“We, the undersigned, proudly support Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief.”

Every name a veteran military officer:

Military Brass Support for Romney  Brigadier General Arthur Abercrombie, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General James Abrahmson, (USAF-ret)Major General Chris Adams, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral William V. Alord, Jr., (USN-ret)Brigadier General John R. Allen, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Teddy Allen, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Henry C. “Cub” Amos, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Marcus A. Anderson, (USAF-ret)Major General Joseph T. Anderson, (USMC-ret)Lieutenant General Edward G. Anderson III, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Edgar Ratclie “Andy” Anderson, Jr., (USAF-ret)Major General Joe Arbuckle, (USA-ret)Brigadier General John C. Arick, (USMC-ret)Major General Nora Alice Astaan, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Loring R. Astrorino, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Richard Averitt, (USA-ret)Vice Admiral Albert Baciocco, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Garry S. Bahling, (USANG-ret)Major General Bowen Ballard, (USAF-ret)Major General James D. Bankers, (USAF-ret)Major General James F. Barnette, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Donald E. Barnhart, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert W. Barrow, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral John R. “Jack” Batzler, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John W. Bayless, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Buck Bedard, (USMC-ret)Vice Admiral A. Bruce Beran, (USCG-ret)Major General John E. Bianchi, (USA-ret)Major General David F. Bice, (USMC-ret)Vice Admiral Lyle Bien, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Linda J. Bird, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Charles L. Bishop, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral James H. Black, (USN-ret)Brigadier General William A. Bloomer, (USMC-ret)Lieutenant General Harold Blot, (USMC-ret)Lieutenant General Steve Blum, (USA-ret)General Billy J. Boles, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Peter A. Bondi, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Pete Booth, (USN-ret)Major General John Borling, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Mike Bowman III, (USN-ret)Major General Thomas Braaten, (USMC-ret)Major General Edward R. Bracken, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert J. Brandt, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Jerry C. Breast, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Bruce B. Bremner, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Clayton “Gary” Bridges, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Edward S. Briggs, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Jeremiah J. Brophy, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Richard “Tex” Brown III, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Thomas F. Brown III, (USN-ret)Brigadier General R. Thomas Browning, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General David A. Brubaker, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Mike Bucchi, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Walter E. Buchanan III, (USAF-ret)Major General Dave Burord, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Richard A. Burpee, (USAF-ret)Admiral James B. Busey, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Kevin P. Byrnes, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Kevin P. Byrnes, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral John F. “Jack” Calvert, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General William J. Campbell, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Jay A. “Rabbit” Campbell, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Mike Canavan, (USA-ret)Major General Henry Canterbury, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral James J. Carey, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Chalmers R. “Hap” Carr, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Nevin Carr, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Paul Carroll, (USANG-ret)Brigadier General Fred Castle, (USAFR-ret)Rear Admiral Stephen K. Chadwick, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General James E. “Bear” Chambers, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Lawrence C. “Larry” Chambers, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral W. Lewis “Lew” Chatham, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Geo Chesbrough, (USN-ret)Major General Carroll D. Childers, P.E., (USARNG-ret)Rear Admiral Ronald L. Christenson, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Cliton C. “Tip” Clark, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Robert V. Clements, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Edward W. Clexton, Jr., (USN-ret)Brigadier General Christopher T. Cline, (USAR-ret)Major General Je Cliver, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Casey Coane, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Maralin K. Cofnger, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Ike Cole, (USN-ret)Brigadier General George Peyton Cole, Jr., (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Richard A. Coleman, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General John W. “Rip” Collins, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General John B. Conaway, (USAF-ret)Major General Stephen “Pat” Condon, (USAF-ret)General James T. Conway, (USMC-ret)Major General Richard M. Cooke, (USMC-ret)Major General R. Craig Cosgrave, (USANG-ret)Lieutenant General Marvin Covault, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Bob Cowley, (USN-ret)Major General J.T. “Mike” Coyne, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral Robert C. Crates, (USN-ret)Major General Tommy F. Craword, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Terry M. Cross, (USCG-ret)Brigadier General Mike Cushman, (USAF-ret)Major General John R. D’Araujo, Jr., (USA-ret)General Terrence R. Dake, (USMC-ret)Major General Gerald A. Daniel, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Jack Dantone, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral James P. Davidson, (USN-ret)Major General William J. “Bill” Davies, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Sam DeGeneres, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, (USN-ret)Major General James D. Delk, (USA-ret)Brigadier General George A. Demers, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert E. Dempsey, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral J. Ronald Denny, (USNR-ret)Brigadier General Howard G. DeWol, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Michael DiBernardo, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert S. Dickman, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Arthur F. Diehl, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Jim Doebler, (USN-ret)Major General Doug Dollar, (USA-ret)Vice Admiral William H. Dougherty, (USN-ret)Major General Hunt Downer, (USA-ret)General Michael Dugan, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Brett Dula, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Leo J. Dulacki, (USMC-ret)Major General Felix Dupre, (USAF-ret)Major General Thomas A. “Tommy” Dyches, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Bill Earner, (USN-ret)Major General Neil L. Eddins, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General David Kimball Edmonds, (USAF-ret)Major General Jay T. Edwards, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Je Ellis, (USAF-ret)Admiral James O. “Jim” Ellis, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General John S. Fairfeld, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Anthony J. Farrington, (USAF-ret)Major General John R. Farrington, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Francis Filipiak, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Bruce L. Fister, (USAF-ret)Admiral Mark “Lobster” Fitzgerald, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III, (USN-ret)Major General Charles W. Fletcher, Jr., (USA-ret)Major General Bobby O. Floyd, (USAF-ret)General Ron Fogleman, (USAF-ret)Admiral S. Robert Foley, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Gordon E. “Gordie” Fornell, (USAF-ret)Major General Larry D. Fortner, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Jerome V. Foust, (USA-ret)General Tommy Franks, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Joseph F. Frick, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Ronne Froman, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral David E. Frost, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Vance H. Fry, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral R. Byron Fuller, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral George M. Furlong, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Norm Gaddis, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Frank Gallo, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Ben F. Gaumer, DO, MHA, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Harry E Gerhard, Jr., (USN-ret)Major General Daniel J. Gibson, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General E.J. “Ed” Giering, (USA-ret)Vice Admiral Henry C. Gifn III, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Andrew A. Giordano, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Fred S. Golove, (USCGR-ret)Major General Richard N. Goodard, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Robert H. Gormley, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral H.E. Rick Grant, (USN-ret)Major General Je Grime, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert K. “Ken” Guest, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral William A. Gureck, (USN-ret)Major General David R. Gust, (USA-ret)Major GeneralEN Tim Haake, (USAR-ret)Major General Otto K. Habedank, (USAF-ret)Major General Kenneth Hagemann, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Thomas F. Hall, (USN-ret)General Alred Hansen, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Robert H. Harkins, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Dave Hart, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Donald P. Harvey, (USN-ret)Admiral Ronald J. Hays, (USN-ret)Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, (USN-ret)Major General Leonard W. Hegland, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Peter M. Hekman, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John Hekman, (USN-ret)Major General John A. Hemphill, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Ronald H. Henderson, Jr., (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Larry Hereth, (USCG-ret)Vice Admiral Richard “Dick” Herr, (USCG-ret)Major General Wilred Hessert, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Tom Hickey, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Robert P. Hickey, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Don “Smoke” Hickman, (USN-ret)Major General Georey Higginbotham, (USMC-ret)Brigadier General Mack C. Hill, (USA-ret)Major General Kent H. Hillhouse, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Walter S. Hogle, Jr., (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Grant Hollett, (USN-ret)Major General Jerry D. Holmes, (USAF-ret)Major General Weldon Honeycutt, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Thomas W. Honeywill, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Stanley V. Hood, (USAF-ret)General Chuck Horner, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General James J. Hourin, (USAF-ret)Major General Victor Hugo, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Jack C. Ihle, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Steve Israel, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Ron Iverson, (USAF-ret)Major General James T. “Jim” Jackson, (USA-ret)Major General William K. James, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General John E. Jaquish, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Tim Jenkins, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Ron Jesberg, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Thomas G. Jeter, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General William Herbert Johnson, (USAF-ret)Admiral Jerome Johnson, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral J. Michael Johnson, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Pierce J. Johnson, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Charles Jones, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Donald W. Jones, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Steven B. Kantrowitz, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Douglas Katz, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Bernard M. Kauderer, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John T. Kavanaugh, (USN-ret)Admiral Tim Keating, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General James M. Keck, (USAF-ret)Major GeneralEN George W. Keee, (USANG-ret)Rear Admiral Steven Keith, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Ken F. Keller, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Jay W. Kelley, (USAF-ret)General Paul X. Kelley, (USMC-ret)Admiral Robert J. “Barney” Kelly, (USN-ret)Admiral Frank B. Kelso II, (USN-ret)Major General Dennis M. Kenneally, (USA-ret)Major General Michael C. Kerby, (USAF-ret)General Buck Kernan, (USA-ret)Vice Admiral Tom Kilcline, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Mark T. Kimmitt, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Timothy A. Kinnan, (USAF-ret)Admiral George E.R. “Gus” Kinnear II, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Joseph W. Kinzer, (USA-ret)General William L. Kirk, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Hal Koenig, M.D., (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Albert H. Konetzni, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Charles E. Kruse, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral David Kunkel, (USCG-ret)Brigadier General Wayne W. Lambert, (USAF-ret)Major General Georey C. Lambert, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Bud Langston, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral John B. “Bat” Laplante, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Buord Derald Lary, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Jerry Laws, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General Lloyd R. Leavitt, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Thomas Lennon, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Tony Less, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Fred Lewis, (USN-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Frank Libutti, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral Thomas G. Lilly, (USN-ret)General James J. Lindsay, (USA-ret)Major General James E. Livingston, (USMC-ret)Vice Admiral Stephen Lotus, (USN-ret)Major General Al Logan, (USAF-ret)Major General John D. Logeman, Jr., (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Noah H. Long, Jr., (USNR-ret)General Williiam R. Looney III, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Don Loren, (USN-ret)Brigadier General John M. Lotz, (USAF-ret)Major General Andy Love, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Larry V. Lunt, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch, (USN-ret)Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, Jr., (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Steven Wells Maas, (USN-ret)General Robert Magnus, (USMC-ret)Vice Admiral Michael Malone, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Robert S. Mangum, (USA-ret)Major General Robert M. Marquette, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Larry Marsh, (USN-ret)Major General Clark W. Martin, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Frank Martin, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Edward H. Martin, (USN-ret)Major General William M. Matz, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Gerry Mauer, (USN-ret)Admiral Hank Mauz, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral John J. Mazach, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Dan McCarthy, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral William “Scot” McCauley, (USN-ret)Major General James C. McCombs, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Fred “Assassin” McCorkle, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel, MD, (USN-ret)Brigadier General James A. McDivitt, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral E.S. “Skip” McGinley II, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Henry C. McKinney, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Joe Mensching, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert Messereli, (USAF-ret)Major General Douglas S. Metcal, (USAF-ret)Major General Keith W. Meurlin, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Richard L. Meyer, (USAF-ret)Major General John Miller, (USAF-ret)Admiral Paul David Miller, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral James E. Miller, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Lawrence “Larry” A. Mitchell, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Joseph S. Mobley, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Patrick Moneymaker, (USN-ret)Major General Mario F. Montero, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Benjamin F. Montoya, (USN-ret)Major General Burton R. “Burt” Moore, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore, (USN-ret)Major General Walter Bruce Moore, (USA-ret)Major General William Moore, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral James A. Morgart, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John A. “Jack” Moriarty, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral David R. Morris, (USN-ret)Brigadier Generalen Michael P. Mulqueen, (USMC-ret)Major General Stanton R. Musser, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Carol Mutter, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral George Naccara, (USCG-ret)Rear Admiral Ron Narmi, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John T. Natter, Esq, (USN-ret)Brigadier GeneralEN Mike Neil, (USMCR-ret)Rear Admiral Edward Nelson, (USCG-ret)Brigadier General Ben Nelson, Jr., (USAF-ret)Major General Robert A. Nester, (USAF-ret)Brigadier Generalen William H. Neuens, (USANG-ret)Brigadier General Jack W. Nicholson, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Robert A. Norman, (USAF-ret)Major General George W. “Nordie” Norwood, (USAF-ret)General Robert C. Oaks, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Robert C. Olsen, (USCG-ret)Rear Admiral Phillip R. Olson, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral J.D. Olson, (USN-ret)Major General Raymund E. O’Mara, (USAF-ret)Major General Hugh R. Overholt, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Maria C. Owens, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Robert S. Owens, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Ira C. “Chuck” Owens, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral John F. Paddock, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer, (USA-ret)Brigadier Generalen Dave Papak, (USMC-ret)Brigadier GeneralEN Gary A. Pappas, (USANG-ret)Brigadier GeneralEN John Pappas, (USAR-ret)Major General Robert W. Paret, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Ted Parker, (USN-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Gary L. Parks, (USMC-ret)Brigadier General Robert V. Paschon, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Bob Passmore, (USN-ret)Major General Earl G. Peck, (USAF-ret)Major General Richard E. Perraut, Jr., (USAF-ret)Major General Gerald F. Perryman, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral W.W. “Bear” Pickavance, (USN-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Charles H. Pitman, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral David P. Polatty III, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Steven R. Polk, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Thomas J. Porter, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John J. Prendergast, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Fenton F. Priest, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Frank Edward Raab, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Allen K. Rachel, (USAF-ret)Major General Martha Rainville, (USAF-ret)Major General David C. Ralston, (USA-ret)Vice Admiral William E. Ramsey, (USN-ret)Major General Bentley B. Rayburn, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Joseph J. Redden, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Cliord H. “Ted” Rees, Jr., (USAF-ret)General Victor E. Renaurt, Jr., (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Jon Reynolds, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Harry Rich, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Rollo Rieve, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Tommy F. Rinard, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Edward F. Rodriguez, Jr., (USAFR-ret)Major General Richard H. Roellig, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Michael S. Roesner, (USN-ret)Major General Davis Rohr, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Peter J. Rots, (USCG-ret)Brigadier General HW “Rudy” Rudolph, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral William J. Ryan, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Roger W. Scearce, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral William A. Schachte, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Klaus O. Schaer, MD, MPH, (USAF-ret)Major General Loran C. Schnaidt, (USAF-ret)Major General Carl Schneider, (USAF-ret)Major General John P. Schoeppner, Jr., (USAF-ret)Major General Edison E. Scholes, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Dutch Schoultz, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad, (USAFR-ret)Major General Gregory A. Schumacher, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Robert H. Schumaker, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral William S. Schwob, (USCG-ret)Major General Frank Scoggins, (USAF-ret)Major General David J. Scott, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Hugh P. Scott, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral John A. “Jack” Scott, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Charles J. Searock, Jr., (USAF-ret)Major General Richard V. Secord, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral James M. Seely, (USN-ret)Brigadier General John Serur, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Joseph L. Shaeer, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Wiiliam H. Shawcross, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Doniphan B. Shelton, (USN-ret)General H. Hugh Shelton, (USA-ret)Major General Donald W. Shepperd, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Graham E. Shirley, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General E.G. “Buck” Shuler, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Ray Shulstad, (USAF-ret)Major General Joseph K. Simeone, (USAF and ANG-ret)Major GeneralEN Darwin Simpson, (USANG-ret)Major General John K. Singlaub, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Greg Slavonic, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Alexander M. “Rusty” Sloan, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral D.O. Smart, (USNR-ret)Brigadier General Stan Smith, (USAF-ret)General Lance Smith, (USAF-ret)Major General Donald Bruce Smith, (USAF-ret)Major General Richard D. Smith, (USAF-ret)Major General David R. Smith, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Ralph S. Smith, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral C. Bruce Smith, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Hubert G. “Hugh” Smith, (USA-ret)Admiral Leighton “Snuy” Smith, Jr., (USN-ret)Major General Henry C. Smyth, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General David M. “Tanker” Snyder, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Paul Soderberg, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Robert J. Spane, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Glen F. Spears, (USAF-ret)Major GeneralEN Stan Spears, (USANG-ret)Rear Admiral Bob Spiro, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Mike Squire, (USA-ret)Major General Henry B. Stelling, Jr., (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Dan Stone, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Edward M. Straw, (USN-ret)Major General Joseph S. Stringham, (USA-ret)Major General A.M. “Buddy” Stroud, (USA-ret)Major General J.A. Studds, (USMC-ret)Major General William A. Studer, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral William D. Sullivan, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Hamlin Tallent, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Hugh Banks Tant III, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Michael Joseph Tashjian, (USAF-ret)Major General Robert C. “Bob” Taylor, (USAF-ret)Major General Larry Taylor, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral Jeremy Dolph Taylor, (USN-ret)Major General J.B. Taylor, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General David J. Teal, (USAF-ret)Major General Thomas R. Tempel, (USA-ret)Major General Richard L. Testa, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Billy M. Thomas, (USA-ret)Vice Admiral Donald C. “Deese” Thompson, (USCG-ret)Rear Admiral Jeret Thompson, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson, (USN-ret)Lieutenant General Herman O. “Tommy” Thomson, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral Howie Thorsen, (USCG-ret)Major General Robert C. Thrasher, (USA-ret)Lieutenant General William Thurman, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant Generalen R.A. Tiebout, (USMC-ret)Brigadier GeneralEN W.H.J. Tiernan, (USMC-ret)Rear Admiral Byron E. “Jake” Tobin, Jr., (USN-ret)Brigadier General Richard J. Toner, (USAF-ret)Vice Admiral John Totushek, (USNR-ret)Lieutenant Generalen George J. Trautman, (USMC-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Gary R. Trexler, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Roger W. Tritshauser, (USN-ret)Vice Admiral Jerry Tuttle, (USN-ret)Major General Larry Twitchell, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Jim Underwood, (USCG-ret)Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh, (USN-ret)Brigadier General Richard Ursone, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Earl S. Van Inwegen, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Thomas Verbeck, (USAF-ret)Major General Russell L. Violett, (USAF-ret)Major General John G. Waggener, Sr., (USA-ret)Rear Admiral George F.A. Wagner, (USN-ret)Brigadier General John D. Wakelin, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Edward K. “Ted” Walker, (USN-ret)Major General David E.B. “DEB” Ward, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Claudious “Bud” Watts, (USAF-ret)Major General Charles J. Wax, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Donald Weatherson, (USN-ret)Major Generalen Kenneth W. Weir, (USMC-ret)Major General Jack Welde, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General William “Bill” Welsler, (USAF-ret)Major General Gary Whipple, (USA-ret)Rear Admiral Joel R. Whitehead, (USCG-ret)Rear Admiral James B. Whittaker, (USN-ret)Major General Georey P. Wiedeman, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral Charles Williams, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral H. Denny Wisely, (USN-ret)Rear Admiral Theodore J. Wojnar, (USCG-ret)Lieutenant General Thad A. Wole, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General C. Norman Wood, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Terrence P. Woods, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Robert V. Woods, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General John “Jack” Woodward, (USAF-ret)Lieutenant General Michael W. “Mike” Wooley, (USAF-ret)Rear Admiral George K. Worthington, (USN-ret)General Ronald W. Yates, (USAF-ret)Brigadier General Mitchell M. “Mick” Zais, (USA-ret)Brigadier General Allan Ralph Zenowitz, (USA-ret)Lieutenant Generalen Richard “Rick” Zilmer, (USMC-ret)Admiral Ronald J. Zlatoper, (USN-ret)


34 comments on ““We, the undersigned, proudly support Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief.”

  1. Have to add my respect for a real Comander an Chief in my book ! saved my ass big time , Admiral Tuttle retired from the United States Navy, following a blissful 39-year career. From seaman recruit to Vice Admiral his career included assignments to numerous attack and fighter squadrons. He served as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to the Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet. He commanded an attack squadron, an air wing, a replenishment ship, the aircraft carrier USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, and two Battle Groups/Forces. He served as Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations and as Deputy Director for Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency. He flew over 220 combat missions over North Vietnam and has more than 1,025 carrier arrested landings. At the time of his retirement, he was Navy’s “Grey Eagle” signifying the earliest designated Naval Aviator on active duty.

  2. Best wishes from Australia US BNI’ers we are supporting Romney from here and hope he will be your next President and that evil man is gone and takes the fat assed dried up Haji Hilary with him plus all the other Dhimmis.

  3. I pray that there are enough Americans left to vote obama out of office. All thanks to the military for their sacrifices on our behalf.

  4. A very distinguished list. I hope many more Americans will see through Obama’s weakness on the issue of freedom of expression. This is the issue that divides.

    Freedom or slavery.

  5. God Almighty, PLEASE Grant Thy Mercy and Providence upon the USA in this election; particularly in regards to expelling thy sworn enemy Barack Hussein Obama from where he NEVER should have been in the first place!!! Have Pity and Mercy upon thy poor American people, many of whom are surely and genuinely repentant at the sins they’ve committed, especially under the influence of Satan in the Marxist guise. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Yes, dear Ms. BNI: I’d like nothing better than to see him lose BOTH the popular vote AND the electoral college (the ones who’re really deciding matters). ANYBODY is better than a Moslem or an antitheist (militant atheist who wants to force atheism down everybody else’s throats!!…)!!!!

    DEATH to Islam and to ALL TOTALITARIANISM, now and forever and unto ages of all ages!!!

    • While we’re at it, I’m VERY, VERY glad to see how many military figures have endorsed Mitt Romney for the post of POTUS (President of the USA)!!

      May their successors and current equivalents do the same – and may the rest of the people likewise!!!! When Obama is out (and given that Romney is as rich as he is – thus he’ll be less corruptible in comparison to somebody like the Bushes or Clinton), it can only be better for the USA and the entire Western world…

  6. It would be nice to know how many currently employed service
    people would like to add their name to this list but that would
    end their careers.They can be of more value by quietly supporting
    the patriots until this scum is removed.God bless all allied
    servicemen for protecting our hard won freedoms.We are going to
    need everyone of them shortly.

  7. Hmmmm, Did you leave some one out ?, could you please rewrite the list to make sure , All I know is he was a VETERAN.? LOL.

  8. LOL BEE!!!!!! Please dear G-d PLEASE! The current brood of criminals need to be gone. But what scares me is all the damage they will do during the next couple of months while they are still in charge.

    Looks like our military knows who can be trusted.

  9. Impressive !

    I’ll stay up all night on Tuesday and Wednesday early morning. I won’t be able to sleep until the results are in. If Obama is reelected, I may overdose on pills..

    • I would suggest a much more feasible alternative to overdosing in the event that the Asslifter-in-Chief is reelected; open an account in another country, Far East, non-Commie country is my first personal choice, and transfer as much money into THAT account as necessary for an indefinnite extended stay in thatcountry…..like until BHO is gone, by whatever means!!

    • I’m sure you’re kidding about that last, but just in case you’re not…don’t. Your voice will be much needed over the next four (dreary, weary) years.

    • I’m taking off Wednesday to catch up on some sleep from the night before and then to celebrate. Can’t even entertain the other thought. Too devastating to think about!

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