SWITZERLAND: Christian student bullied out of school for refusing to convert to Islam

Peter is a sixth grade pupil who always enjoyed school until a Muslim classmate began making his life miserable. Ali (name changed) has been badgering him to give up his religion and accept Islam. The teacher’s attempts to intervene have failed.

Islam vs Europe  In Peter’s class, 14 of the 19 school pupils are Muslim. Ali, whose father is a Muslim imam, volunteered to give Peter religious instruction. Only if he were a Muslim, could they be friends.

Ali made fun of Christianity. How is it possible that Jesus is the son of God, asked Ali maliciously. As the class visited a mosque during religious instruction, Ali demanded that Peter pray to Allah. One day Ali gave his classmates a religious pamphlet of the German convert and hate preacher Pierre Vogel, who is banned from Switzerland. 

The Swiss successfully voted to ban minarets from mosques, but what they should have banned is all mosques

Peter had the courage to tell the whole class that he wasn’t going to let himself be converted to Islam. Ali’s answer: “You are possessed by the devil”. Afterwards other Muslim classmates also turned away from Peter. The conflict climaxed in two classmates holding Peter while Ali threw ping pong balls at him, continually shouting: “Die!”

Peter suffered ever more often from headaches and stomach pains and developed anxiety disorders. For that reason his mother took him out of the school and began home schooling him. 

For several months now, Peter has been receiving therapeutic treatment. His psychiatrist confirms that the psychosomatic symptoms were caused by “fear of classmates”. “Because of the adaptation disorder with anxiety and depressive reactions, Peter is currently seriously impaired in his personal and educational development,” writes the doctor in an expert opinion. “In the last three years similar reactions to school attendance were seen based on conflicts that were mostly caused by the sociocultural differences in Peter’s class.” 

In a similar case, a Muslim school pupil, whose female classmates wore short skirts and close-fitting T-shirts, delivered an ultimatum to them to dress more modestly.

Were the Swiss people not paying attention when this Parliament member warned them about Islam?


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  1. Praise the REAL and One True God that my mother wasn’t Peter’s mother.

    I was nearly struck- as in, he raised a hand and prepared to slam it -by an arrogant teacher in a hallway in the sixth grade. (It is a crime in Georgia to strike a mentally handicapped man.) My mother stormed through like an angry bear and said to the vice-principals that itʻs a good thing she was a fellow teacher, and that she knew he’d be destroyed.

    My mother was prepared to sue, or worse, to defend me from a truly wicked soul that nearly hit me. If I was in Peter’s situation here, my mother would probably take justice into her own hands. The principal in that school would not know true fear until my mother kicked his door down and demanded justice.

    Why didn’t Peter’s mother do more? She did enough, but there was so much she could do. My mother would have moved Heaven and earth to avenge me.

  2. . The mohommedists have been on a roll worldwide, but they feel they are being uncovered here in the USA to soon so they are trying to push harder to act like they have a bigger population and acceptance then they do. But beware DRIP, DRIP, DRIP. THIS IS A BIG THING BECAUSE IF THEY ARE UNCOVERED BY THE USA AND THE USA DEMANDS THEIR DEATH THEN THEY WILL DIE.
    So Bonni you have done and are doing a great job. GOd be with you, ICE

  3. I know this is OT, but a friend just sent me this email.

    >> A British Engineer just started his own business in
    >> Afghanistan.He’s making land mines that look like prayer mats. He says prophets are going through the roof.

  4. This is the inevitable & often irreversible result of insane ‘feel good’ political correctness.

    Don’t forget to vote tomorrow to get the disgraceful Muzzie Dictator-wannabe out of OUR White House. When they leave be sure to count the silver.

    • I totally agree, but all those in high government positions ‘think’ they’ll be safe if they go along with what’s going on. I think most politicians should be put out to pasture, or at least, put outtt.

  5. Liberals reap what they sow, why should we be concerned, either they learn from there idiotic mistakes and kick the muzzie shit balls out of thier country or suck up and shut up and do what the muzzies tell them to do.

    • I think the government is keeping a very large portion, and we aren’t told what the REAL numbers are, so when the sh__ hits the fan, a foreign FORCE will take over. We’ll have no chance to defend ourselves.

  6. Is His mother retarded? The very first moment I caught wind of a speck of this towards my child and I would’ve come in like a freight train on every person working in that school and would’ve immediately taken him out. She allowed her child to be attacked daily, parents don’t protect their children anymore! I understand Islam has taken over their but if it’s to this point you have nothing more to lose. You fire up the guns and seek and destroy. The lack of any and all balls blows my mind. Kill me fine fuck with my kid and I will destroy anybody or anything doesn’t matter how big n scary they are. Cowardess makes me sick

  7. A friend of mine works night shift so he sleeps during the day. He got a his door bell ranged at 9 am. He opened the door and there was a man and a kid at the door. The man said he was there to save him because he was going hell. He needed to accept Allah and Islam right away.

    Hes been listening to me about these people but he couldn’t believe they had the balls to go say that to him. He told them to get off his property and out of the neighborhood. This guys said Allah told him to come and he couldn’t made him go. It got loud and neighbors came out and found out what was going on they told them to go also.

    Same reply Allah told him to come and they weren’t going. At this time the dog who’s racist protected his house jumped the fence and chased them down the street. Go’s to prove the dog has more power than Allah. The dog cam back and was put in the cellar. My friend got another knock at the door it was the police and dog office and this Arab . The cop said they said his dog was put on these people.

    The neighbors came back out and was pissed told them the dog only wanted to play but this guy was told to leave and get off his property. They refused. The Dog officer said he needed to see the dog. When he got in the cellar the dog jumped on him and kicked him. He said didn’t I pick this dog a year ago. My friend said yes.

    Dog officer said he don’t know what the guy was saying the dog is very friendly and has no blood on him. The Arab was told to leave and not come back. The dog secret is safe that hes a racist. But who knows if the guy will come back with friends. And this is a small city in southern mass and they are here already.

  8. What is the point of importing Muslims?? They bring intolerance, threats, violence, domination, loss of freedoms, and loss of Christian/Judeo values. There is no country on earth that has Muslims peacefully co-existing with infidels. Given the overwhelming living and historical evidence, our powers that be are MAD for allowing a single Muslim beyond our borders.

    I am all about being politically incorrect and I say deport, deport, deport and nuke, nuke nuke. Voila, peace.

    • Unfortunately, the multiculturalist and ‘secularist’ politicians need them coming in the millions so that they can get votes and stay in power. These slaves of Allah will never be happy wherever they go. Even in countries with 100% Muslim population, they will start to kill each other to prove who is the true Muslim

    • One of the reasons for importing welfare dependent koranimals is for their block (socialist) vote. The other reasons are far more sinister. The socialists want to destroy christianity and western values. To them islam is a useful tool. Just how they plan to control it in the future remains a mystery to me. I don’t think they’ve thought it through.

      • I agree. The enemy within has opened our gates to people we have nothing in common. They want the dependent vote. The peoples show no respect for our people, our culture, our faith. Ultimately, they want to destroy Judeo/Christian nations.

    • Yes, it remains a mystery why we have to have these people invading us. If our leaders use that old excuse “to increase the work-force”, why Muslims as they can’t do much anyway , drop out of school, and if in work are often off sick or on welfare, or filling our hospitals and prisons as a minority group !. Statistics don’t lie, but here in the Netherlands the Govt. some years ago ware horrified when they read the statistics 75% of prison inmates were “immigrants” and 3/4 of those were Muslims, a befriended policeman told us, and the police were told by the Govt (who had asked for a report) “this is not pc” !
      Well no, but just the truth !.
      it was sent back for “rectification” Did they want lies? !!! Says it all !

      There are millions of other people from all over, Christians and those of other faiths (who need to escape persecution by Muslims anyway) who are perfectly normal people, integrate and contribute to our countries in many ways.
      We don’t need Muslims !

  9. So… the students do a mock STONING and Peter, who’s name was not changed, is taken to psychiatrist, to diagnose mental anguish, caused by Ali, who’s name WAS changed. The victim is removed from school, and the perps own the place.
    Hello? Switzerland, you are looking at this ass-backwards.

    That video is anti jihad PORN! LOVE IT- I don’t care how many times I see it!

  10. NON-Muslim immigrants come to our countries; RESPECT our people, are GRATEFUL to be in our countries and are LOYAL to our people and our nations.

    We are ALL sick and tired of MUSLIM immigrants who profoundly DISRESPECT and DESPISE us; are UNGRATEFUL to be in our countries. Muslims who HATE us because we believe in our Glorious, Awesome Creator, the One God who is completely GOOD – the God of all life. It is NOT acceptable to Muslims that we don’t believe in Mohammad and Mohammad’s god.

    Huge slave trader and mass murderer, founder of Islam, Mohammad, murdered/beheaded 700 Jewish men because of the Jews enormous love for, and allegiance to our Wonderful God – Creator of the Universe. The loyal Jews did not believe in Mohammad. The Jews’ loyalty was to GOD alone and NOT to a man.
    To God be the glory!

  11. It seems the Swiss suffer from the same disease that most of Europe has, Political Correctness. The Swiss have their neutral world heritage, but with muslims, there is no such thing, as a “neutral country”. The Swiss p.c. will destroy thier country, muzzies will chew them up, and spit them out.

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