SWEET! Ajerbaijan police beat up Muslims protesting hijab (headbag) ban in schools

In Azerbaijan’s capital, police officers wielding batons fought running battles with about 200 Muslim activists who were protesting a ban on the wearing of head scarves in the nation’s secondary schools.

 Sexy dancers personify how much Azerbaijan relishes its anti-Iran role: The secular, Western-leaning country is socially and religiously tolerant, offering itself as a model of a nonsectarian Muslim-majority society.

NY Times 72 people were arrested, the police said. Some of the protesters carried placards with slogans like “Stop Islamophobia” and “Freedom for the hijab.” The Muslim head scarf, or hijab, is prohibited under rules that define what kind of uniforms students must wear in Azerbaijan, a mainly Shiite Muslim country where the authorities have been seeking to prevent the rise of radical Islam.

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28 comments on “SWEET! Ajerbaijan police beat up Muslims protesting hijab (headbag) ban in schools

  1. These Muslims come from a local Mosque, find that Mosque Identify the Imam and send a complaint to the U.S authorities explaining Anti American activities are punishable by deportation, and close down that Mosque…Have to start somewhere by identifying the tribe these Muslims come from…

  2. Veil is stupid Muslim women dress code. Veil make Muslim women inconvenience, ugly, horror, like rubbish bag, like walking coffin, like ghost and like monster. Islam is oppress women but stupid Muslim women believe that Islam is a good religious. No hope already ! They already brainwashed during child. So sadddddd

  3. If it wasn’t the garbage bags it would be something else these aholes would be bitching about. Everywhere these savages go, they immediately try to change the rules to favor themselves. Best way to stop it is to end immigration of these savages to any civilized countries.

  4. Yes!! Kudos to the cops of Ajerbajian, giving those filthy asslifters the beatdown they so desperately deserve!! If only the cops in most of the U.S would handle the muslimes’ protests in this fashion!!

  5. Another country making a mistake. Seen them with radios and clubs no guns. Sorry you hit them with a bat they come back. You shot them dead they don’t come back and the billion murdering dogs will fall to there favorite number 0 .

  6. That’s right you infidels – we will use violence until you submit to giving us the simple inoffensive hijab and that is where it starts and never goes back unless you meet us with greater force. Which you won’t because of your PC. I tell you this because there is nothing you can do to stop us.

    Inshallah even these Shiite heretic dogs will fight for Allah laws.

    Happy Eid

  7. I feel for the poor police having to deal with those out of control violent lunatics ! I agree with other posters on here, no women protestors? Well, unlikely of course they want to wear the bag so desperately. Force the rioters to wear them, as part of their punishment !

  8. The old “fight fair” adage of “don’t kick a man when he is down” is 180 degrees off when it comes to muslims. If they are down, kick the hell out of them! If you are not islamic,hey have alwys offered that treatment to you. The lying bastard, mutton molesting mullahs and raggedy ragheads love to act as victims, so help them along. Maybe in the same time frame that they have mistreated and victimized and killed infidels,(a century or two) they will go away. But don’t count on it. You will probably have the filthy muslims around for a long time, so enjoy!

  9. Those guys are real soldiers protecting democracy. They attack the mob without wearing special protection and arrest these inbred scumbags. English authorities should look at this video and follow the exemple instead of arresting good citizens.

  10. have you noticed, all the muslims in this video have no beard, they dont dare,afraid to be reconised.
    Same thing in Tunisia, before the ” revolution” .

  11. “The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step” – Confucius
    Bulgaria & Greece bashing the crap out of these scum.
    Even the dhimmi French deporting muzzie scum imams etc
    What’s the world coming to? Hopefully everyone else can grow a pair & do what has to be done!

  12. Well done. It is about time that the muslims were put into line and that a nation would finally say that is enough. The police would be wise to use helmets, vests and shields when dealing with muslim savages. Keep the good news coming. The peaceful cult of islam sure is full of rowdy young savages looking for a beating and it looks like the cops are willling to provide the beatings. Well done.

    • Well looking at those LOOOVLEY ladies my next flight ticket will be AJERBAIJAN, away from the UK , and sign up in their police force.

  13. if hijabs are so important to these guys, let them move to the arabian peninsula or iran. or put bags over their own heads so they can’t see uncovered females clearly.

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