ABU DHABI: Conflicting stories about Muslim who slaughtered Indian doctor the way Muslims slaughter sheep

A Pakistani man armed with a big knife stormed a private hospital in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, grabbed an Indian urologist and slaughtered him like a sheep inside his clinic after the death of his relative at the hospital.

Emirates 247  Sources at Al Ahli Hospital in the capital said the man went straight into the urology clinic and stabbed the 58-year-old,   doctor, Rajan Daniel, before forcing him on his knees and slitting his throat. Other doctors and staff members rushed into the clinic but it was too late.

Rajan Daniel, MD, slaughtered by a raghead

“He stormed into the clinic although nurses tried to prevent him…he then attacked the doctor and slain him like a sheep….the man then waited at the hospital until the police came and arrested him,” one source said.

The sources identified the victim as Rajan Daniel, a urology specialist who has been working for Alahli hospital in the town centre for many years.

Earlier reports said that the accused killer was a patient at the hospital and was undergoing treatment for the past three months. “The patient has been to the hospital for treatment before. He came this time with a knife and stabbed the doctor in the neck and other parts of the body many times,” Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said. The daily said that the patient was maddened by the slow treatment process.