PAT CONDELL on the Arab Spring and Barack Hussein Obama

“Barack Obama is a third world president who has managed to become even more hated in the Muslim world than George Bush was.” And that’s one of the nicer things Pat says about him.

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12 comments on “PAT CONDELL on the Arab Spring and Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Once osama obama is re-elected it would be time to try him with his treacherous crimes and have him impeached and imprisoned.

  2. Pat forgot to mention the ring obama wears with Islamic engraving on it. Pat’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. Obama missed his opportunity when he was kissing ass with Christie this week at the Jersey shore. He could have picked up a shovel and said this time shovel ready jobs are actually ready to start shoveling. Christie did look like he was endorsing Obama. But then if he wants to run in 2016, he stand a better chance then if Romney were president.

  3. Please, everybody, forward this to all your friends and acquaintances who have a vote in the United States of America. Americans need to see this. He covers it all so clearly. Bless that man.

  4. I wish Pat would move to America. It is probably too late for GB now so he should bunker up here. That or run for MP there and fight to change back some laws.

    (nice shirt)

  5. Good ol’ Pat – succinct as usual while lampooning the scum & their dhimmi useful idiots.
    What you call humour in a jugular vein :)

  6. Appeasing those who want to annihilate us, and redistributing our hard-earned wealth to them, is the obamanation’s top goals. dhimmitude and jizya packaged together and sold to americans as a desirable combination by a complicit media that is nothing but a propaganda arm of the democratic party.

    here is a video that clearly depicts obama’s plan for redistribution of wealth. feel like laughing?

    • Pat Condell is just anti-religious. His logic does not “hold water.” Without the Christian God, there is no basis whatsoever to believe in RIGHT or WRONG. If there is no God, then there is no morality…plain and simple

      • It conflicts with your logic but not everyone’s.
        Without a god you choose morality or not; there are plenty of moral non-god believers in the world. There is a bigger world outside your bubble.
        Let’s stay focused on the real enemy here..islam.

      • Pat Condell is a wise patriot. The religious fanatics are the ones that help ed put an “ovomit” into office. Jews are afraid of past beliefs that if they vote conservative, they will be “converted ” to Christianity., May be simplistic, but it is true! I was raised in a jewish home, that always voted democrat. Enjoy and rejoice in ur religion, but leave it out of the voting booth! As americans, we have to unite to rid ourselves of the socialist/muslim in the w.h.!

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