. I hate them!

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