Pakistani Muslim parents arrested for ‘honor’ murdering their 15-year-old daughter by dousing her with acid

Her “crime?’ Just looking at a boy, which the parents considered to be dishonoring the family. The father took his daughter inside the house, beat her up, then poured enough acid over her with the help of his wife, that it killed her.

BBC  Local police officer Raja Tahir Ayub told the BBC that the girl’s father became enraged when he saw his daughter “looking at two boys” riding on a motorcycle outside their home on Monday. They suspected she was having illicit relations with one of the pair. Police say that that the couple did not take their daughter to hospital until the next morning, and she succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday evening.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 943 women were slaughtered in honor killings last year.


19 comments on “Pakistani Muslim parents arrested for ‘honor’ murdering their 15-year-old daughter by dousing her with acid

  1. Just as a farmer puts down animals with behavioral problems, Moz parents are authorized by Allah’s eternal Sharia law to kill their offspring if they are unpleasing.

    Normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  2. As sad as this is for the girl, the fact is that one less Muslim womb in the world is a good thing – keep it up killing your women Muztards. For this girl it is better she is dead than be a Muslim female in Pakistan. Hard and cruel yes, but what these people want for my family is worse so its simply self defence.

  3. Poor little girl. Rest in eternal peace, innocent little one. Non-Muslims care far more for this poor child than her Muslim parents.

  4. In Pakistan, I imagine they’ll go free, under shari’ah law,,, The young’uns don’t yet realize the hell they are in for !!

  5. A very sad story that happens all to often in that part of the world and increasingly here and in Europe. I hope these other children never see these horrible people again- if they did it one time they will certainly do it again. My a merciful God grant this girl the peace that she probably never got in life.

    • Pretty much what I was thinking, that these “parents”, filthy stinking pukes, should be executed in like manner to what they did to the daughter that they as parents are SUPPOSED to love and protect!!…..Hanging would be way too good for these piles of dog shit!!

      • There is nothing bad enough that can be done to these animals. Why go through all the pains of childbirth and raising a child just to kill her?

  6. That makes me sick and want to cry. I cannot believe there are people in this world who are like this. If there is any Christian who wonders why I think that Islam is from Satan, just read Leviticus 18:21. This is a perfect example. Disgusting filthy Muslims.

    • drmillerick:
      In the sweet, loving, muslim world, she was ONLY a girl and valuable to her family only as chattel to be auctioned off to the highest bidding old man with only three teeth as a sex slave called a muslim wife. They will not miss her but will revel in having back the food she ate. There are some animals who kill the young of their species to eliminate competition, but there are none that kill their own offspring because of their gender.
      KInda puts the animals on a higher plane than muslims, doesen’t ot ?

  7. Doing well in school likely guaranteed her murder as much as her natural gender role, it being so unpopular to educate girls and a real crime for them to be bright.

  8. Monsters. Their younger children are not too young to know what’s going on. They know only too well their parents are cold-hearted, sadistic killers. They are lucky their parents are in jail and let’s pray they stay there, although in Pakistan, they may be given an award. Poor girl. Physical reflex likely made her turn around to see what was coming, not to gawk at the boys. The marks on the mother’s arm don’t look fresh to me so it’s not clear when these events took place.

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