Is it too soon to celebrate the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in America?

This propaganda video, from Iranian-funded Press TV, attempts to portray all Muslims in America as victims, who are suffering discrimination/racism from what they call an irrational fear of Islam, ‘Islamophobia.’ Call it what you will, the fact that more and more Americans are reacting as they should to the biggest enemy of America – Islam, is indeed a good thing.

Despite the pathetic appeal for sympathy, this truly is a ‘feel good’ video about the backlash against the scourge that Islam has brought to America.  NOTE: Contrary to what this video alleges, the Oklahoma City bombing was, in fact, directly connected to Muslim terrorists. SEE oklahoma-city-bombing-isnt-it-time-to-put-to-bed-the-myth-that-islamic-terrorists-were-not-involved