FREAK SHOW! Screaming like raving banshees, these little Palestinian girls try to provoke a violent response from IDF soldiers on camera

IDF soldiers seem amused at the pint-sized, ‘blonde haired Palestinian’ drama queen in tight pants, howling and shrieking like a crazed Obama-supporter. Blonde hair? Maybe her mother is Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, who converted to Islam and seems to be in love with Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time this junior Rachel Corrie has become hysterical at the IDF, conveniently on camera. This is the girl in video below, but a month earlier.

Elder of Ziyon  The video documents a 10-year-old girl and pals cursing, spitting at, pushing and hitting the IDF soldiers in attempt to provoke a violent reaction. The soldiers show no reaction. Plot foiled. It is alleged that the girl, along with others, were protesting her brother being arrested in Nabi Saleh last Friday, presumably for throwing stones. Some of the translated tirade from the 10-year-old ‘bully:’

“You’re a traitor! I know you speak Arabic. Our soldiers are stronger than you! I’ll smash your head,” the 10-year-old girl is heard in the video screaming at the soldier in Arabic. After spitting at him, she continued shouting: “I spit in your face. Go watch your mother instead of fighting little children. You’re a traitor. You kill people to get money from dogs.”


50 comments on “FREAK SHOW! Screaming like raving banshees, these little Palestinian girls try to provoke a violent response from IDF soldiers on camera

  1. Reminds me of the ghetto bitch that bus driver upper cut.
    To bad these soldiers have to put up with this shit. Shame on the mother of these
    piss poor excuse of children

  2. You know who I feel sorry for here? The soldiers. Many have not seen their own children for many months- some have been born while they are away, and have never been seen yet. And here is this ‘child’ playing mind games with the soldiers. How cruel to taunt and speak to an adult in such a manner…that soldier may have children the same age at home, or even a little sister the same age….how do these men keep it together…these children should be removed from their parents care, heck knows what can be done with a child like the one in the clip, but something has gone terribly wrong..where is the respect- these are men with guns, and the girl has no fear…what a mess…

  3. Once again we see the primary enemy up close: The Fifth Column within our own culture. We really need to destroy these people. No pity. No mercy. They will show you none. Islam is a secondary enemy and only dangerous because of the succor they are given by the Fifth Column within our ranks. Focus on the Fifth Column.

  4. The out of control kid keeps saying hara. Hara is not a nice word. It means shit. If I spoke like that as a kid, my parents would be very angry.

  5. They could be descendants of the slaves taken by their thousands by the Barbary priates operating of the coasts of Europe and stealing whole villages from GB, Netherlands, France etc.
    These little banshees ( nice description BNI !) prove they are not scared of these so-called”Nazis” in the least ! They know the truth, that these soldiers are nowhere near tyrants and just join in the hate and pathetic provocation. Bravo to the IDF !!

    Can we imagine children in occupied countries behaving the same to German soldiers during WW2?? They wouldn’t dare !

    Muslims are always rude and undisciplined. Immoral, nasty, aggressive people unfettered they become like wild animals, so their kids will be also.
    I really feel for Israeli’s surrounded by these maniacs, and then little support from around the world.

  6. Everyone seems to have forgotten that for 500 years blond blue eyed girls got the highest prices in the slave markets of the Arab world. The last one was officially closed in 1962.

  7. They have the patience of a saint. I would have slapped the little bitch ass over tit. Even with all the raghead and lefties hanging around like leeches ready for some propaganda footage.

    • Maybe she dresses “too Western” for Arab pedo’s, and just not “Muslim” enough? Or is this only a “crime” worthy of an honour killing for Muslim girls living in the West? Figures…when they come here, they become infected seemingly with “sudden Islam syndrome” and their “religion” becomes their identity , burkha and all ( they know which side their bread is buttered on, think of us as a “soft touch” either raising their fists to demand …or beg…

  8. From what the girl is saying, I would guess the soldier is a Druze or Beduin. Druze males are subject to compulsary military service and a fair number of Beduins volunteer.

  9. Little hag waited for the camara to get up close before she started her spontanious rag. No doubt her guts will be flung all over in the near future as a suicide bomber. Who cares?

  10. Set tazers on the stun of an angry swarming wasp stings for the little monsters of islam. After the age of 15 use bullets. omar khadr was 15 when he murdered Sgt. Speer. All credit to the brave soldiers for not blowing them away. Hitting a person is an assault in any normal culture. Of course islam is not normal but it is evil.

  11. GF
    Actually the age is 7 but who’s counting. This is the end result of the Stockholm Syndrome, which Jimmy Carter is also afflicted by. Lost to GOD only because they have freedom of choice. They chose EVIL. He will place them in the necessary Lake and apply what they need.

  12. To sirius, above:
    After the age of 8, there is no recourse, no cure for the subliminal training, as well as the psychological abuse they have accepted as the norm. They are lost to Humanity, as well as G-D, and so very, VERY few will ever see it !!

  13. I don’t think she is “Paleostinian” at all. She isn’t an Arab girl. I bet she is the daughter of some stupid leftist Westerners who hate Israel. They taught her Arabic. Perhaps they have been living over there for a few years, in order to help the “Phakestinians” in their propaganda efforts. At any rate, they are using the girl for their own twisted, egotistical purposes.

    At any rate, purely disgusting.

  14. When I see shit like this, it just makes me despise them all the more. Putting their own kids in harm’s way to score brownie points in the court of world opinion. The muzzturds are the very people who came up with the concept of using their own kids as human shields. The muslim is a coward, yellow as puke, duplicitous as hell, and evil as evil can get. They are demons from darkest hell, just like their beloved prophet mo (are you listening, Iftick?). With her blond hair, mabey she is Lauren Booth’s daughter, or perhaps Vanessa Redgrave’s “Paleostinian” granddaughter?


  15. This is the reason that all children born to muslims should be taken away from them immediately and raised as civilized person. It want happen if they are raised in islam.

  16. This is what results when you teach your children to hate…. instead of to love and value life…Satan, the Father of Hate and all Evil, must be so proud….what’s truly a shame is that the adults would even encourage the children to provoke someone that is holding a gun/weapon….that in it’self is just plain STUPID….even when the soldiers are laughing and smiling it seems to make them even madder and more brazen and aggressive……I realize the entire idea is to provoke the IDF soldiers into shooting or attacking the children (which is why there are so many waiting with cameras and video cameras)….so they could use it against the IDF and could spin it with their own version of any bogus altercation ……..the adults and older children should be ashamed of themselves, but even they are so full of hate, and don’t value any human life, they would gladly sacrifice the lives of their own children for their own means…..that’s sad…and pathetic…..but it’s the mentality of those who don’t want peace, but rather to keep stirring the pot of hatred and violence and play the victim……

    • They’re probably descendants of Muslim Slavs, Albanians, Vlachs, Bulgars, Chechens, Rumelian Turks, Circassians, Georgians, or some other European Muslim group that settled in “Palestine” and underwent cultural/linguistic Arabization. You’d be surprised how many “Palestinians” are in fact of recent European ancestry.

      • You are correct Im thinking this little squarking bitch is from Muzscum Slav territory going by the coloring. Shes too fair to be an Arab (no suspicions of a moutasche or side burns is a giveaway). This little bitch with her fair coloring will become a play thing for all the dirty Palestinians boys to have their way with. Gang bang Muzzo Moll comes to mind like that Lauren Booth.

  17. That little bitch needs a trip to the woodshed. One of these days the little bitches parents will strap a suicide bomb to her, and i hope the IDF Police and soldiers take it seriously. She should have been given a whipping when she grabbed the rifle of that IDF soldier.
    For these Palestinian Savages to train their children to hate and act in this way, is a crime, a crime against humanity.

  18. Pathetic and very transparent provocation. Even the soldiers laugh at their stupidity. Such sick parents to train their children to be pathetic fools. All those people have is hate. Sickening example of deeply ingrained evil. Where the children have no morals. The kids are being trained to get themselves killed…… Disgusting political movement disguised as a religion, moslems……

    • These girls are “uncovered white meat” as muslim clerics like to say. I guess they deserve to be raped by muslim men.

      About 2/3 into the video one of the screamers clearly says “wasabi”. The “poor, starving palestinians must be out of wasabi for their sushi, or perhaps she is demanding wasabi peas as a snack for herself and her friends.

    • Good guess Sarge! And my guess would be that the little blond sh– is a product of parents, at least one of them being a NON-ARAB muslime! Being a retired postal employee, she reminds me a LOT of furry little dogs that came out in a “menacing” manner, as do her cohorts, taunted and encouraged by adults that WILL NOT approach the troops themselves thinking of the likelihood of having their faces smashed in!! Too bad, juniior sociopaths, AND their trainers; the Iraeli troops are way too smart to be baited by your maniacal BS rants!!

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