Syrian (al-Qaeda) rebels’ killing field

Bang Bang, they shot me down.
Bang Bang, I hit the ground.
Bang Bang, that awful ‘Allahu Akbar’ sound. 
Bang Bang, my ‘brothers’ shot me down.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

H/T Don L

And some definite signs of al-Qaeda at work – the smiting of the neck thing.

H/T Shirl in Oz

What goes around comes around. Syrian soldiers mutilate and behead dead rebel.

H/T Don L



29 comments on “Syrian (al-Qaeda) rebels’ killing field

  1. Military intelligence needs to devise ways to kill the POLITICAL IDEOLOGY of Islam…that is the source of all the problems.

    Arab supremacism + male supremacism = ISLAM, the DEATH CULT for men.

    • ” military intelligence needs to devise a way to kill the POLITICAL IDEOLOGY of islam” not their job, it is however their job to keep an eye on them for the dangers they represent to the world. It will be through compassion, education and wisdom to defeat this ideology, you just can’t kill it with a gun, as the People of the Book, testiment suggests, in this manner, it only begots more killing of innocences. Teach your children well in the differences of a free man vrs. an enslaved subject. It’s the best medicine ever perscribed.
      Semper Fi

  2. The stupid assholes could barely hit the turd from 6 feet away.
    One thing about these Muslim shitballs is that they are cowards through and through.
    I ‘ve seen it many times and had the oppurtunity to make one pray to Allah when i was in the Golan Heights back in 84.
    They are nasty when there are a crowd of em, but one on one or when the odds are even they are chickenshits.
    A sure sign of a coward is the wasting of ammo as was evident in the first video.

    But killing other muslims as they are doing….who gives a crap !

  3. The first video reminded me of a record I had ( may still have ),
    And goes well with the video, ” THE LUNITIC IS ON THE GRASS ”
    The second video I could not get to see.

  4. “Even in Nazi Germany people stood against that evil from the beginning until its end.”

    No they did not!

    There was very little German resistance. The Poles, Frogs and Russians yes….but most Germans went along with their leader………… I hope the Americans do not.

    • Willijam Patrick Hitler. Author of Why I Hate My Uncle. Stranded in the US at the outbreak of WW II while on a British sponsered speaking tour. Ultimately served as a Pharmacists Mate in the US Navy.

    • There is actually plenty of evidence concerning German resistance to the Third Reich. Scientist, Doctors, Actors, Musicians, Politicians, Professional people, Common folk. Most of them had to leave the country or ended up in camps.
      It’s a shame you are not aware of them. Most of them were the first victims of the Nazi’s.

  5. I thought I would take a moment before commenting. I have seen videos and pictures like this far too many times. We all have. There are no words I can express that equals the outrage I feel at these times. It is for reasons such as this that I cannot and will never forgive all muslims. If at any time in the last 80 years some/any groups of muslims had stood against, taken any stand to halt/end this “Forward” march of islamic death and hatred, I would feel and judge differently.
    But none exist and never will.
    Even in Nazi Germany people stood against that evil from the beginning until its end.

    I’m afraid more videos and pictures have yet to be made.
    I hate you for what could have been had just a few of you tried.
    I curse you and all of yours for the evil you do.
    I dread the day we bring justice and vengeance.
    I fear our anger……for I know it is coming.
    It comes for you.

  6. This is why we must stay out of their tribal atrocities and allow them to continue doing what they have been doing for centuries, namely muslims killing muslims. sunni muslims killing shite muslims, killing kurdish muslims, killing alawaite muslims and so on. The two things in common is that they are cowardly and muslim savages of the cult of islam. The evil cult of no peace and no justice. Thanks for some more good news

  7. Those are some Muslims that won’t add to their misbegotten gene pool.
    A form of permanent birth control. ‘Scuse me for being politically incorrect.

  8. Yes, allah shitbar.
    Their cold bloodedness never fails to suck the air out of my lungs.
    And, forgive me, for my lapse in knowledge of murder etiquette, but… is the further desecration of the now dead guy ( by continually firing into his dead body), considered worse than peeing on him?

    Low intellects should never, ever, possess dangerous toys.

  9. Syrian Christians number approximately 2.7 million and you can add the 2 million+ Iraqi Christians who, after being driven from their homes in Iraq (By America’s “Allies”) found refuge in Assad’s Syria.

    What has the West to gain by assisting in the genocide of so many Christians and secular Syrians?

    What possible purpose can be served by creating yet another Islamic hell in the Middle East?

    If the Obama-Clinton-Muslim Brotherhood war plans succeed, tiny Israel will be surrounded on every side by irrational, bloodthirsty Islamists. Does any sober American really want to see what comes of that?

  10. Fucking cowards…tie a man up, beat him onto the ground and shoot him in the back. Fucking cowards.
    Allah is ashamed.
    God is blasphemed by such behaviour.
    These people are animals, nothing more.

  11. Machiavelli – The best fortress is the love of the people. daffy and assad never read The Prince, much to their regret.

    • Par for the course for arabs. What is really a riot is automatic weapons fire into the air. Everything thats go up must come down (unless it is faster then 7 MPS). Gunshot wounds to the top of the skull are not uncommon in gaza.

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