BELGIUM: Newly elected representatives of the Islam Party say, “We are all Islamists”

There are only two elected members of the Islam Party now, but they anticipate having a lot more soon. In 2014, the Islam Party plans to put up many Muslim candidates in regional elections and in the future, national elections.

ORIGINAL STORY: belgium-radical-muslims-move-closer-to-an-islamofascist-takeover-without-having-to-fire-a-shot

Islam Party’s immediate demands include:

• Halal food in cafeterias

• Muslim religious holidays recognized

• No restrictions on women and girls wearing Muslim garb in public

Islam Party’s Long Term Goals include:

• Legalization of child marriage

• Review of mixing sexes in public places

• Accustom the public to having Islamic law in anticipation of Belgium eventually becoming an Islamic state ruled by sharia law. It may take awhile, but it will happen

• Get used to it