MARYLAND: JUST SAY ‘NO’ to closing Montgomery County Public Schools for Muslim holidays

Hamas-linked CAIR is promoting an email campaign to force Montgomery County Public School Board members to add two Muslim holidays to the school calendar, even though there are not a significant number of Muslim students in that school system.

On November 13, 2012, the MCPS Board of Education will adopt a school calendar for the academic year 2014-2015. CAIR-MD BNI urges you to contact MCPS Board members and Superintendent Joshua Starr to let them know that special treatment for a small number of  Muslim students is unacceptable!

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EMAIL information for Superintendent Joshua Starr: CONTACT HERE

EMAIL information for the Montgomery County Public Schools Board members: CONTACT HERE


17 comments on “MARYLAND: JUST SAY ‘NO’ to closing Montgomery County Public Schools for Muslim holidays

  1. I am extremely offended by this muslim terrorist wearing my countrys flag as a rag! I am totally opposed to anything that the terrorist oranization know as cair tries to do!

  2. More moronic comments by our resident Muslim flamer. 1st. in all my experience no churches in my country have ever been financed by government so pay your own way. The only exception on the school side was for Catholic schools in Canada as a result of a deal with the French-Canadian colonists as a result of the conquest in 1757 and the Quebec Act. So build your own mosques and land so zoned and stay out of the education system with your stupid religious theories and ideas.

  3. A civilisation is measured not by the rights it grants its majority but the privileges it allows its minorities.
    Muslim community not only needs Mosques but also state funded Muslim schools for their bilingual children.

    • ABSOLUTE LIES in the case of Moslems!!!

      Mosques are not mere houses of worship (if that’s all they were, we wouldn’t be one-tenth as alarmed and furious as we are!!) but ARMS DEPOTS in addition to places fomenting Moslem HATRED of everything and everybody “un-Islamic”!!!!

      To boot, why should we TOLERATE ANY mosques in the West when you muzturds discourage or downright FORBID churches, synagogues, temples and everything else in your “dar al-Islam”???? Your sanctimonious and utter hypocrisy requires the sternest possible measures to put you in your place!!!

      You want to conquer the world and exterminate everything and everybody “un-Islamic” – you want to force us back to before real civilisation ever existed, governed by the basest, filthiest and VILEST of “books” written by a pædophile, murderer, genocide, raping, stealing and lying KING OF PSYCHOPATHS AND SOCIO-PATHS!!!!

      Well, know this now: we PROUD “infidels” REFUSE your knives and swords – and one fine day, if you keep provoking us, we’ll do the right thing, which is to:

      – drive ALL Moslems out of the West;

      – nuke all “sacred” Moslem cities (Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Qom, Mashhad, Karbala, Kufa being the topmost), followed by important Moslem capitals (Damascus, Cairo, Amman, Riyadh, Rabat, Dhaka, Islamabad being the first!);

      – colonise your nice oil-installations with OUR people and take your ill-gotten jizya wealth for ourselves;

      – finish off by trying all remaining important Moslems plus their Communist and Nazi allies – and execute them all à la Nürnberg!!!

      – After that, all your beloved books (Qu’rân, Hadith et al + Das Kapital, Mein Kampf and the rest) will be sequestered in special libraries not available to just anybody, so that all your totalitarian ideas will – God Willing!!! – die in the consciousness of humanity!!!!!

      Get out of the West NOW, while the going is good!!!

      ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST, PERIOD!!!!!

    • The excellence of America is being a melting pot of law abiding people who support our democratic laws made by man not by some false lunar god that is called sharia laws. muslims who want their own schools and their own languages have no place in our country where we are all equal as men, women, gays, Jews, Christians, hindu and so on. That is not what the coran teaches and that is why the coran and islam, sharia laws and all of the crap of islam will never be compatible with the man made laws of America. If you want mosques, islamic schools with prayer rooms, women not treated as equals and so on then I would urge you to move to one of the 57 muslim countries that have exactly what you want. Do not try to change our wonderful country into one of the muslim typed controlled hell hole countries. Prove to all of us, that you would put man made laws ahead of sharia laws from your lunar god. Prove to all of us that 90% of terrorism is not done by muslims in the name of allah. Show all of us where the coran treats men and women as equals in terms of inheritance, and so on. Show us where all religions are treated equally well and respected in the muslim controlled countries. If you can not do all of these American types of cultural rights then do not bother to write at all.

  4. See the pic of the Muslim woman with her head covered with OUR beautiful American flag. The sign on the pic declares: I AM AMERICA. It is a Muslim declaration of ISLAMIC CONQUEST OF AMERICA.

    Islam targets every non-Muslim for CONQUEST.

    Traditionally, Muslim conquerors have given non-Muslims three choices:

    1. Convert to Islam.
    2. Pay the jizya – the blood ransom tax paid to Muslims for allowing non-Muslims to live.
    3. Be put to death.

    Treasonous Western ruling elites have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to enable Muslims to OBEY the Quran command to conquer our nations.
    Stop the TREASON! End Muslim immigration immediately!

  5. This is a fine example of an ultra-liberal desperately searching for a group or minority to which to pander in order to show the WORLD how loving, caring, and sob-sister concerned they are. It seems that no one has considered what it will cost to close the schools for a tiny minoritys holidays. Muslim students can be excused from school on those days without penalty. It is not necessary to make a GRAND STATEMENT of liberal sugar coated muck to allow them to broadcast to everyone the muslim holidays. Everyone doesn’t care when muslims have holidays. Neither do they try to stop muslims from celebrating them. Just don’t do your celebrating in the middle of busy intersections the way they hold their supposed “prayer” sessions which are really demonstrations. Sorry about any typos, but this is another posting that won’t allow the use of the up arrow to correct them.

    • Not to us sane folk. The left is duty bound to defend, support, and embolden the enemy that is Islam. They are bred to appease and eventually live as dhimmi’s…history be damned, human rights, ya’ll. Funny how breeding and inbreeding seek such common ground…not in the haha way, in the end of our way of life way.

      Just say no. Anti-drug, anti-Islam. I am down with that.

  6. These people are dragging one leg and drooling in order to please the mohommedists. WHY? They are your enemy. Are you that blind to the truth? Do you deliberately go out of your way to make people think you are so friendly, that you cannot call EVIL, EVIL
    Practice calling things what they are in blunt language and soon the truth will surface, after you realize all the PC speak has hidden the real meaning in fake speak

  7. The school board and the superintendent must say no because saying yes, opens the door to the slippery slope of every religion demanding their own holidays, such as the native festival days, Buddist, Zorastarian, wicken, and on and on. It will never stop until the muslim holidays take over as they are beginning to do so in Belgiumistan and so on. It is like the camel who wanted to come into the tent. There is never enough given when it comes to muslims.

  8. what the hell is wrong with my country !!!! , to many ass kisser’s and pussies running the asylum !!! , grow a pair !!!!

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