France’s anti-Islam, anti-multiculturalism youth movement now has affiliates in Germany and Austria

Following the lead of France’s ‘Generation Identitaire,’ National Identity movement activists protested at the opening of ‘intercultural weeks’ in Frankfurt against multiculturalism and Islam, and for the preservation of their ethno-cultural identity.

Islam vs Europe  The Identitarian movement is spreading and it now has affiliates in Germany and Austria. Here you see some of them interrupting the multicultists at Intercultural Week in Frankfurt.

“We no longer believe in your tolerance! Your multicultural ideology makes Germany a caliphate! We are the patriotic youth who is sick and tired of the verbal abuse and racism we are subjected to from Muslim immigrants, many of whom are freeloaders in OUR country! We stand by our country and its long-held traditions! Free from hatred and violence, 100% identity-based, 0% racist – these are the identitarians in Germany.

Patriotism is worth celebrating…in Frankfurt and everywhere!

Apparently, Americans are forming their own version of the Generation Identity movement

H/T budaboy