FRANCE: Muslim savages attack Jewish family, vowing to “finish the job” that Mohamed Merah started

The father of a Jewish family was badly beaten and the family home was completely trashed on Sunday by local Muslim youths in Marseille, France. One of the Muslim atackers reportedly attempted to murder the father.

INN  Neighbors heard the family’s screams coming from the home and called police, who arrested the attackers. Upon leaving the scene, the attackers promised to “finish the job,” according to local media reports.

In May of this year, a 17-year-old Jewish youth wearing a kipa was also attacked by four male gang members who shouted “It’s Shabbat for you, long live [Al Qaeda-linked French Algerian Muslim terrorist] Mohamed Merah! F*** the Jews…. Palestine will win!”

Marseilles is home to some 80,000 Jews – 10 percent of the general population but a small fraction compared to the 250,000 Muslims with whom they also live. Last month the SPCJ (Service de Protection de la Communaute Juive) security agency for French Jewry reported a 45 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks since 2011, mostly by Muslims.

This incident began when two youths parked their car in a Jewish family’s private garage. When the family saw the unfamiliar vehicle they called police, and the car was towed. Upon finding their vehicle gone and learning it had been towed, the youths became angry.

They returned with a gang of friends to exact their revenge upon the hapless family. The gang broke into the home, severely beat up the father of the family and destroyed the rest of the house. One of the gang members jumped on to his victim, punching him in the arm and kicking him in the leg. The victim punched him back. The attacker also punched the victim’s brother-in-law, who tried to block the attack.


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  1. When Muslims break into Jewish homes in order to cause serious injury or even death to family members, aswell as trashing the home, on those conditions licence should be given to the home-owners to shoot to kill, or if they have specially trained massive canines, they should be set loose on those scum in order to do their worst, even if that means that those slime are killed in the process.

  2. Jewish families should now start to keep massive military trained canines such as ‘The Russian Black Terriers, they can weigh up to 70kg and stand to 80c/m or more, my Black Russian Terrier stands at 82c/m. I dare any Muslims to threaten me with violence, as that could be the last thing they remember on this earth.

  3. Jews of France have been moving in droves to Israel, which is the right thing to do. The rest should get out as well. Economically France is a sinking ship anyway and why contribute your business acumen, money, and brainpower to a country who doesn’t appreciate it. Now that Obama has been elected, I’m seriously thinking about moving to Israel myself…

  4. France now has Generation Identitaire. They will take on the savage gangs and beat their asses. Make no mistake. The tide is turning.

  5. Time to fight back, organize groups to fight the muslims, if they want war, we will gonna give war. Is not the first time that we beat them, ……..remember Tours, Simple don’t believe our politicians, all are receiving cash from Saudi Arab to sold our european coutries…

  6. The Only reason muslims have gained ground so far anywhere is because news and information is suppressed about them. When the Press is liberated information will flourish and muslims will diminish.

    • But the PRESS is in the control of left wind Dhimmi’s and will NOT liberate itself – It is too closely entwined with the moochits. THAT is the reason the alternative news media is flourishing so well !!

  7. We NON-Muslims have had more than we can take of Muslim HATE and violence. We want justice for Jews and justice for all of the many victims of Islam. After the Muslim G-d haters have received their proper punishment, kick the filth back to their hell hole countries!

    In France, please join the wonderful French youth!

    BNI: Declaration of War against multiculturalism and diversity from the youth of France

  8. Stop the TREASON! End Muslim immigration immediately! Islam targets every non-Muslim for CONQUEST.

    Jews are targeted first for murder.

    Traditionally, Muslim conquerors have given non-Muslims three choices:

    1. Convert to Islam.
    2. Pay the jizya – the blood ransom tax paid to Muslims for allowing non-Muslims to live.
    3. Be put to death.

    Treasonous Western ruling elites have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to enable Muslims to OBEY the Quran command to wage jihad against us and conquer our nations.

    In response to non-stop Muslim violence against non-Muslims, wicked Western ruling elites continue to massively import Muslim infidel-haters into our countries in order to increase Islam’s war against us.

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!
    Join EDL (English Defence League)
    Join British Freedom – Britain’s last great hope!

    Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

  9. The existence of Jews is a slap in the face to Mohammed who told the Arabs they were the replacement for the Chosen People. The continued existence of Jews is proof that Islam is false.

    Jews are doubly hated. First, because they are Jews and despised by Allah, secondly because some of them are Israelis who have created a successful nation on land conquered by Moslems. That proves Moz supremacism is false.

    Mozzies cannot endure the proof that Islam is false.

  10. THIS kind of —– WILL happen in any area OR country where the Asslifters become 10% or more of the population; get them the hell out now, before they destroy and kill more, and NOT just Jews but Christians and ANY “infidels” who refuse to follow their Satanic ideology, their UNHOLY BOOK, OR their Perv Prophet!!

  11. In the 1960s I saw a movie about a town terrorized by a biker gang. One day the town’s folk finally stood up on their hind legs and simply killed the entire gang with whatever blunt instruments were at hand.

    Next day, all was sweetness and light.

  12. would all you islamic terrorists please leave the west you are not wanted you have nothing to offer a civilized society and take your koran and your backward culture with you and please stop murdering and attacking infidels and give up the teachings of a mentally unsound middle aged pervert who was as much a holy man as joseph stalin or hitler was for any religion that has its basis on sexual rewards and the killing of innocents is anything but a religion . p s stop murdering Jews

    • i don’t know about Stalin but hitler wanted to enter the priesthood until his mother died.
      but i do think people need to protect themselves. unfortunately police in most cases are unable to do anything

    • But do advance some violence. It would be most appropriate and about the only thing that savages understand. The most primitive creatures on earth, even crocodiles will back away when they know they are outclassed.

    • I feel the same, but in the long run, anything a Jewish person does or did to rightfully defend themselves would be used against them to try making them look bad to the rest of the world. To be honest, I’d love to see Israel blast them all and take back what belongs to them. Throw all the stinking rag heads out! If they don’t like our laws (which have served us well for over 200 years) then they don’t have to come here. They are all a bunch of 3rd world murdering savages. Oh and let us not forget, Obama’s good friends in Iran who are nuking up with his blessings, Like giving a loaded gun to a 6 year old during a tantrum.

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