FLORIDA: CAIR thugs demand Broward County add two Muslim holidays to the school vacation schedule

Right before the meeting, Muslims prostrate themselves, sticking their asses in the air in prayer in a demonstration of Islamic supremacy. Patriotic Americans come forth to voice their opposition.



19 comments on “FLORIDA: CAIR thugs demand Broward County add two Muslim holidays to the school vacation schedule

  1. I would look to the people that raised money for the airplane towed banner that warned everybody about “gay Day” at Disneys Magic Kingdom. Their strategy worked. It was reported that the Magic Kingdom was empty on that day except for
    Feys” (no typo)
    The Florida Family Association, with Email help from all of America stopped the indoctrination of high school students by the liars at cair around Tampa too.
    I help them by sending their Emails whenever I can.
    They are almost as opposed to islamic lies and culture creeping as people on theis site are. (We’re still #1 in that vein! Thanks BNI!)

  2. The woman who advocated the holidays based on data of how many more Muslims there are than there used to be rather defeated her argument for instituting Islam in the school holiday schedule…

  3. No way! This is a FREE WORLD country and if Muslims want Muslim holidays, Muslims must move back to their Muslim countries.

  4. It is a form of cultural jihad. Jews and other minority religions ask for and usually receive their holidays off with an excused absence and are able to make up any work that they might have missed. Muslims would be afforded this courtesy if they only asked for it. They are demanding the entire school system shut down for the sake of a few students who could easily get an excused absence. Pretty soon they will ask for the Christian holidays to be removed all together- it is close enough to this already with most school systems renaming the upcoming Christmas season as “winter holidays” and banning red and green, Christmas trees and Christmas carols with any sort of religious content.

  5. The only conclusion there can be – no muslime holidays. Give the muslimes a few muslimes holidays, then it’s prayer rooms in the school, segration of males and females, foot baths, halal food and on and on and on.

  6. No school closes for religious observations. Growing up in Los Angeles us Jewish kids were excused from school to attend services during Jewish holidays and the schools remained open! The muz kids can do the same. They can be excused just as easily as we were.

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