Rep. Allen West (R-FL) discusses BenghaziGate with Glenn Beck

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8 comments on “Rep. Allen West (R-FL) discusses BenghaziGate with Glenn Beck

  1. Lower then snake turds, without a doubt. this mutt, panetta is another legend in his own mind, was he not involved in the klinton admin?, if memory serves correctly, yes, and the question is again? I have little aspiration from these TRAITORS of this REPUBLIC, remember he too, is another reason to FIRE this Mutts handler, obama’s bin lyn’ and regime. Personally, I remember this mutt having lied many of times to cover his own ass over dipstick moves from his past, this does not suprise me in the least.What a disgrace to the Republic.

    Semper Fi

  2. DHIMMI-OCRATS Hillary and BARRACK HUSSAIN OBAMA are all TOO WILLING to sell out FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION to their Saudi and Moslem bosses.

    If we cannot criticize PEDOPHILIA, MISOGYNY and RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION against the DIRTY KUFAAR…we are all in trouble!

    Heil Mohammed!
    Death to America!
    Death to Israel!

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