ABU DHABI: Conflicting stories about Muslim who slaughtered Indian doctor the way Muslims slaughter sheep

A Pakistani man armed with a big knife stormed a private hospital in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, grabbed an Indian urologist and slaughtered him like a sheep inside his clinic after the death of his relative at the hospital.

Emirates 247  Sources at Al Ahli Hospital in the capital said the man went straight into the urology clinic and stabbed the 58-year-old,   doctor, Rajan Daniel, before forcing him on his knees and slitting his throat. Other doctors and staff members rushed into the clinic but it was too late.

Rajan Daniel, MD, slaughtered by a raghead

“He stormed into the clinic although nurses tried to prevent him…he then attacked the doctor and slain him like a sheep….the man then waited at the hospital until the police came and arrested him,” one source said.

The sources identified the victim as Rajan Daniel, a urology specialist who has been working for Alahli hospital in the town centre for many years.

Earlier reports said that the accused killer was a patient at the hospital and was undergoing treatment for the past three months. “The patient has been to the hospital for treatment before. He came this time with a knife and stabbed the doctor in the neck and other parts of the body many times,” Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said. The daily said that the patient was maddened by the slow treatment process.



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  1. Sorry about the spelling mistakes on my last post. The type is almost invisible on my screen on this web page so i can’t see what i’m writing. I am a huge animal lover. I am a buddhist, so harming animals is abhorrent to me. But i have to eat. It was really hard working on the farms. I got the job of killing the chickens because i couldn’t bare to do the sheep. I was appauled at the chickens, so i was no good for the bigger culls. Generally they left me with the jobs of feeding and caring for the animals and milking the cows. I can never eat a piece of meat without knowing the reality of it what being a carnivore means. I know the Aussie men up on the farms out country would be quite capeable of killing a human as they do their sheep, or even shooting a human the way they shoot the dingo’s if they had a mind to. We nick name those boys ‘rednecks’. Cowboy farmer types. Sincere condolences to the doctors family for their loss. Violent lifestyles and cultures create humans that are evil and deranged. Psychopathic.

  2. Regarding the poor foctor, terrible. It is continuously disturbing how easilly these people lose control and think they have the right to murder, rape, abuse with impunity;whilst claiming religion of peace life is sacred..jihad, child abuse oh the horrors.
    Regarding animal slaughter of sheep.. now don’t get me wrong i’m seriously against islamic culture being anywhere in the west, but the sheep..well..i’m an Aussie, lived outback on a farm for a while. They taught me to slaughter the sheep by slicing their throat or knocking them on the head. Chickens had an axe taken their head off in a quick chop. Don’t know how the beef was done as i never saw it. The farmers said it was the quickest most humain way to kill the sheep. So..not excusing anything..maybe we should all be vegeterians.. just saying. Not sure how they do it at the abbitoirs. So while i think so much of what muslims culture does revolting and vile beyond description, the slicing of sheeps throats isn’t one of them. Country farmers do it often. They are not left to bleed out. The main artery is severed. They are dead very quickly. The whole think is vile, we shouldn’t eat meat. Let’s not forget we have abortions also. So depending on your belief, that can be pretty appauling. I’m not defending the vast majority of vile things in islamic culture, just saying be realistic, be credible, try to keep a balanced view.

  3. @BareNakedIslam
    You said “I said I thought he was probably a Hindu, not a Christian”.
    I wonder how you can make such a stupid mistake?. Can’t you see the name “Daniel’ ? Does it seem more like a Hindu name than Christian?
    The doctor was a Salvationist.
    You can’t see the obvious and this is exactly what’s happening in the West and noone seem to see Islam spread like wildfire.

  4. We can no longer say, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do, that being attacked by a Muslim was a surprise or you just couldn’t imagine such a thing happening or it’s unbelievable or some other victim excuse. It CAN happen any time, any place, any situation. Learn how to protect yourselves in armed and unarmed combat.

  5. These poor animals how they suffer before they finally draw their last agonising breath and for what ? to satisfy the lust for blood and depravity in the name of -religion .-they-muslims – the followers of -Islam are not alone in their -bloody ritual ,those who for their own reasons condone and accept this barbarism -will I- fervently hope -one be made to pay for the suffering and untold -misery they have inflicted on animals who show more love and compassion to their own animal babies than -the followers of Mahammad and their God of -hate -Allah ar- capable of.

  6. “The daily said that the patient was maddened by the slow treatment process.”
    I’d be more incline to believe that his backwards, degenerate, medieval beliefs had more to do with the killing than his treatment.

  7. Question: Are those being paid to leave having finger prints, photos and retinal patterns put on file?
    If not, what is to stop them taking the money and returning on the next boat under a new name?

  8. Moral of the story to dhimmis – Do not treat a muslim , that too in a muslim majority

    your life has as little value as that of a goat. When you are to be slaughtered.
    is for the mooslime to decide.

    Now did I forget something ? Oh yeah….its the call of the mahounds (Its a breed of 2 legged beasts).

    Allah-oooooo-Fakbar……now the mooslimes are happy & celebrating their victory
    over the infidel dhimmi doctor slaughter…

  9. Islamic ceremonies of slaughtering animals were retained by Mohammed to teach his followers how to slaughter the dirty kufaar…”THE WORST OF BEASTS”.

    This Christian doctor was probably murdered merely because he was Christian…there being ABSOLUTELY NO CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT IN SHARIA LAW…it’s a mere misdemeanor…he just pays a fine and goes home.

      • BNI i am from india, though not a HINDU. hindus dont do such things normally. your remark may hurt them. MUSLIMS yes. you are doing a fine job and i am one of your recent fans.

        • Either way, may God Grant Eternal Rest to this poor doctor’s soul!!!

          As to how Moslems so despise “un-Islamic” life so as to have virtually no value whatsoever: there in itself tells you about their absolute DEPRAVITY as human beings!!!

          It also is a MAJOR REASON why they deserve to have their “sacred” cities (especially Mecca and Medina) vaporised into glass!!!!

          [What a MONSTROUS pity that Duke Reginald of Châtillon didn’t manage to get those goals fulfilled…]

    • JUST A FINE? what are the rates now for butchering innocent men, women and kids? any special discounts? THEY ARE SICK! i read in PROPHET OF DOOM that if a muslim suicide bomber kills himself and some innocent kid, the BOMBER would go to heaven, wine and virgins and the poor kids would toast in HELL.some justice!

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