Why is the Secret Service ignoring public threats to Mitt Romney?

The Secret Service appears to be playing politics by ignoring not responding to threats of physical harm and violence against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made by leftist filmmaker Michael Moore and the George Soros-funded far left wing group MoveOn.org.

The Blaze  The threat was made via a web video (below) released earlier this week in which Moore and MoveOn hide behind elderly women who make scripted terrorist threats against Romney and the nation over the presidential election. While it highly unlikely the women in the ad would be able to fulfill their threats, Moore and MoveOn are inciting violence against Romney and riots over the election.

Several phone calls to the Secret Service public affairs office about the threat to Romney, who is under their protection, over the past few days have not been returned. Detailed messages of inquiry were left with the voicemail of spokesman George Ogilvie. A search of news sites shows no articles reporting a Secret Service investigation in to the threat.

Last April,  conservative rock musician and outspoken Second Amendment activist Ted Nugent was investigated by the Secret Service within days of making an ambiguous comment about President Barack Obama. Nugent was reported to have said at a National Rifle Association convention, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Unlike Moore and MoveOn, Nugent did not make a threat of violence. Romney has been the subject of numerous threats, prompting the Secret Service to take to Twitter to encourage people to report threats. MoveOn.org

On the other hand, uber-left wing NY newspaper Daily News endorses Romney: shock-new-york-daily-news-endorses-romney-after-picking-obama-4-years-ago 

HERE ARE THE STATS As of today, 11 newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 have now endorsed Mitt Romney: 

  • The New York Daily News;
  • Long Island Newsday;
  • Houston Chronicle;
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram;
  • Orlando Sentinel;
  • Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel;
  • Nashville Tennessean;
  • Des Moines Register;
  • Illinois Daily Herald;
  • Los Angeles Daily News;
  • Los Angeles Press-Telegram.

 And, at rallies in the critical swing state of Ohio, Romney-Draws-30,000-Obama-2800-Ohio



51 comments on “Why is the Secret Service ignoring public threats to Mitt Romney?

  1. Many moons ago I read a number of books written by that smelly looking fat hippy that clearly hates America. I was suckered in by the crap in his book then what would a niave Aussie like me know at the time? Then I wised up and read a book by a Peter Schweizer “Do As I Say Not As I Do” about the biggest Liberal hypocrites and Fat Ass Moore was one on the list in the book. Oh my everything he critisizes and mocks behind the scene he does. One of the many things he opposes was stocks and shares and lo’ and behold documented evidence showed that this fat lard has many stocks and shares one of the shares were with Halliburton whom fat ass blew the lid on in one of his books linking Bush Junior as being involved with Halliburton. The very Bush Junior he hares. Go figure. After reading that book I grabbed all of that fat tub of lards books and binned them. He has the audacity to oppose capitalism and the super wealthy, what a cheak! Guess like all Commies no ones allowed wealth except the ones who oppose it. Also in that very same book was a mention of another well known Liberal hypocrite Haji Hillary
    That also opened my eyes up to that evil dried up old bag.
    Go Romney!!!!

  2. Regardless of the fact that these elderly folk may be actors, this is elder abuse and an insult to all oldies. I spit on Moore and co.

  3. I hope that some day I run into that fat tub of shit moore. If I ever do I will provke him into swinging at me so that I can beat him into a steaming pile of shit, “kicking an coughing and spitting up his blood”. That last part a great line by Marlon Brando in an old western.

  4. When Mitt Rommey gets in He wants to down grade the secret service and put the seals in their place. That’ll teach them to ignore his request.

  5. Ironic really. The biggest election cheats (Democrats) are upset about “voter suppression”. Voter suppression is nothing more than stopping invalid voting by democrat supporters. Hypocrites.

  6. These people are being used by Moore who’s a moron. Hes sick looking for attention. If hes charged it will look good for the demarcate party. As for these old people they don’t have long to go but the nursing home should be charged for allowing this.

    Most likely they got money on the deal. But they should know if Obama gets back in Obama care will close them. In Mass homes have been closed already and services cut. Like speech services. These are given because people choke on their food from weaken muscles used for chewing.

    These people went along with this because of attention as well. Most elderly are cut off by their families when they go into a home. Those who hang on and take control are looking to take any money they have left. But when they are in the nursing home there is no money so their family are gone.

    Its a crime Moore was allowed to use these people making them look mental. This guy needs to be forced at a later time for his actions like Obama needs to be charged after a special prosecutor in put in when hes kicked out.. To judge his crimes. Like Watergate and Bill’s blow job no one was killed. This thug from Chicago needs to be jailed for crimes of murder in Libya . Hopefully he gets a judge who has the balls to throw the full weight of the law at him.

  7. These old coots don’t realize that once obamacare is fully implemented, they will die. No medical care, except end of life counseling and some pills to make them more “comfortable”, is all they will get. It has already started, doctors are complaining about hospital directives to not help the elderly, and the medicare budget is being slashed to fund obamacare.

  8. Well, the folks in this video will be singing a different tune when they’re told that, due to their advanced age, they’re not eligible under Obamacare for life-saving treatment. I’m sure it will console them, though, to know that the sacrifice of their
    health/lives on the altar of their Obamessiah is for the good of the younger citizens of the US — heck, for the good of the world.

  9. BNI, do you have black helicopter syndrome, are you paranoid and think the establishment is watching your every move, following you, listening to you, tapping your phones, triangulating your cell phone conversations, going through your garbage, are the mindless IRS goons auditing your income are the internet Gestapo storm troopers reading your blogs and emails?? If you’re suffering from any or all of these symptoms do not fear a cure is here, ROMNEY/RYAN.

  10. I am former U.S. Secret Service (1974-1977) before going into other law enforcement of over 25 years, and I understand all kinds of opinions about what People think or know regarding the USSS and law enforcement in general.
    The Truth is, the People do NOT know about the responsibilities of the U.S. Secret Service. The USSS is NOT a political or appointed job like some people think. It is a “neutral” civil service type of job that protects whomever is running for office or is elected to the position.
    The USSS does NOT play favorites and it is a “Requirement” that you must be able to take a bullet for the President.
    In my job, I had to protect the President, First Family, White House Mansion, grounds, Vice President and his resident, Embassies, Ambassadors, and whomsoever the President so directs.
    If a person demonstrates a viable threat, and has the means to carry out the threat, etc… then that means they get a “visit” and possibly an interview. Anything more interesting, means they get to be a guest and charged.
    I was specially trained, along with my own background and expertise, with all kinds of weapons, laws, procedures, etc, but especially the ability to evaluate crazy people to see if they really need the “attention” of the USSS or a Mental Hospital like John Hinkley.
    In my opinion MIchael Moore is such a “Mental case” and needs to be professionally evaluated. Moore is also an “agitator” of sorts and also tries to “twist” people’s words and a great manipulator.
    Others, are just voicing their “stupid” opinions like some guy that had to “yell” at Clinton “Hey slick willy!” That prompted an “interview” since it was at a local Hotel and very “limited” and close proximity to the President and First Lady. (I was off duty when I saw that happen)
    The USSS is very equipped to deal with all the “crazies”, but have a very difficult job to do. Setting ALL “political” feelings aside, the USSS does it’s job without fail no matter what.
    I am sure that people like Michael Moore are being “monitored” secretly and the USSS are waiting for him to make a move or demonstrate some sort of “urgency” to get to the Presidential Candidate.
    If he shows up at the White House, or one of the White House tours, I can assure you if I were working , I would take him in cuffs to be interviewed. Demonstrating outside the White House is still deterring people from getting inside. Climbing a fence will get you shot, or arrested take your pick!
    I can assure you that the U.S. Secret Service take ALL threats seriously. They do NOT share what they are doing. Hence, the term or name “Secret Service”.
    If Michael Moore becomes more aggressive in his behavior or details that he wants to threaten, hurt, kill, etc… a candidate, then he will probably go to Federal Prison.
    Even the First Amendment has it’s restrictions and entertainers still have to “color” their language a little to mask a possible threat.(Veiled threats are also taken seriously too)
    All in all, it’s better not to F**k with the U.S. Secret Service is the best advice I can give you.
    I also suggest you all watch or rent the movie DVD In “The Line Of Fire” or any of the other great movies that may detail further information to help educate.(Guarding Tess, The Sentinel, Vantage Point, etc…Just Google “U.S Secret Service Movies”)
    Have a nice day!
    John Carman, Former U.S. Secret Service

    • John I want to thank you for your service to our country. Personaly, I would not threaten either cannidate or mess the the secret services. However, to be honest currently in my adul tlife I am losing faith in most of our leadership, secret services, etc.

  11. Also, I’m guessing that old woman has had a lot of practice burning places down.
    Likely never paid taxes and has been on the gov handouts all her life.

  12. I worry about Romney’s life, as this would be the answer to Obama’s dreams. He would continue to remain President…..and who knows if there would ever be another election. Don’t worry, any connection to Obama or his supporters will be ridiculed, but no doubt, they’ll have had their hands in it.

    • Anyone know the law on this? If either contender were assassinated say within 10 days of election day, wouldn’t there have to be some delay to elect new runners?

  13. Indeed why! The Democrats are out of control trying to stay in control. The hypocracy and duplicity of their regime must be brought to an end either at the pols, or by other means. Remember all the tweets threatening violence and rioting if Romney wins? Remember the Secret Services’ lame response to such threats? If those tweets were leveled against the Obama campaign, you can safely bet they would be thoroughly investigated and those responsible, prosecuted. Thus is the evil nature of the left, and damn that fat-assed Michael Moore and that fat-assed donkey named George Soros, that he rode in on! It must be Soros’ billions that keeps Moore’s fat ass from breaking the donkey’s back!

  14. I’m sure they have been ordered by the White House not to investigate any threats against Romney/Ryan. Just like why aren’t the Feds in Libya, why aren’t they investigating voter fraud. Holder is another black radical that hates whites. He will do nothing that may implicate Muslims, blacks or organized groups in anyway shape or form. He will always turn a blind eye to the likes of the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and charities run by blacks or Muslims that have openly supported both domestic and international terrorism. Why-why-why!!!!?????

  15. P.S. As for Secret Service – in Romney’s shoes I would pay for my own little security team – one would be insane to trust Obama and Holder. They are desperadoes of the lowest order, right in step with Muslim terrorists.

    • Amen!!! I wouldn’t be at all surprised, though I would be absolutely HORRIFIED and in agony (even though I’m not an American) were something evil to happen to Romney!!! There’s no doubt in my mind that Obama and his cohorts are BOTH capable AND WILLING to do such a thing… If they lose, Mr. Romney had better then redouble his security right until WELL AFTER his inauguration!!!

  16. That was probably the saddest, most pathetic commercial I have ever seen and I spent most of my life on Madison Avenue. Not only is it in the worst taste, it is counterproductive and an insult to old folks, to the actors, to the makers of the commercial – it positions its makers as low life and tasteless amateurs – the concept probably came from Obama himself or from David Axelrod, a happless piece of dung..

  17. Even the greatest generation had their share of fuck-ups and inbreeds as is demonstrated in the vid. michael moore has to be a product of incest??? He wasn’t aborted.

  18. I just sent a wonderful message to votersrising.org. Not that it will do any good, but it felt good. I can’t believe that they wanted to sensor the video that “caused the attacks” but they won’t do anything about a video threatening a running presidential candidate… WTF is wrong with Barry’s followers, the media, the state department and America??? Have people gone completely insane?? Never have I been so disgusted by an election (even when Barry won). The Barry supporters have truly shown the world what horrible people they really are!

  19. i’ve heard the threat against romney before about burning this mfucker down was it wasn’t said by an elderly woman . I’m concerned about why the Secret service doesn’t take this serioudly

    • Just imagine if something like this was said to a Muslim candidate??? The whole ME would be ablaze, Cair would be filing lawsuit after lawsuit, beheadings, anti-free speech rallies, suicide bombs. That stupid, vulgar pig should try his BS in the Middle East where The Annointed One (BHO) has brought true democracy (sarcasm alert). What about that sickening ad where the old bag says “We will burn the Mfk’r down”, then the one about “First Time” and now this. Sounds like M Moore’s work. These people degrade the office of President of the US.

      • What am I missing? The dhimmicrats demand details of Romney’s personal taxes, but Obummer’s past is one stinking black whole, except for the ‘reverend’ White, Ayers, Dohrn, Alinsky, Cloward-Piven etc. If the situations were reversed, would not EVERY newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, be baying to the world at large about his background and the company he kept and keeps?

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