Facebook censors criticism of Obama by military veterans

Founders of Special Operations Speaks PAC, an organization founded by Special Operations veterans dedicated to protecting our forces at home and abroad, havereleased the following statement after Facebook twice censored their banner criticizing President Obama for refusing to save the lives of former Navy SEALS in Benghazi.

CounterJihadReport  “It looks like Obama’s liberal followers in Facebook HQ are terrified of how damaging the Benghazi scandal is for the President. The banner below was taken down for an unspecified violation of Facebook’s terms of Rights and Responsibilities.

“We understand that Facebook can run their site however they’d like, but when they’re trying to quietly squelch opposition to what is a clear leadership failure that resulted in the tragic deaths of some of our nation’s heroes, they deserve the to be called out on it,” said Larry Bailey, CAPT (SEAL), USN (Ret).

“We are paying advertisers on Facebook. It is outrageous that Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, who worked to elect Obama in 2008, would sell out patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice – all to serve the political ambitions of the man who let them die.”

“Americans across the country deserve the truth about what happened in Libya, and they certainly deserve to know when people who hold the keys to a lot of their online communications are trying to keep that from them,” continued Colonel Dick Brauer, Jr., USAF (Ret).

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38 comments on “Facebook censors criticism of Obama by military veterans

  1. when facebook censurs our comments aren’t they making the statement that they are indeed far left leaning and socialists..Russia, China, other communist nations censure all the time..it is their way of controlling the populas. Obummer is left far left, has socialistic beleifs and so what do we expect from other liberal outlets…sorry facebook fell to the fate…I am very dissapointed in facebook….very sorry

  2. just went on lions of islam on fb. my comment was removed within minutes.i use a pic of my dog; maybe her sweet face made them all cleanse,pray,blow themselves up.one can only hope

  3. Fuck Suckerberg n Facebook!!! They will get stomped on like roaches when the time comes, I hope I’m one of the people that gets to do it

  4. Anestis canelidis, as suggested I posted BNI on FB with the following comments…It is a sad day when FB rejects ‘Freedom of Speech’ and censors writers. Right or wrong Ahimsa (non-violent) speech is an essential right of all humanity- without it ‘Freedom & Democracy’ can be destroyed. The irony is that if that happens …
    FB shall also be destroyed for without ‘Freedom of Speech’ there shall become no advertisers, no money coming in. Facebook shall be wiser to allow uncensored ‘Freedom of Speech’ which is not violent threatening and FB must remember that the people do have a right to criticise and reject politicians including the President of the United States of America. Finally military personnel risking their life to protect and serve the ‘Free World’ do have a right to expect full loyal support from their ‘Commander-in-Chief’ at all times. I may not agree with what someone says- but I shall always defend to the death their right to say it!

  5. “F” Facebook ! Never been on there and never will ! Another venue for being Pro Obama is youtube.
    Not only is Obama trying to censor so is corporate media.
    i’m sending some money to these operators so maybe they can get these ads on TV

    “.F” Obama ! P.S. See the new Burka Bitch of Florida on my page.

  6. Here you go nice quote from the Sons of Islam FB page that is somehow less offensive than people caring about our martyred at Benghazi: “May Allah cripple America and plunder her resources with this blessed storm and give victory to the Muslims. Ameen.” Why is this ok and exposing the incompetence of the imam in the WH bad? A nice moderate muslim who loves America and came here to better himself posted that I guess!!!!

  7. My FB wall is full of pictures and posts stating that to be against the imam is to be racist. Such as if he was white would they be saying……(all the things we know to be true) I find these post to be very repugnant. But my feelings dont count I’m not a muslim so I don’t need to be appeased so I wont cut your head off or blow up everything in sight!

  8. mr z. stole the idea of ‘ facebook ” from others just like “liberals” steal other people money and idea’s , liberals and muzzies have one thing in common !!!

  9. And yet Facebook refuses to take down a jihadi photoshop image of Zuckerberg with a gun to his head.

    Go figure what’s in the minds of these fools. Furthering Obama and protecting jihadis? Does that ring well?


    Here’s the link to the vile jihadis who posted that image – FB refuses to remove either the death-threat image or this page:


  10. Tuesday, november the 6th is the day that we, at the election polls can fire obama and the democrates. If we do not vote obama out of office then we deserve the muslim government that we are about to get under obama’s failed leadership. Please go and vote. Take you friends and family. Vote for Romney, the only candidate who can bring America back from the brink and who will curtail the muslim take over of the US. God bless America.

  11. For all of us that have facebook acounts we should post the image on our facebooks that was censored – flood face book with it, sort of like saying I am Spartacus etc Follow me – I will do this for free speech!

  12. what an insult and betrayl to our active duty military ! we viet nam vets had to endure scorn from some but the real americans had our back ! all that I have lived threw can not compare to an army who’s leader is a cold blooded trader and craven coward , there is no new low for America we are here the bottom

  13. The courageous SEALS are our HEROES! America will NEVER forget that Obama and Clinton REFUSED to save the lives of our SEALS. The SEALS will go down in history for their heroism. Islam-lovers, Obama, Clinton and their administration will go down in history for their BETRAYAL.

    May God’s protection be forever on our SEAL heroes!

  14. The bastard-in-chief, hillary, the whole mess of shit up there in Washington has sold this whole country, military and otherwise out.

    • Not so, they only sold their souls for the thrity pieces of silver for their own political ambitions, the rest of us, well we have different plans and they will soon become apparent to these liars and theives of our precious freedoms.

      Semper FI

  15. No words can express the DISDANE of this supposed commander-n-theif that can ever releive the distate and sickness I feel for my beloved countrymen/ladies, my fellow Patriots of honorable mention, nor can the lie after lie damn lies and of course G-damned lies emeniating from his dual ass, mouth and the puckerer of nasty msueings,, ever square equally to the moral impulses I have to render this fraud-n-theif-n-liar, all around disqusting person they( the idiots, progressives/marxist/stats/moochers/theives of our liberties and freedoms) call their leader. This mutt could not lead a frog across a pond let alone the greatest and most faithful of all men on this earth, honorable, loyal and willing to give their all in their intentions to preserve us as still the freest union upon this planet, being lead by a failure of humanity, obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone.

    There are many of us out here in the fly-over country who reconize a failure when we see it, hear it, live it day to day while many are oblivious to the many concerns of safety, and security of no one other then themselves, many of us are former members of this and many other organizations involved in the day to day operstions of preserving this Nation as intended, intact, are under greater stress as the days go by under the failed leadership of, of all thing a community aggitator, sual alinsky’s soul mate, act alike disciple of hate, envy, contempt, loathing, and disrespect for what is morally correct and spiritually coherent in this modern society called America, the home of the brave, land of the free and thinking Christian lead Nation of our Father almighty who sits as the head of his throne of HIS creation (s). It cannot be expressed or told strongly enough of the consequences between good vrs. evil, liberty over sacrifice over death, or our commitement to hold these truths to heart, that we are a Nation of a strong morall heritage, our principles, our values and traditions as American Patriots. We reconize not that of a incompitent, illlegitimate weak horse, a tyrant in the making, a son of predition, otherwise known as baraque hussein obama as anything but, as he puts it, “not optional”, and a “bump in the middle of a road”, a hollow road with a mind of evilness. This mutt deserves none, any respect for what he has allowed to foment in our faces. and for what, personal gradification of granduer in the making, for all things, political survival, sickening to say the least, WE THE PATRIOTS must releive him of his position, both in mind and spirit, for he has truely shown himself as a man of the world, not of a Godly man, but a man who hold no principles or direction needed to lead anything but an ass to water, a man with a lost and usless soul worthy of anything other than comtempt, mistrust and disdane, shun this mongrol, let us turn our backs to him and let it be know to all around he is not of us, never will be, now, we must insure he is never, ever again allowed to seek any position outside of normal and rightous peoples of faith, in any further position of authority or as a representative of nothing but his own making, wickedness. Let us all turn our backs on this disaster and thank the Almighty Heavenly Father for the opportunity, and experiences given, and not ever repeat it ever again. Pray people, pray and be humbled for the opportunity to have experienced this disaster, and that it never ever visits us again-Amen.

    Semper Fi

  16. Facebook would not allow me to share this one either. I think it is time we have a facebook for conservatives, Christians, Jews and truth tellers. Zuckerberg’s is devoted to political correctness and the protection of Marxist/leftist/Islamist hegemony.

  17. Zuckerberg is a sham ! . Some months ago WND ran a report on child-porn circulating freely on FB, but NO criticism of the left’s “Holy Messiah” (oh he who can do no wrong, now who does this remind me of ? Surely not some 7th century insane desert warlord???) will not be tolerated ! Got that everyone ? Resistance is futile !!

    Free speech ended when the left finally fulfilled their Stalinist dream voting in the commie Muslim .

  18. Mark Zuckerburg had a good idea and it became facebook. Kbut his idea put him in the communication business. And it seems that just like the Manure Stream Media, this gives him the right to decide what everyone in the world should think.
    His censoring is a moral crime of the highest order. He should be hesld responsible for it. Stop using Facebook. Tesll advertisers that you have stopped and why. Or use his medium to tell othrs what he has done. Your own personal communications are at risk of also being cesnsored if he, and his liberal staff don’t agree with them.

    • FB did not stop me from posting this video, AND it is now on Google as well, and at least two public pages on FB, at least for now!!….Keep fighting, these puke coward censors WILL NOT win in the end!! NO ONE who seeks to permanently deny Constitutional rights, including and ESPECIALLY those affotrded us by the First and Second Amendments will win in the end!!

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