BERLIN: Try to leave your Muslim boyfriend and get your nose and breasts cut off

The Local, always a slave to political correctness, whitewashes the truth here. Berlin police are hunting the boyfriend of a woman who was found tied to a chair in the family home with serious mutilations to her face and chest.

(Nose mutilations are quite common in the Muslim world as you can see by the photos here. Breast removal I’ve only seen once on a Christian woman from Sudan who refused to convert to Islam)

Islam vs Europe  (h/t Maria J) A man walking down the street in the Schöneberg district of the city on Tuesday afternoon heard cries for help, Berlin’s state prosecutor told The Local. “She had managed to drag herself to the window and was calling for help despite being tied to a chair, gagged and having suffered terrible mutilating injuries,” said Martin Steltner, the prosecutor’s spokesman. Her ten-year-old daughter had also been tied to a chair and gagged but was physically unharmed.

Steltner said the 36-year-old woman was a refugee from Iran. “It’s a terrible situation, terrible,” he said. Her boyfriend had Dutch citizenship but was originally from Iraq, he said. “He is on the run,” he added, confirming the 45-year-old was the main suspect in the case. FOR WHAT REALLY HAPPENED………………………. we have to turn to the Berlin Kurier to find out that the perp was called Omid M. and that he tortured the woman, his girlfriend, because she wanted to leave him. For hours her lover, in an ice cold manner, is said to have abused her with a knife. Her face and hands were slashed, nose and breasts cut off, her abdomen brutally mutilated.


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  1. Excuse me for going off topic, but you, good people of this God-blessed site, need to see what I just saw on Twitter. It’s about the US election. A picture that’s worth a thousand words…

  2. Koran 4.34: “Then if they obey you, take no further action against them.”

    The Koran gives permission to inbred, killer zombie jihadists to hurt women beyond beating.

    Honor killing and mutilation are normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  3. This is not relative nor supportive of the religion of Islam.. There is no religious motivation or guidance even to suggest that this can even be “Islamically” orientated. If we have to be just and honest, it is Christianity that has an nondiscriminatory patent which supports abuse and torture, not just against their wives (or “girlfriends”), but against their own selves too. The modern secularist ideology chiefs that of Christianity making torture part and parcel of foreign policy/national security, justifying their lack of human decency, abuse and torture with phrases such as “War on Terror” – providing a vague enemy, opposes a ‘tactic’, has no clear measure of success, privileges the state and the status quo (‘we’ vs. ‘them’) and thus lifts the problem out of political, religious, economic, and historical context, rather it is emotional and sensational.

    A little off topic but Pres. Obama promised in his inauguration that he would shut down all the US torture camps which are dotted all over the globe, mainly Guantanamo Bay. Three years later, torture camps have multiplied. I understand that false promises are testament of a US President but it also seems that war-mongering, murdering innocent civilians, robbing countries of their natural resources and blanketing the victimised countries as “terrorist nations”.

    In my personal opinion, I believe that if any of you have read this message to this point without making pre-judgments of me would be a near miracle. Based upon the title of this article alone, one would assume that this is not someone that is following his religion, and therefore can be deemed (at least) as a “bad Muslim” since his actions do not reflect his beliefs.

    I recommend you all to read the Life of Muhammad before you read the Qur’an, this will probably prevent you from being deceived by websites like this one and others..

      • Actually, that good-for-nothing “John Smith” is a MOSLEM!!! He attacks BOTH Christianity and secular humanism – also note his “hover-card”!!!! Furthermore, his recommending the “Life of Muhammad” is another give-away (note the spelling)!!!!

        BEGONE, “John Smith”, with your taqiyya and kitman!!!! Ah, I wish we had noticed your real self earlier. The REAL God Yahweh (YHWH) will see through your EVIL HEART far more easily than we can imagine – all your obfuscations, lies, distortions et al notwithstanding!!!!!


    • You call Gitmo a torture camp. What do you call the Muslims that have beheaded many of our military and hung them on a bridge? Give two choices waterboarding or beheading which one would you chose. I wish we would bring our boys home so you Muslims can get back to killing each other. We will stop sending money to the Muslim countries and let them die in their own human waste.

      You should follow BNI’s suggstion.

      • AMEN and AMEEN – and AMJINJ yet again!!!!

        I totally agree that ALL Westerners (both military and civilian) should leave “dar al-Islam” down through the last man, woman and child of any and all ages!!!! At the same time, ALL Moslems out of the West!!!! [And may they be joined by all their Communist, Fascist and Nazi allies!!!!]

        That way, all the totalitarians will be swept out of the West and able to enjoy their beloved dictatorships of whatever sort…

  4. Mutilating women is normative Islam, rather than an aberration. Of course, BEATING WOMEN UP (Koran 4.34…’beat them’) is the first recourse…then the divinely (or satanically) inspired Koran says, ‘if they obey you…TAKE NO FURTHER ACTION’!!!!!

    The Koran leaves the door open to mutilation and honor killing.

    Honor killing is permitted by the Koran and sacred Sharia law…honor killing comes from Allah, so it’s ‘perfect’.

  5. Islam perverts the mind, to mutilate those you have control over, as Allah has control over you. Will we ever get to the point where we stop all Muslim immigration to the West? Faster, faster, indeed.

    • Muslims come here as foreign students…stop letting Muslims here to srudy..Look what that one in Texas army said when killing fellow soldiers…It was a woman soldier with a gun who paralyzed him…Now waiting for trial? I do not call it a work related accident???

    • According to their birth rate that is about all they know how to do. That or killing people. That is one reason why muslims hate Jews, the Jews outshine them in everything they do since muslims have done nothing to be proud of, unless abusing women makes them proud. What have they done? Tell me five things that muslims have done to help others if you can. Peace to all non-muslims who want them to get a taste of what they are doing to others. But some people are just to stupid to get it.

      • “What have they done?” I’ll tell you what they have done! In 1767, Arab muslims from Oman invented the condom from the lower intestine of a goat. Thats what they have done! Sadly for them, 3 years later the British patented an improvement to the device by separating the condom from the goat. Sux to be them! Too “baaaad, so saaaad!”

      • true and they believe that the British and Americans have held them back. mostly because of the conflict between Science and Islam. There is also the view if it isn’t in the koran it doesn’t exist. oh they’ll use the technology but won’t invent anything

  6. Cowards, why don’t one of them fight with a man here one on one, no they abuse women or get together in gangs, cowards, cowards, ten thousand times cowards.

  7. Ah well these terrible crimes are carried out on women by shitscum Muzzo filth whilst the Dhimmi Leftists look the other way and keep making apologies for this shitscum whom feel.”victimised’ by the West. Meanwhile the real victims suffer in slience. Makes me super angry!

  8. islam, is by definition anathema to Life, women, and the Higher Human qualities.
    islam is wholly UN-Natural and has no place in our world.
    OUR world, not their’s…cultish criminal organizations cannot be legally recognized as Nation holders.

  9. Brings back memories of my Muslim Abuser who would literally try to pull my face off my head and grab my breasts in his hands and twist them until I passed out and fell on the floor. God it hurt so much, and I hope he gets his genitals twisted off at the roots and shoved down his throat and hung up by his thumbs. If it is the will of God.

  10. Heathens!!! It really is unbelievable that muslims feel quite safe in our countries committing these heinous acts. They should be scared to death, but they are not. This speaks volumes to how we are all a bunch of pussies. and they know it.

  11. Enough of of your Islamophobia! The Muslima deserved it! By Allah’s goatbeard, that 10 year-old should have been married and bred already! You kafirs make me sick.

  12. That disgusting savage should be euthanized! We put down rabid animals becaus of the danger they pose to humans and other animals…the same must be done to people like this barbarian.

    • What happened to free speech? Why hide the fact that you want them to chop his penis and testicles off. Your a big kid now tell it like it is. Private parts are old school, you can call them by their names now. That is like using radical muslims and moderate muslims when they all are frickin muslims. Chop them off and feed them to the pigs. I would write more but I got to wee wee. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.
      Just teasing you kaptainkrappy, I feel that way at time too.

  13. Remember Moslem Mr. Radio station owner in NY State, who’s airtime was devoted to BUILDING BRIDGES between moslems and Normal people, while his private time was spent beheading his wife? Oh- It’s here already

  14. Please forward this to our deear little chubby muslim girl. She will probably say this atrocity was done by a ron amok Catholic or Baptist. Surely not by an inbred, savage but sooooo loving muslim man.
    Wake up, any of you stupid women who have anything at all to do with these uncivilized warts on humanity.

  15. This will be common place in all countries that bow down to these inbred animals and their religion of piece by piece. Yes, I meant “piece”!

    • Of course it will Muse, the only reason he did not do it to me was his fear that the Police would get him and this lily livered coward may have to do some time. And this should never happen to a Muslim man, they are the Sons of Allah, and women are shit beneath their feet. People need to understand this. They truly believe they are within their rights because we women are lower life forms, like dogs and pigs.

    • It’s VITAL that ALL – repeat ALL – non-Moslem women be educated about what Moslem men (far more than any other men or women for that matter!!!) are capable of BECAUSE OF THEIR IDEOLOGY!!!!

      NO DATES!!! NO MARRIAGE!!! NO SEX!!! NOTHING WHATSOEVER with Moslems and especially Moslem men!!!!! These criminals or criminals-in-waiting have to be shunned like the plague!!!… [And who cares if the Commies and Muzturds label this comment as “racist, bigoted” et al ad nauseam?!???]

      • In fact, as I think about it – and let this apply to men as well as to women – I wouldn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with a Moslem. I wouldn’t employ them, and God FORBID I EVER had to work for them in ANY capacity whatsoever!!!! Regardless of how respectable their employment and/or qualifications be, I wouldn’t want to ever be an employee of theirs; and if I knew of anybody seeking to be such (IF I knew them at all!!!), I’d try my best to discourage them from it!!!!

        Furthermore, we MUST boycott ALL their businesses, all their classes (in academic institutions), all their social circles (even if they seek to mix with Westerners – I’d far rather cut off all ties with anybody who really gets close to them until such time as they evict all Moslems out of their lives!!!), anything and everything!!!!

        By ALL rights, there should be NO PLACE for Moslems in the West – and no place for Westerners in “dar al-Islam”!!!!!

      • The better treatment for somebody like this is what James Michener described that “Pirozhká” character as guilty of. A witness to it told him the following story about her doing this particular atrocity to somebody in “The Bridge At Andau”: she sexually aroused one of her prisoners, and THEN her colleagues stormed in, pinioned the poor wretch and inserted a glass tube deep into his penis. They then beat it into breaking – he NEVER again was able to even urinate without the extremest possible pain…

        Utterly inhumane, grisly, horrifying and most anti-Christian (it truly proves just how VILE all Mankind can be!!!!); however, with this kind of creep, utterly DESERVED (totally different as opposed to that poor man in the Hungarian equivalent/derivative of the Soviet GULag!!!…)!!!!

        • I remember reading that in November, 1957 issue of Reader’s Digest, when it came out,,, “The Prison at Retchka” I think was the title of the story ( My spelling may be bad on that location ). The whole thing was the invasion of Hungary by the Soviet troops. Thank You, ADHD,,, I hadn’t remembered the details until you jogged my memory.