JORDAN: Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood condemns Halloween for being ‘satanic and homosexual’

Keep your eye on Jordan, after Syria falls to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, so will they. “We watched with disgust and shame the other night as the ‘homosexual and Satanic’ rituals played out in an Amman cafe,” the Brotherhood said in a statement on its website.

al-Arabiya  Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday condemned Halloween celebrations held in an Amman cafe as “Satanic” and homosexual, while a newspaper reported acts of vandalism. 

Last year, a Muslim attacked a man marching in a local Pennsylvania Halloween parade for wearing a “Zombie Muhammad” costume. When the attacker was charged with assault, the ‘Muslim’ judge on the case refused to punish the perp, instead vilified the Muhammad costume-wearing  man for being “insensitive to Islam”

“This presents a challenge to the values of the Jordanian people and their Arab and Muslim identity, as well as a violation of religious laws,” it added. The group demanded that those who organized the party be tried for the “grotesque act,” decrying that such events are allowed to go ahead when the people are “stricken by poverty and amid political crises” in Jordan.

Ohio college group leads campaign against ‘racially (Islam is NOT a race) insensitive’ Halloween costumes

Al-Ghad newspaper, meanwhile, reported that violence broke out when “angry youths tried to prevent the Halloween celebrations from taking place” in the cafe in Amman. It said they tried to storm the cafe, throwing stones and setting fire to property, causing a traffic jam until early Saturday.

Poverty levels are running at 25 percent in the desert kingdom, whose capital Amman is the most expensive city in the Arab world, according to several independent studies.

How appropriate! Singer and notorious woman-beater Chris Brown and pals dress up as devout Muslims for   Halloween this year






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  1. Hah pot calling kettle black….but then reading what the Muztards think of Halloween is not surprisingly coming from these inbreds that clearly lack intelligence. Their asshole is their mouth, whatever comes out of its crap 9.9 times out of 10. The other .000001 is when they say nothing :)

  2. Homosexual Uhn? Well in Libia that didn’t seem to matter to them, seeing that they sodomized Stevens in the streets! Hipocrites all of them and their satanic cuture!!!

    • Time to send all Muslims out of our free lands back to where they came from? Did you see the picture of the Berlin,Muslim woman who had her nose cut off because she wanted to end the relationship with Iran Muslim….

    • The trick with sodomy in Islam is that “doing it” TO somebody or something is OK. It’s when you’re RECEIVING it (penis in anus) that you get condemned!!

      Sorry to be so crass!!! Also, glad to see a fellow human-being agreeing with me on the necessity of deporting ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!

  3. Halloween is inappropriate? so is a religion that allows child rape, killing at the slightest provocation no music no fun no laughter.

  4. Jordan is next on the list of muslim countries to fall. Then, they will be all killing each other. A perfect conclusion to a wild ride.

  5. Satanic?! I’d have to say that NOBODY would know more about “Satanic” than you muzzturds who consistently practice your maniacal political ideology of Islamic supremacy, all the while shouting “Allahuuuu Akbar” while you commit rape, incest, and murder all in the name of that demented SATANIC ideology!!…And Happy Halloween, a–holes!! “Trick or treat! Or I keeel you!!”

    • Remember that islamic ‘satan’ is Iblis, a troll that the most evil things he does is sleeping in the nose and pissing into ears. Iblis fits perfectly halloween.

      Sometimes i call quran ‘Devil’s book’

  6. Yep, no fun or humor in islam.
    I know Jordan will fall next and I am waiting to see qeen latifa (noor) in action.

    (I meant the spelling to be amok)

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