Islamic cleric says, “Democracy is a dirty word”

In a rare moment of honesty, this Muslim adds, “Freedom of speech means you can curse the paedophile prophet Mohammed, and democracy will protect you.” “In Islam there is no freedom of speech.”

Can’t argue with you there, Skippy.


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  1. You know, come to think of it, democracy, although not a dirty word, is a dirty process. It’s made for tough people and makes people tough. It’s like two drunks brawling. Nothing might be permanently settled, but they eventually fall or sit down on the curb, shake hands and slobber all over each other. And, life goes on, neither much worse for the wear.

    Muslims are too emotionally and intellectually retarded for democracy. And, they’re not tough enough. They’re, as they prove daily, whiny crybabies who must be spoonfed their daily ration of Islamic Pablum. They simply cannot think for themselves as evidenced by their incessant Quran quoting to “prove” all points. In short, they don’t deserve democracy, as they don’t deserve due process for their constant atrocities. Let ’em rot.

    Islam is poison.

    • Yes exactly, well said, as they are indeed pathetic, weak crybabies crying “victim” all the time. Raise their sons to be soft because mother’s and sisters do everything for them, so they are spoiled. That produces ignorant lazy male chauvinists and bullies. That culture could not be more at loggerheads with our own, let alone the religious aspect, the whole thing culture, religion , ideology is rotten to the core.No redeeming factors whatsoever, at least I can’t think of any, none at all.

  2. @Laura Keel,
    There was a film which I once saw ( futuristic ) which I do not know the title , but the meaning is about the same has in todays society,
    The reason they dont like free speech its because its called ” TRUTH SPEECH ” , And people are not allowed to tell the truth , and also the next thing will be ” TRUTH THINK ” If you are even thinking of saying the truth ( has in a group conversation ), It will also not be allowed. There is alot said for ” fore thought “.

  3. A Tale Of Two Presidents
    November 1, 2012 By Michael Reagan
    This is the story of two very different American presidents and how they each answered their emergency Libyan phone calls.
    First, the story of Ronald Reagan. When he got a call about trouble with Libya, it was in August of 1981, and I happened to be having dinner with him and Nancy in Los Angeles.
    We had just finished eating and were having coffee when Ed Meese phoned. Meese was my father’s top policy adviser, and there was a serious military crisis brewing in the Mediterranean.
    At the time, the United States Navy was conducting war exercises in international waters in the Gulf of Sidra off the Libyan coast.
    Since 1973, Moammar Gadhafi had claimed the gulf was part of Libya’s territorial waters and had “drawn a line” in the water that no one could cross.
    The United States ignored the claim, which clearly violated international law; and during naval maneuvers in 1973 and again in the fall of 1980, our reconnaissance planes were fired on by Libyan fighter planes.
    Jimmy Carter had cancelled American war games in the Gulf of Sidra because he didn’t want to upset Gadhafi. But when my father took office, he ordered them to be resumed.
    Ed Meese told my father over the phone that Gadhafi was sending out fighters that were locking onto our planes with their radar. There was worry that one of the Libyan jets would fire on one of our airplanes.
    Meese asked my father what we should do if our planes were fired upon.
    “Ed, fire back,” he said.
    “What if they fire at our planes and run?”
    “Chase them,” my father said.
    “What happens if they fire on our boys and not only fire and run, they fly back into their own airspace?”
    “Ed, if they fire on our boys, you chase them all the way back to their hangars if necessary, but you shoot them down.”
    “Fine, Mr. President. Should I call you and wake you if necessary?”
    “No,” my father said. “Only call me if our boys are shot down.”
    The next morning, we woke up to find two Libyan Su-22 fighter planes destroyed because a missile had been fired at one of our F-14 Tomcats. Meese never called my father to tell him because our boys were not shot down.
    When his emergency phone call came in, Ronald Reagan answered it like a commander-in-chief.
    When President Obama’s call came in telling him our consulate in Benghazi was under attack by terrorists, he put American lives on hold.
    He didn’t send in the Marines or scramble jets. He was too busy trying to be eye-candy on “The View” or making his appointment for his fundraiser in Vegas.
    That’s the difference between two presidents — one strong, one weak. One who answered the call, one who did not.
    And you can add a third president to this story. As weak as he was, Jimmy Carter at least tried to rescue the hostages in Tehran. Barack Obama did not even try to save our brave men in Benghazi.
    I tell that story about how my father dealt with his Libyan crisis to show you the stark difference between him and our sorry excuse for a commander-in-chief who wants four more years in office.
    We all understand that next week’s election will come down to “the economy, stupid” for many people. But we should never forget how a president should answer the call when American lives are on the line.

  4. They don’t seem to mind democracy when they are thieving the crap out of it. They would get the crap booted out of them if they went to conservative countries. They just love our social security, our education which is often free, our hospitals which they are over loaded with their children and the family they bring into our countries and use the Australian Free Hospital system, posing as the person on our Medicare card. They claim “Me no speaka Englaise”. Taqiyya bastards. No way of telling who they are. They bring family in from Turkey, Saudi and have their complicated and expensive operations at the Australian Taxpayers expense.

    I have reported it several times to our Social Security, but they do nothing. When do we stop these thieving bastards?

  5. So these camel rapers know their “prophet” (enjoying hell muhammad?) was a flippin pedophile, they just don’t want anyone to say it. Tough crap. May muhammd be immersed in a vat of liquid human waste up to his nose for all eternity, and may it also be on fire and filled with flesh eating beasts. After all, he certainly earned it.

  6. Not only “democracy” but ANYTHING “un-Islamic” is “no good”, period!!!! Only what Mohammed knew and approved of is “good” for Moslems; everything else, those throat-slitters want to WANTONLY destroy and kill!!!!

    [The second “Caliph”, ‘Omar, was truly being a “good Moslem” when he destroyed and obliterated the Library of Alexandria in AD 640: he said exactly what Mohammed would have when he said “if it’s in the Qu’rân, we don’t need it; if it’s not in the Qu’rân, we don’t want it!!!!”]

    That’s a MAJOR part of why Moslems must NEVER, EVER BE welcome in the West!!!! They have to be evicted or exterminated: just as Islam demands the total destruction of anything “un-Islamic” in its domains, we Westerners MUST demand the total extirpation of absolutely EVERYTHING Islamic in the West!!!!

    Islam and the West are such complete opposites – yea, ANTIPODES – as to be like God vs. Satan, Christ vs. Belial. They can NEVER MIX!!!!

    DEATH TO ISLAM anywhere and everywhere outside of the Arabian Peninsula!!!

    • ADHD, I do agree with you, but I’d like to state how bad islam is in a way I trust you’ll find amusing, even if you and others disagree with it. :-)

      God & Satan, one came from the other, and as satan’s name is Lucifer (Light-Bearer), and once was one of the Best of Heaven, there is likely a spark of light somewhere deep inside. Nothing created Divinely can ever be totally destroyed yes?
      That said,
      They perform the Antipodal Balance to keep the Universe balanced.

      islam, mohammed, and all that wholly-false and mohammed-made nonsense and deciet is made by him, mohammed-the-coward, and as we all know he was provably worse that Hitler & Stalin combined.
      God & Satan are like a see-saw–balanced but antipodal.

      islam is like a plate spinning atop a pole–tricky and unstable.

      Therefore, Satan himself, God’s own directly-appointed Antipode, is superior to mohammed and islam–because of that remnant spark inside.

      DISCLAIMER: NO, I’m not praising or calling people to worship the Devil, but he must be given his due, from his origins, as points in my statement against islam.

      Which I think says it all regarding islam and the twisted man-gone-wrong abomination that made it, and made it poorly to boot.. ;-D

    • hi ADHD, You are one of the most aware people on islam being such a threat to our democracy and I can not wait until USgov sends them all to Saudi Arabia. Berlin had a dating couple from Iran and the Muslim man cut her nose off because she no longer wanted him in her life? Berlin now agreed to accept Syrians from the war? My plans to visit Berlin have changed…even Hamburg has new laws to make Muslims have Islamic life and laws?

  7. As long as you are not in my country preaching crazy I don’t care. But this guy was speaking English to an unknown crowd and I hope it wasn’t a school here.
    If it is, he should be taken down by some patriotic vigilantes wherever he is. And here is my reasoning. He is against Free speech so lets take his freedom to talk crazy. Lets give him what he wants.

  8. gosh! i didnt know Zippy the clown was a real person…he’s definetly got the microphalic head….his mouth needs to be curcemsized….. these are the guys that our oil money creates …. we need keystone pipe line and send these inbread dirt eaters back to screwing goats.

    • just think michael jackson. he had converted to iIslam and wore a dress. i don’t know how serious he was about it since he used a lot of drugs

  9. Wow telling the truth that Mohammad was a potentially fictional character with all the worst traits of humanity is a crime? If American laws were truly enforced everywhere Muslims would be bounced out of the U.S like rubber. Hate crimes – that would close down at least 80% of the mosques from what the Imams say and the holy book they use. How many Muslims would be barred from living near schools under Megan’s law? I bet it would significant, the Muslim numbers in the U.S would shrink if they couldn’t access the children. Oh writing all this under free speech upsets the Muslims? It makes their conquest harder, and they prefer to be lazy. Ohhh….

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