UK BNI READERS: Do something! Stop the London Mosquetrosity

On 5th September 2012 Tablighi Jamaat finally submitted a valid outline planning application for the West Ham mega-mosque which, their architect boasted to the media, will be the size of Battersea Power Station. It has a capacity of 9,350 with an additional dining hall for 2,000. The design? Well, one critic called it “a religious Tesco superstore” and another “the love-child of Stansted airport and a failed social housing development.”

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The application is reference 12/00358/LTGOUT and you can see it for yourself on Newham Council’s planning webpage here:

What can you do to stop it?


Up until at least the 16th November 2012 you can:

    1. Send your objections to Newham Council, either online here or by letter to:

      Development Control Service,

      London Borough of Newham,

      1st Floor West Wing,

      1000 Dockside Road,

      London E16 2QU

      (FAO: Mr Sunil Sahadevan, Reference: 12/00358/LTGOUT).

    1. Sign the e-petition on the Government’s website: E Petition and ask your friends (in the UK only) to do the same. We do not know the person who put it up but are supporting it all the same.

    1. Contact your local MP – if built, the mega-mosque will be a huge global centre and platform for Tablighi Jamaat to propagate their socially-hostile ideology right across the UK, Europe and elsewhere. It is not just a Newham or a London issue.

    1. If you live near the site, get up a petition amongst your neighbours and send it to Newham Council via your Councillors (see below).

    1. If you live in Newham, send your objections to your Councillors(find them here ). This massive Tablighi Jamaat monument to social division, hostility, separatism and misogyny can and must be stopped.

    1. If you live within reach of the site join our opposition campaign by volunteering to help. Call us or email us (see our Contact details, below right).

  1. Donate to our fighting fund – see the Donate button on the right. The campaign costs a lot for research, publicity and professional advisors and all donations are very welcome.