Totally non-Islamic (therefore, very funny) video of the day

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Christie on Hurricane Sandy disaster.

If video won’t play, watch it here: NBC – SNL


14 comments on “Totally non-Islamic (therefore, very funny) video of the day

  1. I never understood why the Deaf Community was up in arms over the Interpreter. Many people were upset that she was “mocking” them with her over the top expressive sign language. Funny thing is this woman is so involved in the deaf community the only thing missing is her deafness. Her family is 3/4’s deaf and she is called CODA (Child Of Deaf Adult). I understand ASL signing very well and the comedian was pretty funny (thought she wasn’t really signing anything meaningful).

  2. Now this was and is a Very nice distraction from National and Worldly events Thanks so much for that!!! I’m still laughing!!! CC your interp! was better!!! again thanks!!!

  3. I never watch SNL anymore. It’s total crap.
    The guest host and musical guest pay NBC to be on to promote their film or music.
    A couple of years ago CAIR bitched because their were too many Jews on the program so they fired a Jewish girl and replaced her with muslim trash who by the way is not funny at all. Neither is the show anymore.

  4. The spanish,in fact the whole bit, was so funny but if they mocked Muslims the way they mocked White people there, the Muslims would be rioting in the streets. We must make possession of a sense of humor a requirement for any one wanting to immigrate into the U.S.

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