BERLIN: Try to leave your Muslim boyfriend and get your nose and breasts cut off

The Local, always a slave to political correctness, whitewashes the truth here. Berlin police are hunting the boyfriend of a woman who was found tied to a chair in the family home with serious mutilations to her face and chest.

(Nose mutilations are quite common in the Muslim world as you can see by the photos here. Breast removal I’ve only seen once on a Christian woman from Sudan who refused to convert to Islam)

Islam vs Europe  (h/t Maria J) A man walking down the street in the Schöneberg district of the city on Tuesday afternoon heard cries for help, Berlin’s state prosecutor told The Local. “She had managed to drag herself to the window and was calling for help despite being tied to a chair, gagged and having suffered terrible mutilating injuries,” said Martin Steltner, the prosecutor’s spokesman. Her ten-year-old daughter had also been tied to a chair and gagged but was physically unharmed.

Steltner said the 36-year-old woman was a refugee from Iran. “It’s a terrible situation, terrible,” he said. Her boyfriend had Dutch citizenship but was originally from Iraq, he said. “He is on the run,” he added, confirming the 45-year-old was the main suspect in the case. FOR WHAT REALLY HAPPENED………………………. we have to turn to the Berlin Kurier to find out that the perp was called Omid M. and that he tortured the woman, his girlfriend, because she wanted to leave him. For hours her lover, in an ice cold manner, is said to have abused her with a knife. Her face and hands were slashed, nose and breasts cut off, her abdomen brutally mutilated.