[UPATED!] OHIO VOTER FRAUD? Democrats busing in Somali Muslims who can’t speak English, likely aren’t citizens

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station observed van loads of Ohio residents born in Somalia — the state is home to the second-largest Somali population in the United States — being driven to the voting station and guided by Democratic interpreters on the voting process. No Republican interpreters were there.


Contact Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State  

Here’s what you need:

          (614) 466-2585

(877) SOS-OHIO (767-6446) x2

TTY: (614) 728-3295

TTY Toll-free: (877) TTY-OHIO (889-6446)

E-mail the Elections Division

HUMAN EVENTS (H/T Rob E)  A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a volunteer outside the Morse Road polling center.  She has witnessed Somalis who cannot speak English come to the polling center. They are brought in groups, by van or bus. The Democrats hand them a slate card and say, “vote Brown all the way down.” Given that Sherrod Brown is the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio, one can assume that this is the reference.

Another source who also wishes to remain anonymous has seen Democrat interpreters show the non-English speaking Somalis how to vote the Democrat slate that they were handed outside. According to this second source, there are not any Republican Somali interpreters available.

The logical follow-up question is whether a non-English speaking person is an American citizen. Although Republican leadership in Ohio passed a voting reform law, it was repealed by the legislature itself after the Democrats threatened a referendum. According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site, someone wanting to vote early in Ohio must supply one of the following in writing on the absentee ballot form, whether voting early by mail or in person: an Ohio driver’s license number; the last four digits of the social security number; or a copy of a current and valid photo identification, military identification, or a current — within the last 12 months — utility bill, including cell phone bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the person’s name and address in addition to the voter registration acknowledgement.

The voter is not required to show the driver’s license or social security card, but must merely write it on the absentee ballot request form. While the individual would be required to show a utility bill, bank statement or other printed document if he or she chooses that option, this is in lieu of writing the driver’s license or social security number. Therefore, the information cannot be checked against the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or other state databases.

Essentially, a person is asked to check a box stating that they are a citizen, and the poll worker is to trust that they are the person who is listed on the item being shown or the information being written. In other words, someone can be an illegal resident of the state of Ohio and the United States, get an apartment, turn on the heat, bring in the Columbia Gas bill, register to vote by the deadline, and vote by showing that same bill. There is then no verification that this individual is a citizen of the United States.


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  1. Actually, he may very well have been born in Kenya, but his REAL birth father was an American communist citizen, Frank Marshall Davis. I’ve seen too much compelling evidence to prevent me from dismissing that theory altogether. Obama, Senior, was just “the beard” in this arrangement to give some modicum of respectability to Ann Dunham’s super indiscretion with FMD!

  2. The saem Idea had the leftwing Party in UK.It was a secret plot but came out.They wanted so many foreigerns(mostly Muslims from Pakistan)that the conservative party can never be elected again.

  3. Maybe Ohio should be banned!

    By Doug Brook
    Why did Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State place the means of statewide voter fraud in the hands of the Democrat Party and the criminal, Obama machine?

    By October 19th, 1.43 million Ohioans had requested absentee ballots for the November election. But for some obscure reason, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted mailed nearly 7 million absentee ballot applications to registered voters across the state, whether they had been requested or not!

    According to Ohio law, absentee ballots must be requested no later than November 3rd and returned by November 5th, one day prior to the election. Those who do not return their ballot may still vote at the polls but must cast a provisional ballot. Of course, “that’s so officials may verify that they did not vote absentee and also show up at the polls.”

    But those provisional ballots are not counted until at least November 17th, 11 days after Election Day! As of October 20, only 618,861 of the 1.43 million absentee ballots requested had been returned. As these numbers are very likely to grow substantially (thanks to Sec. Husted’s extraordinary decision), an enormous number of provisional ballots may be cast on November 6th. And if the vote in the Buckeye State is as close as many predict, the nation could be kept waiting for nearly 2 weeks until a winner is determined.

    But far more worrisome than any delay in calling the presidential election is the likelihood of voter fraud. For years, absentee ballots have represented the most frequently used and easiest method of stealing elections. And of course, stories of fraud which abound across the country almost always involve the Democrat Party.

    A case in point: in Troy, New York, absentee ballot voter fraud was discovered and “…a bevy of Democratic politicians and political operatives were investigated and indicted…including the local elections commissioner.” They had set up a scheme of “…forging absentee ballots, without the real voters knowing about it, and then voting the fake ballots…”

    Of course, Democrats are fond of assuring the American public that there IS no voter fraud! But Republican poll watchers had better be VERY cautious and VERY suspicious of every “new voter” and every request for a provisional ballot. And when absentee ballots are opened, none may be counted unless signatures match without question.

    One or two stolen swing states may well give the election to Obama. And as we know, Democrats will have no compunction about committing the fraud necessary to accomplish just that. Republicans will have to shed their usual habit of “just wanting to get along.” For the future well-being of the nation may depend upon Republicans re-discovering their long-abandoned courage on this Election Day!

  4. October 27, 2012 @ 10:07 pm

    MIKE said:

    Typical Republican blind hate. These are legal citizens of the US voting. You’d do anything to prevent people from voting for Obama (and let’s face it, you don’t actually know anything about Romney, you just know you hate Obama). If they were voting Republican (and you don’t ACTUALLY know who they voted for) you’d be patting each other on the back so hard, you’d break a rib.

    Shut up you stupid coward commie pig! Most of us only care if they are legal or not to vote and this is a typical stunt by you left-wing commie scum. Your party is a bunch of liars. and I did not put it past them. If they are not citizens I really don’t care who they would vote for but I am sure the libs are coaching them. Non-citizens should not be allowed to vote period.

    I hope there is a way to investigate this and the Republicans make a stink out of it.

  5. after the Bush fiasco in Florida with the electronic voting machines
    its time to go to paper ballots at least they are easier to
    monitor than rigged electronic gear.Is it possible to go to paper
    ballots or not.Al Gore should know but then he was party to the
    fraud that occured with Bush when he wouldnt demand a recount in
    Florida….As the retd marine would say its lock and load time
    and I totally agree with him .God bless the military they must be
    so frustrated at the way they are being treated same in Aus

  6. WHY can’t the election officials deny the vote to these people on the presumption they are not citizens because naturalized citizens are required to show some proficiency in English?! Otherwise allow them to vote if they show proof of citizenship.

    Allowing this to proceed is insanity and a complete mockery of the integity of our election process. Also how can we determine how many times these ineligible people have voted and at how many different locations?

    Has America become a banana republic?

      • I hope the states like Texas, Wyoming and others defy him as I wouldn’t trust those “UN monitors” not to STEAL the Americans’ elections!!!!

        Furthermore, one of the BEST POSSIBLE things the USA – and ALL Western nations in fact – can do is to LEAVE the UN and expel it from American soil!!! To boot, the other Western countries should evict all UN organizations like FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF and the others from THEIR cities like Rome, Paris et al…

        Virtually NOTHING of real substance ever gets done in those bodies and their offices – they’re merely reservoirs of “plum” jobs for incompetent, ignorant and UNCARING “Third World” bureaucrats currently in favour with their countries’ dictators!!!

  7. Typical Republican blind hate. These are legal citizens of the US voting. You’d do anything to prevent people from voting for Obama (and let’s face it, you don’t actually know anything about Romney, you just know you hate Obama). If they were voting Republican (and you don’t ACTUALLY know who they voted for) you’d be patting each other on the back so hard, you’d break a rib.

    • The law in the US is pretty clear on one thing, to obtain citizenship you have to be able TO READ, WRITE AND UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. In the immigration notes on naturalization they point out that many people fail because they cannot reply to a question during the exam.If someone needs an interpreter to vote they are either NOT CITIZENS or THEY HAVE OBTAINED CITIZENSHIP FRAUDULENTLY. So it is not a question of blind hatred but a perfectly legitimate concern for the law .

    • So let me get this straight, if an illegal votes, does it not concern you that even your vote is now void? Typical republican blind hate you say, you’d do anything to prevent people from voting for obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone, really, hate is a rather strong word coming from a poster who doesn’t even understand the consequences of his own vote being null and voided by an illegal, PROVE to US these people are legal, if you can do this, I’ll concede your point, otherwise, you sir are full of camel dung, (you just know you hate obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone), there is that word hate again, now why would we hate this kenyan, I’d say we don’t hate him, we DESPISE his actions against all of the peoples of this land, and after 4-years of a clear cut enemy within the gates, a man who has still NOT put forth a legal birth certificate, ( 9 of 10 cripitic scholars have already proven the B/C posted by this regime was fraudelent) as an American born citizen, 1895-SCOTUS, determined “both parents being born on the soil of these United States” defined as a citizen, and obama’s bin lyn’ openly touted his father being born, in africa, mother from Kansas, his words not mine, making him at best a dual citizen, not eligable for the position of POTUS, father was a british subject, mother, too young to confer citizenship on son because she too was not residing in the U.S. for a period of 14 years prior to his birth, and we just hate him because? You are posting on a site where the large porportion of viewers are an educated lot, not people who are easily persuaded by talking points of the enemy within; demonrat party members, moochers, losers, theives, liars, murdering muslims, your pal included, obama’s bin lyn’to everyone. I can smell the frustration of your own stench coming through your words, you picked the WRONG site to be baggering, or picking a fight, we don’t do BULLSHIT here pal, get with the program or leave, and by no means go away mad, prove your case, RESPOND with the PROOF or go vote for our combined destruction by voting in again a TRAITOR of this Republic. Good luck, loser. Signed a Federal Retired Officer of these United States, from the Citizens In Action committee.

    • Mike, tell me something. Be honest. In a post 9/11 world. I honestly want to know what the attraction is for any Muslim, Somali or otherwise, to want to come to EVIL AMERICA.

      America is too westernized, so they demand for example, that Halloween not be observed and celebrated in public school. It offends their religion. They have taken to trying to silence our free speech because in America, it’s legal and perfectly within our rights to offend, in fact, negative speech has always been considered the most protected speech.

      It’s gotten so bad that Muslim cab drivers in NYC for example refuse to drive a fare if the person(s) are drunk or have alcohol with them.

      They have taken to our city streets and block traffic for their prayer time rituals. They have to demand halal food in our schools of higher education. They demand special prayer times while they are at work.

      They wanted to build a Mosque down at ground zero, and they almost succeeded.

      What exactly do they find attractive about this USA? They are clashing with our culture at a very rapid rate. Don’t tell me that they don’t know this. They have created gangs and run in groups harrassing little old ladies and others in areas like
      Lewiston Maine.

      Many of these young Samali Muslims are being arrested on sex trafficing charges.
      One American father whose son murdered two military recruits in Nashville TN, Carlos Bledso, aka, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, was trained in Yemen. He was attending college in TN and he received the imprimatur of Islamic clerics to convert to Islam and join Al Shabaab.

      Nothing good is coming from these people being here. They are a drain, they are a clash of civilizations.

      Frankly, stupid individuals, like yourself, scare me. You are a dangerous mind. You throw caution to the wind, and put your coexist multi-cultural phony bull shit ahead of your own interests and that of your fellow Americans.

      Voting is a right, but if you can’t admit that in 2012, where we should have the most sophisticated voting methods, we choose rather to use a voting method with so many flaws that it’s a joke really.

      BTW, until I would feel safe entering any number of Muslim countries as a white American woman, (when hell freezes over) I will never feel safe with these people here in my own country. Remember, people learn what they live from childhood, and it’s exrtemely hard to just quit being X so you can join the civilized human race.

      I have a lot of children, and my children are 8th generation in America. My family heritage did build that. Patriotism is so deep in my vains and I won’t be giving it over to some third world backward ass trouble makers because of the likes like shit for brains such as you!

      Obama has his reasons for why these people are here, why they are entering voting booths with interpreters and if you want to PRETEND that are benign in nature, fine with me. Just do expect THINKING AMERICANS to listen to your point of view and embrace it. Do so at your own peril! Take a look at what Europe s experiencing and wake the F up!

      • QUOTE
        I have a lot of children, and my children are 8th generation in America. My family heritage did build that. Patriotism is so deep in my vains and I won’t be giving it over to some third world backward ass trouble makers because of the likes like shit for brains such as you!

        We have common perspective–kinda. :-)
        I’m the Very First of my Lineage to be born in Canada, and my Lineage goes back 27 Generations in England.
        England is gone now, I have no more desire to see it, and prefer to keep it in mind as I wanted to see it when (i’d hoped) to someday visit the land of my ancestors and my conception.
        All I have is Canada. No living relatives, and all nations that I have blood from are islamifying so fast it makes you dizzy to watch.
        That said, like you, I WILL NOT hand my Home over to some self-entitled, spoiled, sub-moronic, cretinous, criminal, sub-primates that the world would be better off without. The reason the somalis are here in UK and North America, the Western World is THE OTHER ISLAMIC NATIONS WON’T TAKE THEM IN.
        You know that, I know that. BNI knows that. MANY people know that including Leftists.
        But…those same damed lefties expect us to kow, bow head, and show-belly to these uneducated, uneducatable throwbacks with below-normal IQs and massive health and psych problems from inbreeding.

        Like you, I say:


        Also, I traded in the Taurus I had for a S&W Governor. ^ rounds instead of 5, and takes .45 ACP, .410 shotgun, or .45 Colt. Fits the hand better and 1 more round capacity.
        Also, it’s a bit more ‘solid’ so if I have to clout some flakewit upside the head… 😉

    • “Mike” is so obviously a “typical” COMMUNIST!!!! His bad-mouthing and belittling anybody who wants to vote for Romney as somebody who doesn’t “actually know anything about Romney” is the give-away (a second is his “typical Republican blind hate” – and who always evokes the shibboleth “hate” in such a context, other than Communists?!??)!!!!

      • Classic case of Liberabies, and related to Islamirabies, ADHD…you know how much we’re seeing of that these days?

        But, it’s a pretty common thing these days and as we all know one of it’s symptoms is a failure of the Objective and the Critical thinking systems in the brain.
        Also, sufferes are known to cry ‘Racist’ and ‘Hate’ at the slightest provocation–which is usually delusional in nature.

        • How much are we seeing of “totalitarianosis” (this word is intended both to encompass ALL totalitarianism and designated as a disease like trichinosis among others)? PLENTY!!!

          No wonder, because totalitarianism is the outgrowth of a criminal mind which at bottom thinks that “I’m OK and nobody else is!” – pretty much (if I’m not wrong) the mind-set of a psychopath who will use anybody and anything to get his way – and then discard it like so much Kleenex when the one’s no longer useful to him!!!

          As such a one is more convinced that he’s right and everybody else’s wrong, this attitude hardens that much more; especially if this attitude is not confined to one small area of life but spreads through other aspects of his life. Simultaneously, his hatred and contempt (even if he’s able to mask or suppress outward display thereof) becomes that much worse. For case studies, we can look at Ljéñin or Stáljin as figures.

          [I don’t want to burden you with more reading than necessary, but Simon Sebag Montefiore’s twin books on Staljin: “Young Stalin” and “Stalin: the Court of the Red Tsar”, while being the purest possible poison for the soul and heart, are an intellectual feast. I can’t help recommending them in the strongest terms – but only to those who have a strong spiritual life and side, who know to abhor the total wickedness of that absolute OGRE OF EVIL!!!!]

        • I agree, and you’re dead-on, although I think the term is Sociaopath and not Psychopath??
          The books, I’ll read some day in the future–I know that with a warning like that I’m too young for them yet, too ‘soft, and too vulnerable.
          So, they;r on the List–but for later in Life.

          As you know, I agree with all your points–pressed for time with handling the door in regards to assisting the economy by making dentitst rich.
          Trick-or-Treaters. :-)

        • Mrs. Wilkins:

          I’m not sure that I’d think of you as too young – yours spotted that apparently you spoke of yourself as 29 years of age. [I’m 50.] Most people can handle MANY things by then, though whether one can EVER be fully ready to tackle something as nasty as Stáljin biographies is debatable.

          [The part about Stáljin post-1917 (about him being the “Red Tsar” – when I use the transliterated Russian version of the 2nd-word “Carj”, the ‘j” is meant to soften the ‘r’ somewhat) I tackled about 5 or 6 years ago – and managed to get through it. The other one (“Young Stalin”) has been even more painful as given how he was beaten mercilessly, even nearly killed, by his alcoholic father and his mother of loose morals (anything to survive after her husband turned to drink, finally destroying himself, after losing two previous children), NO WONDER he (who actually had some good inclinations) went so wrong: bad parenting plus a bad (rough-&-tumble) community – and all in a Russian Empire with so very, very much wrong with it!!! It’s this kind of tragedy that makes it hard reading for me – that’s why I’ve not finished the book as of yet.]

          Either way, when we also remember that Mohammed had a similarly-nasty childhood, can correlate just how MONSTERS like Stáljin, Mohammed and Hitler get formed – though it’s a bit harder to relate to Ljéñin, who actually had “good” (at least on the surface) parenting but who turned into a militant atheist when his father died before he could give the teenager his final blessing.

        • Hmmm…I should dig more into things, you’re right. I just know myself, and reding things with information like what you speak of, well to be blunt, it rips me apart internally. I’ve learned, due to knowing the effects such has on me and thus my life to handle such information with care. It’s valuable info, but some things need to be approached and handled properly so one doesn’t hurt oneself in assimilating such. (Like a month long depression).
          I will go reading, but take it in small bites. Stories of such hideous childhoods hurt, and leave a pall on my life.
          Hitler, Stalin, Mohammed…three good reasons to stick to my guns in my views on raising kids. I will raise People–not curse the world with monsters that need not be.
          TY for the book references, if nothing else, they’ll help me learn even more how not to be a parent, and thusly, how to be a better parent when the time comes. :-)
          It’s so easy to forget that they wer all men, and could hurt and bleed and suffer like the rest of us.

        • That’s a better attitude (if I dare put it this way – no offence meant), Mrs. Wilkins:

          Yes, smaller doses can be very helpful, especially if you’re not really secure in your capability to handle it. [For me, with my mental troubles, I felt like turning to The Imitation of Christ or some other such holy Christian book (the Bible included) enough times when reading about such MONSTERS like Ñikoláy Jezhóv or Lavrjéntiy Bjérija (though ALL of these people were so absolutely benighted!!). Also, BRAVA to you for recognising that – in spite of their GREAT EVIL – these wretches and their followers (including enough women too, especially later on) were still all human beings. As you said, it’s so horrifically EASY to forget that…

          However, even as we can be understanding and caring relative to individuals, it’s vital to remember how these totalitarians as a group CAN’T possibly be dealt with as a group. I sincerely hope that you can make some sort of contact with some armaments-makers who can help you and your community fight back any large-scale Moslem influx! God Bless you all!!!

        • I’m mindful of my ability to handle heartwrending things like that. ‘Small bites’ so it’s manageable, and not overwhelming. I like to learn–but some info is so…intense, that it hurts. Imagine what stalin and Hitler would have been had they NOT been abused…they’d have been among History’s Greats, instead of the most reviled. I see the Potential they had–turned and twisted wrongly–I see men robbed of the destiny they Could Have Had.
          I pity them, to be honest, now that I know something of the background that shaped them. I like to think that despite the wrongs they did in this world, there was still a spark of Humanity that earned them Peace after their deaths–they didn;t ask to be monsters, they were…victims of it, and evil IS contagious, like a virus. They started out as good people, then, well, they got ‘mangled’.

          As you say, in THIS world and life–the battle and war Is ON. Make no mistake, my sentiments regarding the above I do NOT allow to ‘fuzzle’ my perspective of the here-and-now. I have a home and loved ones to consider, as does Husband (for the record he makes me look like a hippy!!) and I will NOT falter in my resolv against the facism, tyranny or totalitarianism facing us all. I will stare it down–and shoot it in the guts.
          In War, the only Rule is Survival and Victory. As for armaments, TY for your thoughts!! I’m trying to find for Council which is best, for our Militia:
          1; Accurizing AK-47 series weapons

          2; Increasing the reliability of AR-15 series firearms.
          Trying to find out what nets the best benefit for the $$ spent.

          Thus far, our best weapons have been Law, our Cops, and our Native Citizen Protection Patrols.
          Natives, really take their job seriously. NO one has a problem with that–aside from the islamists. 😀
          Islamists hate them–the NCPP–thry’ve told the islamists, plain-blunt, they’ll scalp islamist lawbreakers assaulting Citizens.
          NO they’re NOT kidding.

          Blessed Be my friend. We may be different faiths, but we have found the Common Ground.
          Be safe & Well, you and your loved ones, always and ever.

    • Mike, if America is islamified, kiss your music and movie industry Good-Bye. Don’t believe me?
      Look at what’s happening in the other islamifying nations, especially Mali.
      You think post-islamification you won’t have religious police and such prowling around and checking to make sure you’re being a good boy for allahkazoo??

      Count on it, mate.

      If America goes islam, the Canadian border WILL be closed, the plans are already there and ready to go, just in case. There’s to be a ‘window’ to allow Americans in, but muzzies need not get off their welfare-fed asses, they’ll be turned back.
      No speak English, and not of asian ancestry?
      Canada’s undergoing a quiet little revolution all her own, and this nation is BUILT on being prepared–with our weather it’s a death sentence if you don’t plan ahead.
      Of course, there’s no way to weed out the muzzie-lovers but think about what’ll happen to them shoul they flee the USA, come here, and start the Letist-crap about being nice to muzzies and all that rot.

      Think rope, tree, and Old School problem-solving re; Treason.

      You love muzzies so much, then look around at the world, consider what’s happening in America, and act as you think is best.
      But if things go islamic down there, do yourself a favor and stay there with your muzzie pals because we sure as Hell don’t want muzzie lovers up here–we’ve already got plenty thanks.

  8. The only way we are going to win this election is to Vote! Democrats are finding any way they can to cheat. This election is more like a third world country trying to overthrow a dictator who is determined to win at any cost, in anyway! Never in history has there been a call for UN officials to oversee a election. People we have got to take Amereica back!! The media is not going to help, they are part of the cover up. We have got to Vote and make sure everyone we know Votes. This must be a record turnout and send a message loud and clear.

  9. I am serious, who do we contact to voice our opinion that voter fraud might be committed in Ohio? Is there a Republician voter in Ohio that knows who to contact? Obviously not the Democratic Party. If enough people complain and the media is made aware of this, it might get the situation looked into. I am willing to send emails. Who can point me in the right direction? Anyone here a resident of Ohio? If no one compalins, then this will just continue.

  10. As A Resident Living In The #1 Somali Immigrant/Refugee/Asylee/Anchor Capital Of The World: I Know What They Do Is: FRAUD! They Get More In Government Benefits, Simply For Religious Reasons…& In Most Cases Simply Because He/She’s An Immigrant..I’ve Seen First HAND That Some Cheat On Their Citizenship Tests, Using A English-Fluent Fellow Somali To Help Cheat On The Test And What’s Messed Up These Brats Still Deliberately Do NOT Know English, To Keep Stuck In Their Narrow Minds….They Stay In This Country For Simply : $$$$$!…& To Push An Agenda, Where The Majority Of America Says: “HELL, TO THE EFF NAWL”……..PEACE!

  11. Why are these Somali let in this Country if this aint voter fraud what the Fuck is these sorry No good Moslems can’t even speak Fucken English,deport all Somali’s and all Moslems back to Moslem countrys Obama has got to go!!

  12. When the hell are a sufficient amout of citizens going to wake the hell up and say enough is enough? All voter registration cards should have a photo of the voter and one should be required to prove citizenship to get one. The Demoncrats opposition to this requirement isn’t based upon the premise of potential discrimination against Hispanics or other minorities, that is just their cover story. No, their oppossition is solely predicated upon their desire to commit voter fraud by busing in non-citizen residents, both legal and illegal. In other words, to steal elections.

    It is past time to declare the Democrat Party an outlawed, subversive crime syndicate.

  13. Ohio seems like a a ‘hick’ state. Can’t fathom that this state, and non-speaking, probably illiterate ‘immigrants’, could possibly decide the outcome for POTUS!

    Surely, it is illegal to tell someone who to vote for, whether under threat, bribe or otherwise.

    No other word for it: DEMOCRATS are CHEATS!

  14. A greeting party with iron pipes and baseball bats needs to be there to welcome them. They don’t fear us so they blatantly steal from us out in the open.

  15. What is the party of EVIL?
    Answer these questions and you can tell without being told.
    What party likes Europe better than the USA? DEM. REP.
    What party thinks the Constitution is of no consequence any longer? DEM. REP.
    What party says Abortion is wrong? DEM. REP.
    What party says one parent is all you need to raise a child? DEM. REP.
    What party says we must be more like Europe, socially and politically? DEM. REP.
    What party is for Unions holding the people of the nation hostage when bargaining? DEM. REP.
    What party says GOD is dead? DEM. REP.
    What party is Socialistic? DEM. REP.
    What party wants GOD out of the entire party platform? DEM. REP.
    What party is against the death penalty? DEM. REP.
    What party is self protection? DEM. REP.
    What party blames America for the plight of the world? DEM. REP.
    What party promotes Homosexual behavior and bestiality? DEM. REP.
    What party promotes Homosexual marriage? DEM. REP.
    What party promotes welfare and the destruction of the soul? DEM. REP.
    What party blames others when they are clearly wrong? DEM. REP.
    What party advocates Unions in Gov.? DEM. REP.
    What party advocates unions to teach our children? DEM. REP.
    What party advocates the Separation of Church and State? DEM. REP. COMMUNIST
    What party advocates Global warming? DEM. REP.
    What party promotes dissention between the races? DEM. REP.
    What party thinks this nation is secular from inception? DEM. REP.
    What party wants prayer out of school and Government? DEM. REP.
    What party has the most registered voters in the Military? DEM. REP.
    Which party gives the most of their own money to charity? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants the borders to fall between our nation and our neighbors? DEM. REP.
    Which party advocates drug usage? DEM. REP.
    Which party advocates the European form of justice? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants the Government to be all powerful? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants the individual to be responsible for themselves? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants the Second Amendment gone? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants certain restrictions on Free Speech? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants government to provide from cradle to grave? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants your children to be the property of the state? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants a dictatorship [Fascists] here in the USA? DEM. REP.
    Which party thinks taxation is stealing? DEM. REP.
    Which party wants bigger and bigger gov.? DEM. REP.
    Which party advocates abortion? DEM. REP.
    Which party advocates GOD is not real? DEM. REP.


  16. Where are the Republican Watchdogs, they should be out at the polling stations
    watching for this type of dirty dealings ??????

    If they can lie about Benghazi , this is small potatoes in comparison

    • That’s just it, technically nobody can be in the polling center so who’s actually going to witness the fraud? We leave it up to the staff at the polls to handle it…. and likely they have their hands tied.

  17. Why doesnt this surprise me coming from the obama camp. Sounds like obama is more suited to running a third world dictatorship than a western democracy. Hes a cheating lying chip on his shoulder black man who will get what he deserves one way or the other.

    • madaussie: Obama isn’t up to running anything and he knows it only too well. That’s why he has appointed so many so called Czars to do the job that he is incapable of doing. He would rather gold, posture, and preen while Valerie Jarrett runs the country through his appointees and cabinet members.
      He would be laughed out of the world if he was white or Republican. He is the image of Affirmative Action in action. Lets all make excuses for him because we all know “THEY” don’t know any better. Bulls**t ! ! He is fudged by a lesser standard, id he’s judged at all by our Manure Stream Media. He thinks he is insulated by hordes of people who never read anything or never watch anything but sorry sitcoms on TV. He is making a mistake. How big of a mistake, the election will tell. But many of “his people” are not stupid and can see through the fraud that he

      Once again the “up arrow” is not working so I cannot go back to correct any typos. I beg you to bear with me as I curse the a$$holes that are hacking this website. SOB

  18. RE: ABSENTEE BALLOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/22/2012

    BO put out the word to have the absentee ballots stopped or delayed long enough to make them irrelevant in this election. He gave this word of mouth to the Sec. of State HAJI HILLARY and she gave it to the military liaison’s of the services to implement. But only to those that she has control of. So people and military personnel, be aware that we are having this election stolen from us, no matter how the vote is counted. Time to stop this illegal action before the harm is felt.

  19. ELECTION RESULTS. 9/22/2012
    What are we to do? The elections throughout the nation are to be counted or posted on computers. These computers are rigged, in some cases, primarily in the key counties of the various key states. What are we going to do to fix this problem? Demand hard copy recount on all precincts in the nation where the vote is within 5% regardless of the party or cost. Do not use computers to rerun the tallies. When fraud is found hard jail time with no parole is a must. Those that are responsible must serve twice the time as those that physically put the programs in the computers.
    Don’t get soft on the perps. Be conscientious to get to the truth. Make sure the general public is a primary factor in the recounts, physically helping and observing.

    • Obama and the Democrooks are desperate to win this election. Obama will then have four years to turn the USA into a Socialist/Communist country. Obamacare is just the beginning of GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Obama is a LYING KENYA BORN MUSLIM MORON who will do anything to get re-elected…by hook or crook. He will do whatever it takes – even shirking his responsibility with not sending help to Benghazi to SAVE OUR FOUR AMERICANS. These Libyan murderers could have been afforded. Obama was too busy going to Vegas. He could care less about America or Americans. Vote for Romney-Ryan, THE REAL AMERICANS for President Romney would make us proud. He is a smart man and will do what is right and decent!!

        • And how are we to know this since he will not release his records? I absolutely believe that his college records contain information about his foreign passport, that he represented himself as a foreign student in order to receive education funds. Why else would he have to pay $4 million to seal his records?

        • Then why does he have a muslim name,and why does he host so many mooslime holiday functions at the wh on our dime,and why does he wear a ring that has the inscription that says there is no god but allah,and why wont he call islam a terrorist cult!!?? You are so full of communist liberal shit,nobody here beleives your idolater spew about your god(obama)!

        • He’s either a muslim, or a hard-core islamist-enabler. and it doesn’t matter what nations he was born in, as if it wasn’t part of the USA, it renders his presidency invalid.
          …and what, pray tell is he hiding regarding his records and files by Executive Order sealing them? First thing he did in office was seal those records.

          If he’s got nothing to hide, then he’s got nothing to be afraid of, right?

  20. Ship the Somali muslimes BACK to Somalia, and send their fraudulent poll workers with them; doing time for fraud in a U.S prison would be way too good for these dhimmicrat bast—-ds; let them get a taste of the REAL muslime world that they claim to so dearly love!!

  21. this is why there should by voter id laws to root out fraud. it has nothing to do with minorities and all to do with illegals of any country voting


    • UNHCR, US Department of Health & Environment, Catholic Charities, among other “refugee resettlement” contractors have brought the most violent and warlike Moslems to these shores for vote harvesting.

      • This is just the warm-up act.
        I heard from a friend in Edmonton tonight that if they start bringing in/allowing in Burmese muslims…
        Buy A Gun.
        They make the somali look like Nuns on good pot.

        And we all know how much Libs Love ‘Lamicists, so I’m sure all your cities and towns will have their due allotment of Burmese bludgewits as soon as Obamination can get them shipped in for your convenience.

        I really hope Obamination dies from a cerebral aneurysm the night of the election, JUST before the final tally–let him wander the 7 Hells wondering about it for all of time.

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