DENMARK: Public schools facing collapse specifically because of Muslim immigration

Public schools have always been considered Danish society’s most essential institution, where nearly all Danish children were introduced to the country’s basic values and the skills necessary for leading happy and productive lives, regardless of social class or political, religious and cultural background. But no more.

Dispatch International Now the public school system is falling apart. There are huge problems with discipline; children – and in particular children from Muslim immigrant families – are not learning enough (it is estimated that 40 percent of children of Arabic descent leave school as functionally illiterate).

As a result more and more parents are taking their children out of the public schools and sending them to private schools, where discipline is better – particularly because there are fewer so-called “double-linguistic” pupils. “Double-linguistic” is the official term for children of third-world descent, i.e. primarily from Muslim countries. The term does not imply that they can speak two languages but most often that they speak, e.g., Arabic and Danish equally badly, so perhaps “double half-linguistic” would be a better description.

It came as a shock in the middle of October to learn that half of the families living in the inner Copenhagen neighborhood of Nørrebro are sending their children to private schools. This is especially noteworthy in light of the fact that Nørrebro is one of the reddest areas in the country, where voters routinely cast massive votes for left and far-left parties, i.e. the very parties that are particularly keen on more immigration and on upholding the public school system.

A few days later, Danes received a lesson in the kind of problems that motivate the reds to send their children to schools that they are ideologically disposed to reject.

The bomb went off at the Ejerslykke School in the city of Odense. The school’s principal, Birgitte Sonsby, had become so annoyed with the way some of the pupils behaved that she exclaimed: “I’m so damned tired of you Muslims who ruin the lessons.” The father of one of pupils reported the principal to the police for racism and, as is customary in such cases, Ms. Sonsby had to withdraw her remarks and offer an apology. She was subsequently chewed out by Odense’s Director of Public Schools.

This would normally have re-established an idyllic political correctness, but something quite surprising happened: The Chairman of the Ejerslykke School Board, Peter Julius Jørgensen, wrote an op-ed for the newspaperFyens Stiftstidende, in which he called attention to the kind of problems with “double-linguistic” pupils that the school had to contend with. They didn’t shy away from calling their teachers “fucking whores” and showed so little respect that it made teaching impossible.

To his surprise, Peter Julius Jørgensen received many positive reactions from fellow citizens, who were happy that he had dared to speak up. The reaction in some of the media was also unexpected. Instead of the usual diatribes about terrible Danish racism and admonitions that the schools’ problems had nothing to do with religion or culture, a number of newspapers began writing articles with a new angle. Yes, perhaps the problems were indeed linked to religion – more precisely, to Islam.

On October 27, the mass-circulation daily Jyllands-Posten printed a remarkable editorial: Ms Sonsby’s tirade against the ill-behaved Muslims was “rather mild compared to what the principal, her teachers and the school’s other pupils have been exposed to. A group of Muslim pupils have exposed them to far worse language and gestures of a latrinal and sexual nature. They have been accused of racism and discrimination when they have dared admonish the pupils to behave. But when they have offended the tender feelings of Muslims, and it certainly doesn’t take a lot, then attention is directed not at the naughty and ill-behaved brats but at the principal, who is suddenly made to appear the sinner.” 

DANISH PEOPLE’S PARTY AD (Left) says, YOUR Denmark? A multiethnic society with: Mass rapes, Crude violence, Insecurity, Supression of women, Forced marriages. Is this what you want?  “The problem,” Jyllands-Posten continued, “is not the principal but the ill-mannered children, who are not properly brought up by their parents but rather supported in their destructive behavior.” And why, asked the paper’s editorial writer, may we not “call Muslims Muslims when they themselves put so much emphasis on this identity”?

The day before, the editorial writer for the daily Kristeligt Dagblad called for unqualified support for Principal Sonsby. To be sure, the paper thought it too “simplistic” to blame the pupils’ bad behavior on their religion. Even so, the editorial writer admitted that there was a “real problem”, which had not been openly discussed: “The fact that some double-linguistic pupils ruin the education for others and that their lack of respect has something to do with their religious and cultural background.”

This is the attitude from the Left that has put Denmark in the dire straits it finds itself in today. Appeasement = Surrender on the Installment Plan

Despite some reservations, these statements amount to a revolution in a country where the only accepted explanation for the bad manners of the “double-linguistic” has so far been poor social conditions. In other words: If extra billions were pumped into the public schools and parents of naughty boys were given more money, the problems would disappear. If, on the other hand, the public school system’s collapse is entirely or in part caused by religion and culture and the fact that Muslim parents cannot or will bring up their children to become integrated into Danish society, what could possibly be accomplished with more money?

This sheds a new political light on the entire problem: By what right do Danish politicians allow further immigration of Muslims, knowing that the public school system – the institution that more than any other has made Denmark a caring and cohesive society – cannot integrate them? So far nobody has asked that question.

Can Muslims be bribed to integrate into a Western society? So far it hasn’t happened anywhere. (But perhaps they can be bribe to leave?)

Denmark is offering immigrants from “non-Western” countries 100,000 Danish kroners (US$20,000) if they volunteer to give up their legal residency and move “home”. This is just one of many creative initiatives spearheaded by the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party to make foreigners – and especially Muslims – feel unwelcome in this small European country of 5.5 million inhabitants.

According to the Danish People’s Party, a coalition partner of the two ruling right-wing parties of the Danish government, paying immigrants to leave Denmark will save the state money on social services and “problems” [da] in the long run. “It costs quite a lot to have maladjusted immigrants in Danish society,” said financial spokesperson of the party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl. Funds have also been set aside for campaigns by local authorities who wish to encourage immigrants to leave the country. The government have not yet calculated how many people can be expected to accept the offer.

Muslim invaders threaten to behead Danish elderly.





















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  1. This “Lyn Leahz” could be just a disguised Muslim troll. Contrary to her site, she isn’t much of a Christian. Who knows anymore?

    This third world mentality is why I’ve not taught school in decades. Blacks, Hispanics and low end Caucasian kids do the same thing here in the US. And, many high end Caucasian kids do the same thing. It’s a mixture of the political correctness, the attitude of entitlement and the parents. The whole range of problems comes out of the “my kid is perfect and entitled” syndrome. It started in the 1960’s and 1970’s with busing and political correctness/multi-culturalism. The original deluded intent was to bring the minorities up to the Caucasian standards. Well, as has been obvious for three or four decades now, that didn’t work. Instead, the whole concept of education collapsed and here we are, all over Western civilization, paying the price for our stupidity. Believe this, if, as a parent, when your kid comes home with a problem and your first instinct is to attack the teacher and or school, YOU are part of the problem. Education begins at home, period. Once you’ve gotten YOUR sanity back, you can begin to work on the schools. I’m not saying the schools are perfect, they’re not, but they’re only a reflection of the rampant insanity we all live in. The ending of that insanity starts with each of us as individuals.

  2. I am glad you deleted posts by any Jew hater or Nazi. I wonder if the liberal Left in Europe really has a long term agenda by letting in so many third world people, mainly Muslims?????

  3. This was always going to happen. At some point the natives are going to have to wake up or lose their country, their freedoms and their rights to backward savages. I just hope if and when they fix this problem they take care of the lefty enablers as well. They’re 50% the problem and worse because they side with these savages over their own culture. It going to get mighty interesting over the next decade, that’s for sure. Hopefully we’ll get a big heads up here and be able to prevent losing our country in the same way.
    BNI, if you click on Mrs Hess’ name up there, it takes you to her blog. I never understood Jew hating Christians. They follow the teachings of a Jew! Jesus was JEWISH RABBI MORONS!

  4. “Double linguistic”?

    How cozy and benign. The PC Danes found away around saying Muslim.

    But, in the end what does it matter? Because everyone knows it is code for Muslims, anyway.

  5. @LindaR.

    From experience, I can tell you that “F—— W—-” Is the best and only rebuttal that a Muslim man can come up with when facing defeat or censure by a Western Woman.

  6. It is too late for denmarkistan. Let all of the other countries take warning before it is too late. Belgium, France, England and so on it is the 12th hour to the end of your culture because you are liberal leftards when it comes to supporting muslims.

  7. It really is nice to see the Danes begin to awaken to the problem of islam. (I have decided to stop capitalizing anything to do with it because neither it nor they deserve the respect.) Perhaps their example will begin to rub off on the Swedes and Norwegians.

  8. Nikolai Sennels (psychologist) has reasoned this one out. Inbreeding through cousin marriage makes Moslems genetically very damaged. They have a general low IQ and high rate of horrible debilitating illness. He says we must find places to put these angry, violent people where they will not destroy progressive societies as in the past!

    Those who do not wish to integrate should not be forced to integrate, but they should be allowed remain to undermine freedom and prosperity.

  9. TINY Israel for Jews. 22 HUGE Arab countries for Arab Muslims = PEACE, SAFETY and FREEDOM!

    56 Muslim nations for Muslims. Free World NON-Muslim countries ONLY for NON-Muslims = PEACE, SAFETY and FREEDOM!

  10. We are a civilized people. It is unacceptable to us as a CIVILIZED people that Muslims call our women f—–g whores. Go back to your Muslim countries!

  11. gee maybe nicholai sennels can take a trip to Saudi arabia or iraq or Iran or trukey ans set up a stress free locqtion for the muslims pupils and then they can insult their own islamic teachers

    • I can’t help thinking that Nikolai just said what I would have, but put it a bit more “tactfully” as I would just come right out with it and say, “There is NO place for belligerent Asslifters in THIS area!! Take it back to the Islamic hell hole it came from!!” They DO NOT fit in, WILL NOT fit in, and DO NOT even want to fit into CIVILIZED Western Society!!

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