MUST SEE! This is what happens in a country where only 12% of the population is Muslim and you decide to convert to Christianity

From a Tel Aviv hospital, Tom Trento of The United West, interviews a pastor from Uganda, who had acid thrown in his face by a Muslim, whose religion teaches that anyone who leaves Islam should be killed.

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16 comments on “MUST SEE! This is what happens in a country where only 12% of the population is Muslim and you decide to convert to Christianity

  1. According to the recent survey by ‘Wenzel’, ONLY 500,000 Moslems living in the USA believe it is right to MURDER apostates from Islam.

    ATTENTION OBAMA SUPPORTERS: You can relax now…only half a million Mozzies in the U.S. believe Islam should be enforced with CRUEL VIOLENCE! OBAMA wants to stop people from criticizing this evil DEATH CULT!!!

  2. Now this is a man of honor and integrity. God will give him the power to push forward after what ISLAM did to him physically and I will pray that he leads a happy and prosperous life. God bless you.

  3. We can support this brave pastor with our prayers and with our pocket books. Is there a way to make a donation towards this brave man’s medical bills and to help him to continue with his ministry? What islam meant for evil and destruction, with God’s help, we can turn into victory. This brave and wise man’s story can truly turn around more and more people away from supporting the cult of islam becuase this is further proof that islam is a cult of chaos and evil, not of peace.

    • The scary part is that when they murder and maim they do it with the glory and blessing of their blood thirst god which makes them the most evil group of people on earth.

  4. My husband and I met Gen. Boykin several years ago when he spoke at our church. He is a Christian hero to this country, and is very concerned about what is happening in our nation. God bless him and pray that he will be able to continue his service to God and our nation.

  5. That was terrible what they did to him and it was so good to hear him say the trough about islam and what they do to us and what they did to him because he econvert to christianity. He is reallly standing up for his belife anf that is so good.
    I am so glad to hear him say this but sad about what they did to him. Those cowars idiot muslims.

  6. Imagine what will happen to converts in the USA when the Muslims grow in population. I suspect that many Muslims who immigrate here will turn to the living Christ. Muslims overseas are having dreams and visions from Christ and many are converting without missionaries.

  7. ( Sarc Alert ! ) This is the benefit of being associated in any manner with the Religion of Peace. Welcome to the “glory” of the Moon God’s Handiwork !
    ( Sarc Off )

  8. May the real God bless this man. The islamic cult is but a twisted lie and a reason for coward dogs to further an agenda of terror and hurt for people who don’t believe in the fucked up lies if the koran. This is what those puffers do, shoot little girls in the head, and do things like this to people. Women and children bullies. You don’t get much lower than these monkeys.

  9. Bonnie, here is a video by Rob who says… meant as a wakeup call to all non-muslims that we are all targets of islam…

    Taqiyya Dance

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