France’s anti-Islam, anti-multiculturalism youth movement now has affiliates in Germany and Austria

Following the lead of France’s ‘Generation Identitaire,’ National Identity movement activists protested at the opening of ‘intercultural weeks’ in Frankfurt against multiculturalism and Islam, and for the preservation of their ethno-cultural identity.

Islam vs Europe  The Identitarian movement is spreading and it now has affiliates in Germany and Austria. Here you see some of them interrupting the multicultists at Intercultural Week in Frankfurt.

“We no longer believe in your tolerance! Your multicultural ideology makes Germany a caliphate! We are the patriotic youth who is sick and tired of the verbal abuse and racism we are subjected to from Muslim immigrants, many of whom are freeloaders in OUR country! We stand by our country and its long-held traditions! Free from hatred and violence, 100% identity-based, 0% racist – these are the identitarians in Germany.

Patriotism is worth celebrating…in Frankfurt and everywhere!

Apparently, Americans are forming their own version of the Generation Identity movement

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35 comments on “France’s anti-Islam, anti-multiculturalism youth movement now has affiliates in Germany and Austria

  1. I support the Youth Identity movements from every European nation! We need a youth Identity Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand too! It’s time we establish ourselves again and quit punishing ourselves for the sins of our predecessors. Time to establish ourselves as a people and bring pride and a sense of belonging to all of our brothers and sisters around the world!

  2. WE ARE THE AMERICANS! i love this guy! i offer my full support of this man and his message and hope that others will follow suit soon. where do i sign up?

  3. I hope Italy will have it’s own ‘Generazione Identitaria’

    For now we have ‘Italian Defence League’ (that is not the Northern League).

    Unfortunately, we also have ‘sharia4italy. I tried to explain to one of them why we don’t want sharia, and he started to use taqiyya, so I ignored him.

  4. Actually, this was the original video (YouTube) out of France, where this new (and VERY hopeful!) movement seems to have been hatched! I think it was only a matter of time before young people were fed up to here with the Left’s so-called “diversity” – and all the lies & crapola that characterize this charade!

  5. Patriotism is not ‘racist’ but it does celebrate the good qualities of a country’s culture…such as art, music, dance and poetry…all of which are condemned by Islam.

    All cultures are not equal…just look at Pakistan, Mali, Chad and Somalia.

  6. ISlam teaches all how to destroy how to hate, why hate why kill . Noting in the book about loving, respecting and honoring achievements and why love why respect. 1.3 Billions converts have no future . Life is gift one should make use of his life i by contributing to the human race. While I find all convert to islam are destroying what was created by their fore fathers just to please saudis god and saudis.
    Pakistani hindus convert to islam destroyed all temples and icons built by their fore fathers, changed names of city and streets to please saudis., Afgan destroyed all Budha dynasty.
    It shame saudi system is working convert all uneducated to islam to kill and destroy own nation for them.

  7. multiculturalism and everyting that end in ism is the end of humanity I alway knew fench peoples will lead the revolution and revolution will be against al the isms starting with multiculturalism .

  8. This is awesome!!! Let’s irradicate this islamic pestillence from America and start this movement here too. Why wait till we have as big a problem as Europe has.
    The Lord bless ,and protect these real freedom fighters from muzzies, and their own govt. Live free or die!

  9. It’s Islamocultural. Not multicultural! Only ONE culture is promoted by our treasonous leaders: Excessively cruel, totalitarian, supremacist Islam.

    God bless our wonderful youth!
    People of ALL ages – Rise Up in all our Free World countries! Take up the fight for freedom! Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night! NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

    Islam-lovers, freedom-destroyers, anti-human rights Western leaders have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to wage jihad against us and conquer our nations as commanded by the Quran. Future generations will condemn the traitors. God will judge them.

    • Linda,

      Call it what you may but it is still multIticutlrualism and a total failure. Muslims are definitely the most violent, lazy, welfare seeking and over-represented in criminal statistics but other non-Europeans residing in Europe are part of the problem too. There are too many Africans, Indians and Asians in Western countries. The white people of the West have been diluted and it has weakend us tremendously. It is now time to shut the gate on third world parasites.

  10. Great Glad to see some action over there Hope they get rid of the scum and next throw out the liberal politicians that made this mess happen in the first place remember your political leaders etc. are the ones for initiating this mess in the first place make a list of them get the message out and go!

  11. Europe has waken up. It is time that the entire infidel world rose up and demanded the same thing from their government. The time to push Islam back starts now and will not stop until Islam is completely banned from infidel nations. Islam must be isolated in its barbaric hellholes and all muslim immigration must be halted to stop Islamisation

  12. I went to youtube because I wanted to post the American one on my own page. Guess what? It would not allow it to happen. The country may have freedom of speech but it is more and more apparent that youtube doesn’t quite approve and will do its best to censor any attempt to say things of which it doesn’t approve.

  13. With a president whose loyalties are so plainly with Islam and not with or to this country, its people or its Constitution, it is time for a new revolution, a return to the principles of those who fought the first one and who created our nation and Constitution. It is time to reject both Marxism, however diluted, and Islam as foreign and odious to the eternal truths upon which this country was begun and must continue.

    The BEST speech I have heard in a LONG time – & I’m NOT American!
    It can apply equally to ALL Western countries that have been subverted by filthy Marxist Islamist Socialist shit!
    Bloody Outstanding!

      • Im a JEW (American) and I fully support all of these groups popping up. People want to connect them with Nazi’s, and they are NOT. I really hope they keep themselves separate from the just plain racists, but it is about culture! If anyone wants to truly become an American, culture wise, then great. If you want to be Muslim, and hate us…get out!

    • Very well done, I tip my hat to you Sir, Semper Fi, once a Patriot, always a faithful Patriot. It’s time to shove their own shoveled shit down their throats, sideways for effect.

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