SURPRISING! Serious Republican challenge to Muslim Congressional candidate in Michiganistan

A right-wing Super PAC is running attack ads against a Syed Taj, a Democratic congressional candidate in Michigan, in an attempt to portray the Muslim doctor as un-American who is tied to terrorism. The 30-second TV commercial charges that Taj “wants to advance Muslim power in America, has ties to Hamas, and is too extreme for America.

TNR  The race to represent Michigan’s 11th congressional district was already unusual—the seat became open when five-term Republican congressman Thaddeus McCotter abruptly resigned from Congress one month before the primary.

The Republican cadidate now is Kerry Bentivolio, a Tea Partier, who had planned on challenging McCotter from the right.  He is a Vietnam vet, reindeer farmer, and former teacher. 

Michigan Democrats were equally unprepared for a competitive race in the district.  Democrats didn’t want to let McCotter run unopposed, but they also didn’t want to pour money into an unwinnable campaign, so they ran Syed Taj, a local township trustee and doctor who is as intelligent as he is uncharismatic. Taj, who immigrated from India more than 30 years ago, is a practicing Muslim.

Cue Freedom’s Defense Fund, is run by Jerome Corsi. Last week, the Super PAC started running an commercial on Detroit-area television stations that asks, “What do we really know about Syed Taj?” Corsi, who last month traveled with the Romney campaign as a reporter for World Net Daily, is not known for his subtlety. Corsi hits Taj with his quote in which Taj noted that his election would bring the total number of Muslims in Congress to three—thereby allowing them to form a caucus—as proof that Taj wants to “advance Muslim power in America.”

The Taj campaign has appealed to station managers to pull the fear-mongering ad. 




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  1. It’s unconstitutional for the mohommedist to run for office. The quran and the Hidith require them to kill all non believing entities and that no law but allahs can be followed. Thus they are in open rebellion to the USA Constitution. What about OPEN REBELLION DON’T WE GET.

  2. All Muztards in a position of power know full well that Islam is a scam – it’s all about power, and dhimmi leftards are happy to hand it over to quench their self-loathing imaginary guilt complexes. Islam is a base ideology, it lets men satisfy their base desires with divine justification. While very few Christians (or other religious seeking righteousness) can live up to the ideals, thats the point – the bar is so high that the challenge is to constantly seek to meet what is good and just, it is understood that less than the ideal is human. The only solution to the Islam question is to shame the scum into accepting humanity. The Mussies “know”, they’re just racists and mysoginists that like the status quo of supremacy in their favour. The demographic trends are frightening, global population displacement will happen therefore Islam itself being destroyed is the only option.

      • Actually, the true meaning of “Bentivoglio” is literally “good [to] you [I] wish” – i.e., “I wish you well”, which in Italian DOES mean “I care for you” or “I love you” in the ‘agapé’ sense.

        [“Io te amo” is the romantic (more like ‘eros’) type.]

        Yes, Sarastro is completely right in that regard – maybe I’m just too much of a nit-picker here… Either way, here’s hoping and praying that Signore Bentivoglio WINS, and wins big!!!

        Returning to my above comment (food contamination), I have a vague memory that it just could have been the “Our Compliments” food-brand of salads that was so contaminated – and which had to be removed from shelves for a while…

  3. Their should be stricked rules- no muslim is allowed to run for office, no muslims can be employed in any public jobs – police force, fire service,postal service , paramedic,military forces, airlines, schools etc. Kebab shops only.

    • Mad Aussie:
      Now there’s a rule I can agree with. No muslims in ANY taxpayr paid jobs. And no muslim in ANY job unless the idiot who hires them is prepared to be sued for not giving in to their ridculous demands.

    • NO, not “kebab-shops only”: they should NEVER be trusted with ANYTHING in the food-and-drink business at all, neither inspection nor in its preparation AT ALL!!!

      I remember not too long ago reading about a couple of Islamists deliberately contaminating “ready-to-eat” salads with dirt of the sort where bacterial colonies could grow so as to cause salmonella.

      In fact, I wouldn’t trust them with ANYTHING as long as they remain Moslems (especially those that attend the mosques)!!! They have to be run out of the West: all the Marxist rhetoric about immigration being good for the host-society in the case of the Moslems MUST BE UTTERLY DISCARDED!!!!

  4. lets rid this country of the extremist muzzies ( all of them ” ) and while we are at it liberal “scum ” also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Three muslim congress representatives is three too many. We must never vote a muslm into congress. Vote no to all muslims, no matter what or we will all pay the ultimated price of losing our freedom of speech and so on.

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