BELGIUM: Newly elected representatives of the Islam Party say, “We are all Islamists”

There are only two elected members of the Islam Party now, but they anticipate having a lot more soon. In 2014, the Islam Party plans to put up many Muslim candidates in regional elections and in the future, national elections.

ORIGINAL STORY: belgium-radical-muslims-move-closer-to-an-islamofascist-takeover-without-having-to-fire-a-shot

Islam Party’s immediate demands include:

• Halal food in cafeterias

• Muslim religious holidays recognized

• No restrictions on women and girls wearing Muslim garb in public

Islam Party’s Long Term Goals include:

• Legalization of child marriage

• Review of mixing sexes in public places

• Accustom the public to having Islamic law in anticipation of Belgium eventually becoming an Islamic state ruled by sharia law. It may take awhile, but it will happen

• Get used to it



18 comments on “BELGIUM: Newly elected representatives of the Islam Party say, “We are all Islamists”

  1. bye- bye Europe. the muslim filth will destroy the world. i wonder what happened to mo that the turned from peace to hate?

  2. Is there a Belgium Freedom Party and a Belgium Defense League? If not, start a Freedom Party and a Defense League immediately! Don’t let INHUMAN God-haters destroy your country and people! Fight back whilst you are still a majority or your suffering will be horrendous like the severely persecuted non-Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt! Devout MUSLIMS SHOW NO MERCY TO HATED INFIDELS!

  3. @Bonni,
    I found on youtube some interesting facts about the papal,
    check this out on youtube,( POPE SIXTUS 111 ), .
    + A seperate story
    The vatican has given permission for a mega mosque to be built in Italy.
    Check youtube and you will know the answer.

    • For this i don’t go to church anymore. I still pray God at home, but I don’t want to risk to go in a mosque shaped as church, listening an imam dressed as priest.
      Of course, there are serious priest that understand the danger of islam. But the pope is not a pope anymore. Is a grand mufti.

      I hope someone bring pigs on the mosque yard.

  4. I used to have a girlfiend from Belgium that liked to call the U.S. things that liberals like to say, until I’d tell her to shut up. I wish I knew where she was now so that I could ask if her liberal Belgium was turning into the country she wanted it to, and if she was ok with wearing a hijab or whatever the bags are called. Heck maybe she’s converted by now.

    • Why not contact her (if you still have her address and it turns out to be still current)? See how she likes the situation now – you never know what she might NOW say… 😉

      • While we’re at it, I really liked Ms. BNI’s putting up (on a subsequent heading) a cartoon of an aeroplane disgorging only a few people to the “Arrivals” staircase while being loaded chock-full with people boarding it climbing “Departures”!!! If all those departing were Communists, Nazis, Fascists and Moslems, GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

  5. It may be geographically above France, but Belgium has always existed by riding someone’s coat tails. Other than the use as a neutral meeting place, the City of Brussels, Belgium has only a fictional fop detective to claim as famous. As a country, they have no testerone producing glands at all.
    I wish them all the enjoyment that hajibs and burkhas can produce.

  6. To them free from polytheism means free from Christianity. They are under the delution that Christians worship three gods. Actually they are the idolaters who worship the ancient Babylonian moon god idol Allah, and we Christians worship the one creator Yahweh come in the flesh as Jesus Christ.

  7. Bye bye Belgium, and welcome to Belgistan. The future enslaved native children of Belgium will hate you for what you have allowed. You deserved to be despised.

  8. Say good bye to a once proud country belgiumistan. The savages will use the democratic process and eventually bastardize it into only men can vote, gays are killed, all not muslims are chased out and so on. Belgium can still save their country while they still have the majority. After 2020, it will be too late if it already is not too late. I spoke to a man who left England with his family, because of the muslim influenze. He did not feel that there was a will to save englandistan so he left.

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