Michael Coren interviews Walid Shoebat re: Obama’s ties to Islam

Walid is a dear friend who shared his server with me after CAIR got me kicked off WordPress.


20 comments on “Michael Coren interviews Walid Shoebat re: Obama’s ties to Islam

  1. I too have to say, “God bless Walid!!” But,since he mentioned his parents, I can’t help wondering if one or both of them are still alive, AND just how his mother may have FINALLY been freed from Islamic oppression of Walid’s “dear old dad”!!….Did Walid’s dad die first, or did his mother have to die in order to get away from the old muslime?!!

  2. Not only is Walid an expert on Arabic language, Islam, Middle East politics, and Jewish history, he is one of the best Bible scholars that I know of.

    Walid is a wise and genuine Christian. I hope Romney seeks counsel from Walid after winning the presidency.

    • FANTASTIC to see how Mr. Walid Shoebat has indeed been converted away from Islam: obviously Our Lord Is Using him very well for the good of the entire world!!!

      OUTSTANDING interview – I absolutely loved it: it’s just a pity that Michael Coren cut it off so suddenly. O WEH!!!!…

  3. This is the first time I have heard anyone point out how socialist Islam is, how socialist its policies, interests and goals. The claim that Islam is extremist conservative has been one of the most misleading barriers to understanding the issues for many in the West. It is the similarities between Islam and Marxist ideology that cement what otherwise appears to be an illogical alliance. If you look at practical Marxism, of course, you also see social separation based on gender — in the work camps, men worked with men, women with women, and they were only allowed to visit spouses for purposes of pro-creation. (Of course, with more recent scientific discoveries, a Marxist-Islamist global society could do away altogether with females.) The same with gays in practical Marxist societies — not tolerated. People need to wake up that it is Conservative ideology, minus organized crime corruption that targets all influence, that is the best hope for civilization.

  4. Call him what he is, a person of sound mind, warning all of the world of the dangers the cult of islam represents, it’s many secrets, connections to supposed leaders and a convert from the men of darkness, to a man of the light. Good interview Ms. B, thanks once again for the voices of sanity and reality.
    Semper Fi.

  5. BNI, this was the best explanation of the difference between the “religion the muslims claim and their agenda in installing sharia law. I’m glad you have a secure server and I hoe Mr Shoebat finds one too. You are both far too important to be continually hacked by muslims. While you’re ata it, see if your server can do something about the nearly illegible, almost white on white print I see in trying to post my usual insult to islam. It’s maddening, and I mis many typos because of it.
    And please don’t let them make you go away again. The net was empty without you. SOB

    Pee Ess: this posting is another one that wont allow the use of the up arrow to go back and check the written copy.

  6. It was really good to see this and I am so glad that he helped U when U need that help,It was so empty when U were gone but I am very happy that U came back again. Thanks to U BNI and Thanks to Walid for that, He is really good to see and what he say is really of big interest for Us all,I hoped that he was going to blow away in the winds from Sandy but he was hiding in Washington, of course unntil it was over =( Thanks for U blog BNI and for the good work U do / Maritha.

    • Thanks leo, sadly I had to leave Walid’s website a few months ago and move to a high-security server because of all the Muslim hacker attacks. But he was a godsend when I needed him. Best of all, he might be moving his websites to my server soon.

      • I am glad to hear that U have a good server now with good securiy.Nice that Walid “can go on” Ur server too. Those muslims are all scumbags that destroys everything they can. We had one muslim doctor that was working on one of our Hospital, in Stockholm, Swedene, as a siectist and a while ago he though his wife was having an affair with another man and he went home and cut of her “underlip” and eat it up. He said that she should not be able to kiss another man again, ever. He had worked in that hospital for about seven years and all of a sudden he showed his real face.Lets hope Ur webbbsite will stay secure from them. Keep up Ur good work BNI for all of Us that really need U. Thanks for that BNJ.

        • All the parties we have is the same all of them and goes on their toes to not offend the muslims in Sweden. The only party we have SD, Swedish Democrats but they have had a lot of bad people in their party so many people are affraid of vooting for them, We seems to be in a dead end here.
          Yes had to move back to Sweden so that we couls search for permit in Sweden for my husbund, since I could not find any doctor in Gambia that could help me with my MS =( So now I am trying to find somewhere for us to live and I had only shortterm living here now and I am almost like any imigrant in my own country, the only differnt is that I and my husbund can´t get any apartment or any other place to live in =( but other imigrant get somewhere to live and they get apartments everywhere here in Stockholm, but not we and for Us and that is really awful.

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